Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday Fragments

Unknown Mami

What is happening around here? 
its July & the high's this weekend are going to be in the 70's!
No Complaints!
Perfect weather Saturday for a night race
The Glow Go 5k
Photo: 48 more hours...... #WeRunTheNight
I was worried when we registered back a few months that a race in July would be horrible... who knew it was going to actually be COOL!
Even better about the weather?
I have an engagement session scheduled.
It was originally scheduled around the 4th of July but we had to change it.
It was rainy & close to 100 degrees the original date & I just kept praying the weather would be better on the rescheduled date.
.... it don't get better then this...
Yes... I've been in Royal Baby World & loving it
I'm from the generation that saw Diana get married
saw Diana walk out on those same steps with William
I have William & Kate's wedding STILL on my DVR
I wasn't about to miss them coming out with their little Prince George
To me - its like a fairy tale in real life
My favorite part?
William putting the baby in the back of the car & driving off with his wife & child in the back seat.
I just love them
LAUGHING MATTER photo | Kate Middleton, Prince William
Did we ever see Charles & Diana laugh like this?
I don't think so
 Animated Gif on Giphy
This is how I walk away from an explosion too...

We've been trying to find an Australian Shepherd puppy

Apparently no one around here even owns one!
What the heck!

We found a breeder in Florida that has the cutest puppies
But also a 'not so cute' price

$1500 for the puppy & then $300 to fly the puppy up

I'll just keep checking the classifieds

I love Twitter while watching TV Shows
Use a #Hashtag with that shows name & you get to talk to people around the whole world watching the same show
... & there are some FUNNY people out there...
but even cooler, sometimes the show or people on the show tweet you back

 Yes... they tweeted me!  How cool is that?

By the way, if you're not watching Hollywood Game Night
you're missing out

But I was raised on game shows & am a master of all things trivial
...not "Jeopardy" kinda trivia...
but stupid, useless, celebrity kinda trivia


TV Time!!!

Bachlorette:  Men Tell All Edition.... They spent WAY too much time on James for me.  Who cares - get over it.  I think Des only yelled at him because the "Bachlorette crew" told her exactly what to say.  Only when Ali told her that James was manipulating her did it ever occur to Des that was really happening.

I want Juan Pablo to be the next Bachelor!

 Animated Gif on Giphy

I love Zak but how awkward for Des to sit there & listen to a song about how she broke his heart... funny...

How is this going to end well - previews of EVERYONE crying

Big Brother:  Are you kidding me?  Aaryn won HOH?

America's Got Talent:  Howard Stern voted for that little girl instead of the ROCK BAND?  Not cool Howard... I wanted to see those rockin' vets go further!

I love the kid magician

Extreme Weight Loss:  I want to go live with Chris & Heidi Powell...

So You think You Can Dance:.... I've actually missed out on the past 2 episodes...I know - SHAME... Any dances I need to YouTube?


OK folks, hope you all have a Fantastic Friday... I hope it FLIES right by!


  1. Noooooo! No flying! With gorgeous weather like this, I want the days to go slowly so I can savor every moment!

    Good luck with your race!

  2. I'm all about sports tweeting and some of the espn pundits have tweeted me back too. Very fun.

  3. I wrote about SYTYCD and I am not excited about anything this season. So sad because I love good dance. So no, I don't think you need to youtube anything.

  4. I must say I'm a little jealous of your cool weather! We breathe hot water here in Florida!

    What part of Florida is the puppy??? That's just crazy.

    Have a great weekend!

  5. I like to go on Twitter during ballgames to see what the fans are saying and join in--boy do those tweets build up quickly! Unfortunately, I do not have an iphone or laptop so I run from the TV to the computer room to do it.

  6. I think it is super cool that the show tweeted you.

  7. That's a ridiculous price for a puppy!
    I'm on the Juan Pablo train! What a hottie!

  8. this summer has been very odd - lots of flooding here - not much sun.

    How cool was that reply tweet!!

    I got all giggly when Josh from Dateline tweeted me back. I probably should log on during the show to see the tweets like you do...

    Good luck w/finding your puppy!

  9. I didn't know you were doing Glow Go tonight! When we were leaving Slugger Field tonight we saw tons of people heading down. Looked so fun! And I'm pretty anti breeder but I'll keep an eye out for a pup for you in the rescue world :)

  10. Check out ARPH Indiana. They have Aussies for adoption including puppies which is cool. A lot of places only adopt out adults. Not sure about their fees but worth a shot.

  11. So jealous of the highs in the 70s. We have had a terribly hot summer!

    I remember getting up at 4:00 am to see Charles & Diana get married.

    Hope you had a great Friday!

  12. Oops.... I had no idea SYTYCD was even on right now. My daughter had just asked about it and I told her it was over for the season! Off to find it on On Demand for her! :)


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