Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Hodgepodge... round 2

This is why I don't try to stay ahead of the game...

I did the Hodgepodge Questions yesterday & scheduled it to post this morning... & when I saved it 1,000 times, & then closed it... it lost everything.... great...

So let me see if I recall all my witty initial thoughts... sigh... (Stupid computers)

1. What's one simple small pleasure on your summer 'to-do' list?

I'm looking forward to a night time run! ... yeah, I know I do all my runs at night time, but there is a Glow-Run that Ricky & I are doing in July that I'm looking forward too.  Why?  Because it starts at 9:30PM ... which Ricky reminds me, "That's when I'm getting in bed"... but he's not going to act 85 one night & we're going to go CRAAZZYYYYY & run at night!  I'm just glad to have other runners welcome to MY time instead of me waking up at 5:30am for the other races at their time.... we need more night time races!  I've always said that!

2.  Do you have strong feelings or opinions about the immigration debate in your home country?  Feel free to share your thoughts, but please play nice.

This is a political topic... y'all know I never know enough about politics to discuss anything...

But... I do always have an opinion :) ... always... ask Ricky

I love that our country is the 'melting pot' ... but I also learn from cooking if you put too much stuff in a pot, it over flows & causes a mess...

I fear when too many people are here & jobs & resources start to get effects, then something needs to be monitored...

I probably sound like a moron... that's why I don't talk politics

3.  What's something in your home or wardrobe that could be described as 'star spangled'?

OK... I'm winning the award for the coolest 'star spangled' item in a home... guaranteed.  And this is if the award is given out by 9 yr old boys... or grown men who love their comic books...

Julie, Steve & the boys gave Ricky for Christmas the ultimate gift this year....

A REAL Captain America shield...

You don't get any more "Star Spangled" than this!!!!

& yes, Ricky will pick it up & make "Swooshing" sounds while he uses it like his hero, fighting off imaginary villains in his own world.

I always tell him I wish he would grow up... while I'm on the side twirling in my Belle dress... geez...

4. Is your house set up for a party?

Maybe it was, but I destroyed that.

When we moved in, it had a beautiful dining room in the front of the house - perfect for entertaining... but I said, "This girl don't cook" so I turned it into a library... This girl reads!!!

& we only have a small kitchen table that seats 3 - & a counter with 2 bar stools... so I could entertain exactly 3 people...good times!

Not to mention, we have 4 dogs, so our back yard becomes a land mind in any course of the day...

Saying all of this, whenever I'm at, there's always a PARTYYYY!!!! Yeahhhh!!!! :)

The party don't start til i walk in

5. What is one never-before-visited city in America would you most like to see?

I have two... have wanted to visit these two places forever...

& they couldn't be more opposite

Denver, Colorado... & New York City!

I'll take a visit to either one.... Anyone giving out any free trips?  Anyone?

6.  Your favorite red food?  White food?  Blue food?

Blue?  I have a feeling Blueberries are going to dominate this answer for everyone.  How many other blue foods are there?  I will say though, I've had a BLUE potato before!  Didn't even know they existed until I saw it in my co-op box & thought something really wrong had happened.

White?  Cool Whip... duh!

Red?  Just because they are in season & EVERYWHERE right now - strawberries.  Yum!  I'm having them in my smoothies every morning right now.

Hey - a potato could apply for ALL the colors!  There are also red potatoes.. & the inside could 'technically' pass for white... look at me being so smart!

7. What freedom do you value the most, and why?

Freedom of religion... it blows my mind that people in this world still are persecuted for their faith & beliefs in Jesus Christ.  You read about that stuff in history books & then realize that just around the globe, it still happens... I don't get it...

That we can meet openly, freely, to worship - its a privilege I think we forget about...

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

Anyone else have problems with one shoulder & not keeping things on it?

My right shoulder... I can never keep my bra strap up... What the heck is that about?

I can't ever carry my purse on that shoulder either... it always slides right off.  Not to mention, it just feels funny to carry my purse on that arm...

Am I walking around with sloped shoulder & not even knowing it...

This must be how I walk all the time....

That was my deep thought for the day....

All I got counting down to the long weekend!!!

Have a great day my Hodgepodge friends!


  1. How scary is this: we said the same thing for red & white!
    YOU are the COOL chick: Captain America shield? REALLY? I can picture Ricky with the shield, and you in your Belle dress! :D

  2. I never thought of New York City. But I would love to go there some day. I want to see a play on Broadway!

  3. *SQUEAL* I love the Captain America shield, how awesome is that? You definitely win in the star spangled category. ;)

    You also win in the hosting vs. library debate...I dream of an actual library/study one day. :)

    Happy 4th!

  4. I can't carry a purse on my shoulder either. I actually have a slight case of scoliosis so I carry a purse around my waist.

  5. I hate when I lose a sorry. The Glow Run sounds like fun. Hope you get a chance to see your Denver and New York. I really want to see NYC. Your right about the potatoes.
    Have a wonderful 4th!

  6. I might lose a post if I could find time to write one these days! I see you found your witting answers and that shield cracked me up! Love it.

    I think I have that same shoulder problem! I'm constantly reaching in my shirt to pull my bra strap!

  7. Y'all are so much fun. Captain America and Belle. I love it!

  8. Your house sounds like fun : ) Enjoy the glow run. You kind of have a point about the timing of these races. Happy 4th!

  9. Right shoulder is slightly lower than left do I always have my purse on the left. You might have same problem and that could travel all along your back and explain some of your back pain.


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