Thursday, July 03, 2014


We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures. ~Thornton Wilder
06.26.14 It made the board
Not only is it now in my local Starbucks, but it's on the drive up board!!!
I think they said, "Let's put it out there so that one lady will SHUT UP asking about it"
I love that I've gotten tagged in a few Instagram pics of you all trying it ... & liking it!
I have made a difference in this world now.
06.27.14 Chat with old friends
I was so thankful to see my old friends at the rehearsal of the wedding.
We hadn't really had a chance to talk in a long time & I just was so glad to be able to look them in the face & have a good chat & to get some hugs.
(If you missed Monday's post, he was the one officiating the wedding)
06.28.14  Wedding Day
I talked about this on my blog on Monday
but it really was a perfect day for a beautiful wedding
with 2 amazing people.
SOO thankful to God that he held an umbrella on the day & adjusted the thermostat!
06.29.14  Go Bye Bye
We had to run to the gas station & decided to take 2 of the dogs with us.  They love getting out & feeling the wind in their face.
The guilt of leaving 2 at home is insane, but we have to give Sydney so much care, its impossible to have Harvey Dent in the car at the same time.
& then we can't leave Harvey at home by himself so one dog has to stay.
It's such a mental process of taking the dogs bye bye.
06.30.14 Back at it
I hadn't run in 10 week!
10 weeks people!!!!
I have been wrapped up in T25
But I was excited to start Fall Half Marathon training... get my body moving again in a running fashion.
Oh, it hurt.  It felt like the first day ever of running
But it hurt in that feeling empowered kinda way.
07.01.14 Shouldn't be, but I am
I really shouldn't be thankful for this, because if you read the ingredients, it's all sorts of weird words that I don't know what it is
... which means it can't be that awesome for you.
BUT... it is SOOO awesome to taste.
This just makes my iced coffee a heavenly treat every day.
I got some great ideas on Instagram for healthier alternatives that I'll probably give a try... but if this is the worst tablespoon of something I have in a day, I know it could be MUCH worse.
07.02.14 One Tough Girl
We've hit the 5 month mark for our little fighter.
Yep, we've had to call & keep getting refills on her medicine because she keeps going
... I love making that phone call to the vet every time...
She definitely has good days & bad days, but she still enjoys life.
She loves to stick with us, loves for us to throw socks at her so she can catch them (soft to catch), she loves to bark at her brother Harvey Dent who is always in trouble
...yes, she's still fighting.... & enjoying life....
Please keep the prayers going for our old girl.
What are you thankful for this week?


  1. S much to be thankful for!! Great job on getting back into running - the first run is always the hardest!!

  2. well now i have to try that tea drink! so thankful for a long weekend this week and most importantly for all who serve and their families :-)

  3. I'm not a tea girl but you're wearing me down... I just may have to try one!

  4. Trying that tea THIS week! I keep forgetting but now that it's on the menu I should remember :) Hope you had a wonderful holiday!


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