Monday, July 29, 2013

Weekend Wrapup


* Stopped to pick up my new glasses... HOLD UP... they are horrible.  I told them I wanted my eyes rechecked because they gave me a prescription for distance.  I have no problems with distance - only seeing things close up... I didn't get it.  So I walked out still not able to see close up & another appointment for Sunday

* This picture perfectly describes Friday now... Starbucks being in the grocery & the grocery is where I stop on my way home every Friday... it all equals a Peach Green Tea Lemonade... again...

Have you not tried it yet?... What is wrong with you?


* OH MY GOSH... this weather is INSANE!! Its beautiful!

* Went to sit outside & read my Kindle.. .but I was ate up with bugs - so went into our enclosed back porch... only to find it swarmed with spiders... I was on a mission to clean out all the Charlottes & her babies.

* Got caught up in "Comedians in cars getting coffee" with Jerry Seinfeld.  Funny stuff!  I love Sarah Silverman so she is my favorite coffee date on there :)

* Can we walk again how beautiful the day is?

So just learned my phone can do this... I'm a little behind...
Just learned my phone could do this... that's all pictures of Buffy running after a ball :)

* OK - so I thought I was happy about a night race.  I take it back.. I take it all back... it was so weird all day long trying to figure out what/how to eat for a late race.  & leaving the house at 8:30PM for a race?  Totally messed me up.  I'm old - so 8:30pm is usually when I'm taking a shower & popping in a movie to relax for the night.  It was just weird

* GLOW GO 5K ... Ricky was a good sport about wearing all his Glow-Goodies

Now if they made THESE into bifocals - that'd be cool :)

* It was a perfect night for this race.  We were anxious about registering for it 3 months ago thinking it was going to be horrible & hot in July... who knew that it would be COOL down by the river... perfect running weather!

* Love when I see my running buddies that I meet through races... always makes races better

* The race, while fun... I will say it was the most disorganized race I've been to yet.  It was fun - don't get me wrong - I think because the race itself was full of families & young kids ... but the paths weren't marked clearly (It was dark after all) & then some areas were SO FREAKING DARK... I was afraid to run fast (like I run fast).... but I was afraid I was going to trip.  You couldn't see the path in front of you at all... that had to be dangerous!  My friend later told me she tripped in that area. 

Told you it was dark....

* Another sign I'm getting old?  This 5k had a party afterwards - people could actually pay to just get into the party without running the race.  It was a PARTY CROWD... & that was our sign to get out of there.  Beer smells everywhere - ladies dancing on stage that had on very minimal clothing - people getting a tad crazy... yep, get me home to my comfy bed & go to sleep.  No Party People here.


* AGAIN?  Yep... thank you Lord - another beautiful day

Went out to get the morning paper... this girl was like, "I want to enjoy the weather too" - so she plopped her butt down in the front yard & refused to move :)

* Church... I took my part of the youth group & had our small group outside... & the kids actually said in the shade, "Its COLD"... what?  Its JULY people!  ... But I gave them 5 minutes to play on the swing set.  I always say, "you're never too old to love a swing set"

* Back to the eye doctor... & they pretty much told me I just need to get used to them & see if my eyes adjust to no line progressive bifocals.  I have a feeling I'm just going to be go back & turn them back to reading glasses.  Not worth all this headache.... literally...

* We had lunch sitting outside - sucking up the beautiful afternoon

* Weekly Target trip... I think we saw like 10 people we knew in there... thank God I had on makeup.  Usually when I see people like that, I have on yoga pants & no make up & greasy hair.

* Engagement session!!! If you haven't got the common theme here - it was a perfect night for it... & this couple - so dang cute!!!!  I thought they were like 18 yrs old... nope, they were both in their mid-20's - but such adorable baby faces.  & I loved it because they both had tattoos on them. Her's were this beautiful BLUE.. I told her my mom would probably actually get that tattoo. 

* Worst part of the session?  I got stung on my big toe by a wasp... I was in such pain... but kept pushing through like nothing was wrong... inside, I was crying like a 2 yr old

* Ricky met us up there to see if we were still taking pictures right at the end of the session... we ended up talking with Chasity until almost 10:00pm.... no one can't say we didn't stay outside every minute we could this weekend :)

So back at it... with me in these wonky glasses.... I have no patience.  I'm giving them one week.  If no improvement at all?  I'm headed back to get reading glasses.  Case closed.  Happy Monday everyone!


  1. Good luck with your glasses. Wish all I had to wear were readers. ;-)

    I hear ya on the Target trip ... any time I meet someone I know, it's always when I'm wearing old cruddy clothes and haven't done a thing to my hair (and with thin, fine hair with NO body, it's not a pretty picture!).

  2. Hope you can get adjusted to the new glasses. I've got them and love them most of the time, but I have trouble with them when I'm driving. I went back in and had mine checked too because of that, but they said no they were fine. Sometimes for distance, I see better without them. They always work well inside though. I never have been able to figure that out. I've just learned that when I'm driving in daylight, sometimes it's better just to take them off. :)

  3. Sorry about the glasses but hopefully you will adjust to them. I think I just may have to try that Peach Green Tea Lemonade! I love Target, planning a trip tomorrow. Enjoy your week.


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