Monday, July 15, 2013

Weekend Wrapup


* Eye Exams are so stressful... "What looks better? 1 or 2... 3 or 4... 5 or 6"... the pressure!  I can't stand it

* I asked if I could just use my glasses from before & get new lenses?  Yeah, but it would cost $525... or I could get TWO new pairs of glasses with the eye exam for $360 .... Um, OK... easy choice.  So I pick up my new glasses in 2 weeks

* It was such a beautiful night... Ricky & I were like old ma & pa Kettle.  We sat out in our rocking chairs on the front porch until it got dark & we couldn't see... I wish summer felt like that every day


* Ricky had to run into work... I went for a run.  It was still so beautiful & low humidity so I did something I hadn't done in awhile.  5.33 miles!  Yahooo!!!!

My little Garmin hasn't had a 5 on it in awhile...

* My back hurt from the stinking hills... I need a flat track to run on

* Met with a potential wedding client.  When they walked in with 2 other ladies, I wasn't sure it was them.  But they brought their moms with them... which was so much fun.  These ladies were awesome.  That's the coolest part of weddings - meeting the whole families.  The more people to meet, the better :)

* Had to run to the grocery.  I used to hate going on Saturdays.  Maybe because I remember always going to the grocery with my mom on Saturdays & it was always so busy.... to my surprise, the grocery store was virtually EMPTY... I guess everyone who grew up in the 70's had the same idea as me.

* Starbucks... a large Peach Green Tea Lemonade ... I'm so addicted to these things

* Finished up the wedding pictures... ahhh... 3 weeks.  I love that.  Such a weight off my shoulders when I get through the editing part of it!

* Watched "Sophie's Choice"... goodness gracious... talk about a depressing movie. 


* Woke up to a text from a friend about Cory from Glee passing away... I kept thinking, 'Not Finn' - I thought it had to be another character on the show.  Ran to my computer & saw it was actually him... I sat in disbelief all morning.

* Small Group Day... the best line of the day, "I read my mom's diary when she was a teenager.  I never want to think of my mom that way again as long as I live" haha!!!

* I had painted my nails the night before & MAN OH MAN... uber 80's color.  Like neon orange.  So when I saw the other kids nails - I fit right in :)

Its funny that mine look normal... they are actually NEON... but the camera doesn't capture how truly BRIGHT they are

* Kohls trip... I did good walking out only spending $16 ... I've been checking out their neck scarves on clearance.  Beautiful colors - good for all seasons.  Now to go to Pinterest to find all the ways to tie these things.

* We watched "The Host" ... Ricky was like "SHUT UP" every time I said, "That wasn't in the book"... which was like 100 times.  I will say though, I did like it.  Though 50% of the book was left out & then they added stupid stuff in the movie.  But what do you expect when the book is like 700 pages long. 

* Ended the night holding my breath watching Real Housewives of New Jersey... how in the world is Bravo going to tease us like that, leaving it as the 2 bulls collide?  The screaming afterwards & the previews of Melissa screaming "Help your brother" as Teresa is running out of the room... I seriously was ready to have a panic attack!

So let's hope its a great week friends!  Here we go - let's knock it out!


  1. Ha, ha! I said the same thing at the end of RHONJ! There's something just not right for them to show that same scene 2 weeks in a row!

  2. So sad about Finn from Glee passing away. He's so young and he had quite the voice.

  3. I guess I missed that The Host was out - I'll have to check it out. I depend on you for all my pop news - ha!

  4. It was sad to read about Cory Monteith. Sophie's Choice-ugh. Too much! I cannot handle that one. We've spent a fortune on glasses in the past's so complicated now with all the options which of course are 'extra'.

  5. Speaking of weddings...perhaps we could discuss mine sometime? Email me :) I'll just contact you.


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