Tuesday, July 30, 2013

OH .... my eyes....

I know I've been moaning & groaning everywhere about my glasses on twitter & Facebook... & mentioned it here yesterday...

But I just need to moan & groan some more.


I know its only been one day... but I'm learning I don't have patience. 

I spend money for glasses, I want to see as soon as I put them on.... is that wrong?

& of course, I do what every normal American does when there is a problem - Google it or look up videos on the situation on YouTube.

Progressive Lens are a kick in the butt apparently for everyone...

My issue?  I don't have problems with distance, so I'm not even sure why I'm IN progressive lenses.  I just can't see close up... that's it....

Now, it is a pain to constantly put on & off reading glasses to look at price tags, or read labels, or to see what time it is...

but if it means I have to wear these things that I feel like are messing up my vision everywhere else, I'll just live with reading glasses.

I can't get used to the middle part of the glasses - the ones I'm staring through right now looking at the computer.  Its BLURRY... I can take them off & see clearer WITHOUT them...

How is this right?

Beats Me

Yes - you all saw I've already had them recheck my eyes... I just don't get these glasses.

So, do I stick with them?  See if this "middle area" clears up? 

& honestly, what is the point of a progressive bifocal when the part you read with is so miniscule at the bottom, its ridiculous.

I feel like I have to pull something to the very bottom of the glasses & then sorta squint to find that perfect line at the bottom.... stupid...

My reading glasses?  The whole lenses lets me see plain & clearly my whole page on a book - not just a line or too that's 'in the zone'...

I feel like I'm suffocating actually in these things...

 Animated Gif on Giphy
I may have thrown my glasses off a few times yesterday & did this exact thing

Glasses aren't supposed to make a life miserable, are they?

So - opinions?  Stick it out?

Anyone else have troubles getting used to progressive lines or glasses in general?

Is this all just part of getting older?

Is this messing up my distance vision that I see FINE with?

I just want to feel like I'm not suffocating in them anymore... glasses with an oxygen tank - I need to invent that.


  1. When I first got progressive lens, it took me about a WEEK to get used to them. I was just about ready to give up when my eyes seemed to just "click" and adjust. I say give it a week, if you can't adjust by then, then just put up with the readers!!

  2. I agree with Sara...give it a week. I still have times when my distance is better without them, but ultimately I'm better with them than the reading glasses.


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