Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Half way there people.. half way there...

1. When I look at the sky I feel _____________________.

.... amazed....

2. If you had to run for political office, which one would you run for? Do you have any real desire to actually do this?

Oh Lordy no... I can't even begin to touch this question..

My reaction to anything political

3. What scent makes you think of home?

Snuggle Fabric Softener...

Know how every home has 'a smell' - like a unique smell.  A smell you don't smell but everyone else does?
It's funny because growing up, my best friends house always smelled like hair spray (hello 3 teenage girls living there!)... & she always said my house smelled like Snuggle Fabric softener.  So now, when I use it on my own clothes, it makes me think of home.

Fun fact - my grandma's house always smelt like corn on the cob... don't ask me why...

4. How often do you take a step back to think about where you're headed in life? Do you need more or less self-reflection?

Every day of my life... I totally need less self-reflection.  I worry too much about where life is headed.  Is that a good thing I do that or a bad thing?  Is that going to lead me to having an ulcer?  Is it going to mess me up in the future?



5. July is National Ice Cream Month...besides a cone, what's your favorite food item to top with ice cream?

I'm not a big ice cream fan... but I'll go with the basic chocolate... & caramel... & cherries.

OK - I may not be a ice cream fan, but I guess I'm a sundae fan

6. What might your autobiography be called?

Life After the Movie (The True Story of Belle)

7. Your least favorite mode of transportation? Why?

Planes!!!! .... Nothing else gives me diarrhea more in life....

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

I know I keep posting it on Facebook & Twitter... but just in case that one person hasn't seen it... have you checked out Steven Curtis Chapman's new video for "Glorious Unfolding"?  It's fantastic... this really is one of my favorite songs he's ever done.  I have watched it over & over.  there are 44,242 views so far on the video on YouTube... I'm probably 41,238 of them :)


  1. That video! I just now watched it for the first time. Wow. I may or may not have teared up a little.

  2. Well I'd never seen the video until today. And I love your book title.

    p.s.-should we ever find ourselves on the same flight we should not sit next to one another : )

  3. That is a great video, well worth repeated shares!


  4. Such a great video! My first time seeing it so thanks for sharing! And the anxiety girl... right there with you!!

  5. I saw one of your other posts about that song and it is now on my Spotify Account. In fact, I know have a Steven Curtis Chapman page. Thank you.

    Amazed is the word I used.

  6. Those are great memories of scents that bring you home. Sorry about your issues with flying. What an amazing song, thank you for sharing it. I really needed this song today!

  7. Wait how did I not know this was National Ice Cream Month?

  8. Haha politics i feel the same. no thanks!
    I love the clips you posted especially the Seinfeld one. hehe I pretty much have every episode memorized.

  9. i didn't realize i was a superhero character! haha love anxiety girl!

  10. i LOVE that you used an Airplane! GIF! Seriously one of my all time favorite movies!

  11. I had never seen that video until now.

    And I'd DEFINITELY give you a run for you money, Anxiety Girl!

  12. When you said the name Steven Curtis Chapman, I thought you were gonna say he tweeted you!!! But anyway, I do love that vid.
    Ok, you don't like ice cream?? Please tell me that's a typo or something! Please!


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