Monday, July 14, 2014

The weekend that I edited four photo sessions....

Mercy me... I think I blinked & missed the weekend.

It goes by fast when you're behind a camera & the computer for 90% of it... another 8% of it sleeping... the other 2% cleaning up messes that Harvey Dent does.

... yes,.. more ate up rugs.

If you come to my home, just ignore the eaten up couch & the half eaten up throw rugs on the floor.

I so wish I was kidding.  But we're not going to buy new things until he gets out of this stage.  2 years will pass by quick... right?....

Friday was the day to release the preview for my little buddy Brittany's wedding.  I loved that the moment I put the pictures up, her mom was all over them.  I love excited mothers.  It's always so good for them to see the fruits of all their hard work in prepping & planning of the wedding.  I'd want memories of all my hard work too :)

It was so hard to pick which pictures to put up.  As soon as I posted my preview, I was like, but I didn't choose this one, or this one... but it was OK - I finished up ALL their pictures Friday night & was able to give them their entire album on Sunday so their family got to see all the pictures. (You can check them out too on my Photo website - you can click the button above that says "Rebecca Jo Photography" & it'll take you to the site)

Saturday, Ricky had to work... boo! .... & that means I don't get to sleep in because the dogs are all up & running knowing someone is moving around the house. 

I was supposed to do my PiYo workout but my shoulder is killing me from the week of it & all the photo editing, so I tried the Nike Kinect workout that we bought at Christmas that I never used.   Oh My GOODNESS!!! ... I never knew I was so out of shape... & love that I get to see myself on screen in all my out of shapeness.  Oh well, its a starting point & now I have a mission to kick butt.  I will say though, you have to go through a fitness test & it said women between the age of 41-45 average fitness score is like 29 - mine was a 47!  Look at that! 

I then needed to run up to church to do some pictures for our GCC Band.  They're doing a concert on August 30th at our church & needed some pics for advertisement.  I said I was excited to add "Bands" to my portfolio.  It was actually sort of just like a wedding party... except maybe a little cooler & hipper....

Makes it even easier because they're all my buddies at church... I can yell at them & they either 1. ignore me or 2. laugh at me.... friends are the best.

Ricky wanted to go out to dinner Saturday night & I told him only if its somewhere  I can go without make up & put on a baseball hat.  I wasn't about to put on make up & fix my hair at 6:30pm... I love eating dinner in running shorts & a stained up t-shirt. #idontcare

Sunday I got to meet up with my next bride & groom whose wedding is in less then 2 weeks.  They needed pictures for their wedding venue that is actually an old movie theater.  They wanted pictures to put in the movie poster area.  I can't wait to see my work larger then life.  So we met up, ran down the street & literally got in 8 shots in like 15 minutes.  BAM BOOM BANG!

More pictures to edit...

I finished those up & then headed into editing Miss Emerson's pictures.  I went to Ryan & Chasity's the week before & didn't get a chance to touch their pictures till the wedding ones were done.  Call me OCD. I hate starting one set of pictures till another is done.

So off to another editing frenzy...

I think I went to bed last night at 11:00... which was early because Friday & Saturday, I went to bed after midnight.

The computer was my slave this weekend...

But I think I'm all caught up. THANK YOU JESUS... because its going to be a beautiful week & that means I can sit outside & do nothing but soak up the sun, read some books & enjoy my dogs...

... screw cleaning the house...

This will LITERALLY be me ;)

How was your weekend?
Is it going to be cool where you're at?
Do you ever go out to dinner with no makeup on?


  1. Great pictures! I loooooove the one in front of the brick wall. I a so impressed by all the editing you did! Super woman :)

  2. Holy cow woman -- just reading this made me tired! Although there is nothing better than feeling all caught up and starting the week off on the right note. Plus, it will give you lots of time to enjoy the polar vortex :)

  3. These pictures look fantastic - your clients will be thrilled! Sounds like a very productive weekend!

  4. Saturday is no makeup or fixing of hair day unless absolutely necessary. I don't care what I look like.

  5. Your photography is amazing!! You do such a wonderful job capturing such sweet moments- I love the new born photo! Way to have a very productive weekend :)

  6. Going out w/o makeup feels so GOOD! I usually only wear it when I'm going to work or somewhere where I'm dressed up... which isn't too often! haha

  7. Yeah!!! The pictures came out beautiful! Yes to the no makeup and usually in sweaty workout clothes.....the middle of the week is tough ;)

  8. So many great photos! I can't wait to see the ones at the old movie theater...what an awesome venue! Hope you enjoy your week of no editing!


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