Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Now it's love's turn....

It was fun to put some of the things I hate yesterday.  Love when I feel like I'm not alone & get the "I'm totally with you on that one"

& some of you asked me how the 'no complaining' thing went?  Well, it lasted for about 2 minutes.

I'm not even joking.

I was at work & my boss called because Humana was canceling his policy.  It's my job to keep all invoices paid- & that was paid... so what was the problem?  Anyways, sit on a phone for 15 minutes with recordings from a health insurance company & then finally talk to someone who is clueless & see if you don't complain.

But what I did notice was how easy it is to complain about things. 

I started over again as soon as I got over the health insurance company bozo's & tried again... & I think I lasted another 10 minutes.

WOW... this is hard....

By the end of the day, I was VERY aware of the complaining & trying to reel it in.  & I think that is the point - to be aware of complaining.  I'm going to try again today & know I'm going to complain, but I'm going to see if I can complain less...

& in honor of all this, I'm changing my tune... I'm making a list of things I love.  Yesterday was the BLAH day... today is all about rainbows & butterflies... so here we go.  A much brighter list.

Things I love:

(& to be fair, I'm keeping people out of this or I'd have a top 50 before I even got to anything other then people in my life... so everyone I know?  It's a given I love you)

1. Doggie snuggles
2. Saturdays with no plans
3. The smell of burning leaves
4. Having my hair straightened at the salon
5. Payday

6. Fun surprises
7. McDonalds Iced Coffee
8. Reading on the porch when its raining
9. Clean sheets on a bed
10. My Kindle ... (I'd panic if I didn't have it with me)
11. Websites that show tv shows for free

12. Insulated cups
13. Nature Box Sriracha Cashews
14. Friendships that develop with blog friends
15. Laughing
16. Going to the movies & the theater being empty

17. Running shoes
18. When all the lights driving in downtown are in sync
19. Being in the office all by myself
20. Trying a new recipe that tastes delish
21. A perfect day in the 70's & sunny

22. Crossing a finish line in a race
23. ipods
24. Having personal conversations with the youth kiddos
25. anything Beauty & the Beast related (not counting the new TV show that is stupid)
26. My written in, torn pages Bible
27. Camera equipment
28. A clean house

& on this blog, WTF always stands for What the Fudge!
... or as Phil Dunphy says, "Why the face?"

29. yummy smelling candles
30. Old navy flip flops
31. Bullet Journaling (... I'm going to make a vlog on this soon)
32. Instagram
33. Eating outside on a beautiful day
34. Singing loudly with the radio

35. Riding with the windows down on a cool day
36. Halloween
37. Cadbury Eggs at Easter
38. My Nutribullet
39. Pearl earrings
40. Maxi skirts all year round

41. Looking through old pictures
42. Taking a day off work
43. Good comfy running shorts
44. Holding new babies
45. Game nights

46. when my cabinets are full & there are tons of food options
47. Target clearance
48. Women's Running magazine
49. laying in bed watching tv on a Saturday morning
50. Disney World

So what are some things that make you happy?


  1. Insurance company and being on hold would make me complain too but at least you are more conscious of it. I think I will try this too! Great list, by the way. Puppy snuggles are at the top of my love list too!

  2. Disney would have to be on the top of my list. I may have to make a list tomorrow. Do you care if I steal your idea?

  3. Ummm you forgot something very important on this list! Peach Green Tea Lemonade!! Haha :) I made it about 5 minutes this morning until I started complaining (or was I stating?) that I was tired. But other than that, so far so good!

  4. I think you're right - being aware of complaining is almost as good as not complaining!

  5. Love this list. I agree with so so many. We are having #21 here today and I'm loving it!! :)

  6. So many good things!! Especially doggy snuggles & free Saturdays :) Bravo television, coffee dates with girlfriends, anything with my hubby and working out are a few things that make me happy!

  7. Oz
    Sound of music
    Music...all kinds...well most.
    blue jeans
    ice cream
    good friends
    making friends with fellow bloggers...named Rebecca Jo! :-)

  8. *Working with my needle and thread
    *The Beach
    *A day when I don't have to go anywhere or do anything other than what I want (gosh, does that make me sound selfish?? ha!)


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