Monday, March 03, 2014

The weekend where Harvey had an adventure...

The weekend in review & thoughts... good stuff...

* I'm STILL fighting sickness & this head cold.   I am gagging & choking on my own drainage. (How's that for an opener?) I'm just not good at getting things up. Never have been able to cough well.  That takes special talent.  So I'm gagging & feeling like I'm suffocating.  Yipee!

* Target saved the day... my mom & dad's TV blew that me & my brother got them just this past Christmas.  Because it was on my Red Card, the LAST day to return it was that day. HOLY TIMING BATMAN!   So Ricky & I jetted down to switch it out.  Got a different one.  Don't want another TV going out on them.

* I love we have a new groomer at Pet Smart... I hate it takes me 35 minutes to get there

* Harvey was a NIGHTMARE trying to get in the groomer. He was freaking out!!!!! He's never been in a store before, never to a groomer, never really walked on a leash.  I was literally shaking & sweating by the time I got him in there.  Not to mention, broke 2 finger nails.


* Note to self - never pay for just a sanitary bath - it cost as much as a groom.

* In the end, Harvey was fluffy & pretty & smelled good... & his report card said he "is full of energy... but listens well.  When told to sit, he'd sit & wait for a command"... ahh - good boy!

* Zoe looked adorable too.  Only took 2 of the 4 this day.

* Sam's Club - you rock!

* Got a new crockpot vegetarian cookbook that I can't wait to try out some ideas.

* I may have gotten way too excited about finding these bags of Edamame at Sam's

Media preview

* I put all my smoothie bags together after Sam's ... felt very productive.  I'm ready for my mornings now... & for my freezer to get room.

* I was able to help a lady who locked her keys in her car in the parking lot.  She had a dog in the car freaking out the whole time too.  When we got it all worked out, she told me, 'Thank you.  You can't believe how many people walked by & refused to help me' - how sad is that?  The world we live in I guess.

* 7 miles ... outside!! YIPEE!!!! ... but man I was depressed about it. With my knee & back, I'm doing a 3.5 min walk/1.5 min run & I'm SLOOOWWWWWW... my projected half marathon time?  embarrassing.  I'm even thinking "Why bother?" ... but trying to repeat to myself, "Celebrate Finish LINES, not finish TIMES"

* I felt great on my miles... got home, took my shower... BAM!  Sciatica kicked in. Misery the rest of the night.

* Little Mermaid on TV... love it... but I don't understand why every commercial had one by Vagisil & talked about how sex can throw off your PH Balance.  Really?  On Family Channel... with a Disney cartoon movie?  Inappropriate ABC Family.

* Bad weather Sunday... I slid on our driveway & almost busted my butt.  Awesome

* Because of the weather, our Youth class was canceled. I was up to teach.  Reschedule me out for another 2 weeks. The funny thing, I was originally scheduled to do this lesson February 1st, but with weather & events - I've been pushed back to March 15th now... I better ROCK this lesson with all the extra time to prepare.

* Didn't get to see Son of God because of the weather... I was so bummed.

* The dogs were glad we stayed home.

* Ricky & I had an Arrow marathon... that show is just awesome.  FLASH!

* OSCARS!!!!
  • Ellen is awesome
  • Wasn't happy with Idina's performance... loved Pink's
  • Jennifer Lawrence fell again... I love her.
  • I was sad Jennifer didn't win, but isn't Lupita just heart warming?
  • Poor Leo
  • Kerry Washington is glowing
  • The Oscars depress me actually celebrating millionaires by giving them more attention & glamour... while I'm sitting at home working a Disney puzzle in sweats.


  1. We didn't watch the Oscars. Instead we are watching Season 7 of JAG! Only 3 more seasons until we'll have to find something else to watch. ha

    Poor Harvey...but he looks so good. Lucy goes to the groomer Wednesday morning. I can't wait until I can see her eyes again. :)

    We cancelled church too because of the weather. It was nice to have a complete day at home, but I sure miss being at church. I feel like such a heathen!

    Have a great day!

  2. How precious is Harvey!? I love me some edamame! Looks like a pretty good weekend, hope you get better soon!

  3. I'm sorry you aren't feeling well. I get the drainage. It is disgusting, isn't it?

    I love Target, but I go to Petco. The people are our local Pet Smart aren't the nicest. I used to take Teddy to our vet to get groomed. They did a really nice job with him.

    How kind of you to help the woman with the keys locked in the car. I am one who helps when I see something like that. You are right, too many people ignore a person in need.

    I didn't watch the oscars. My son's team had a hockey play off game.

    Feel better! xo

  4. Leo is an amazing actor and always gets snubbed. I really enjoyed the Oscar's last night but it is true about honoring those who already have so much.

    Our Skye is a nervous wreck going to the groomer, I swear she will have a heart attack someday!

  5. I think disney puzzles in sweats sounds totally fun. I'd join you if we lived near each other.

    And can you believe that John travolta couldn't even introduce Idina correctly? What's up with that?

  6. Bella isn't a fan of going to the groomer, either...she becomes a ball of nerves! Yay for getting in 7 miles...just sorry you had pain when you returned. Getting older sure stinks, huh? I'm right there with ya!

  7. Target saves EVERY day!!!! :D
    I'm so obsessed with Kerry Washington it's not even funny!!!
    Poor Harvey... JC doesn't like leaving the apartment period. In the car, he sits on your lap or he'll cry REALLY loud! hahaha

  8. Crock pots are the best!

    How you run while being sick is beyond me! I make excuses to work out when my "hair hurts" rock!

  9. Oh sweet ornery Harvey. I love this dog. LOVE HIM!! He is so fun. NEVER a dull moment =)

    Edamame. Yes. Please. So hard to find though. I may need a Sam's card. And those smoothie bags..... Brilliant!! But does the spinach freeze well?

    Son of God is really good! Arielle and Lauren and I went and saw it opening afternoon at 4:30. Not very many in the theatre and I was thinking that it was SO sad. I wanted more people there, but came out from the movie and the line was literally all the way to the door. I was so happy. All those people there to see Son of God. They would not be disappointed. Bring tissue. LOTS of tissue.

    I watched some of the Oscars. The Twitter pic was hilarious and the pizza delivery guy had me cracking up. Kerry Washington is so pretty and cute, but I don't think I know who she is. Fill me in Please?

    And I concur ~~ YOU ROCK ~~ You are still out there doing your thing in all that pain. You are my hero.

    I love you friend ~~ dawn


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