Tuesday, July 29, 2014

No complainiing... followed up by what I hate... (that's messed up)

Anyone else seen these things going around Facebook?

No complaining...

Its funny because I saw it & thought, "I don't complain that much"... & then noticed how much I complain in a day... or an hour...

So I wanted to give it a try.  Not complaining.  But that doesn't mean I can't complain in my mind, right?  Because I'm still totally going to do that... but maybe not giving it a voice is going to make a difference.  We'll see.

We'll see if I can even do it 24 hours... doesn't that seem hard? 

Anyone else a complainer?

I know quiet a few... I won't name any names ;)

I like this

It's funny too because my adorable blog friend over at Mind of Kiwi just did a post on things she hates.  So in the spirit of getting out all my complaining before my 24 hours starts, I'm going to list some of the things I hate.... tell me if you agree... or if I'm just weird...
1. Restless sleep
2. Knee Injuries
3. Back pain
4. Cancer
5. Dishes in my sink
6. A dishwasher that needs to be emptied
7. When I don't have time to read
8. Bicep Tendonitis
9. No closet space
10. Unloading groceries
11. Two-faced people
12. Below freezing temperature days
13. Above 90 degree days
14. Tight pants
15. Drinking glasses with finger prints on them
16. Corn
17. Flying
18. Traffic
19. Car sickness
20. When there's not enough time in a day
21. Forgetting what I was going to say
22. Eyesight after 40
23. Metabolism after 40
24. Root canals
25. Dogs wanting you to love them when you're wearing black
26. Good hair days when you have no where to go
27. Rare days when I could sleep in, but the dogs think otherwise
28. Germs ... especially during cold/flu season
29. Clothes on the floor
30. Disgusting breakfast foods that shall not be named
31. When people think I'm joking about the disgusting breakfast food & continue to talk about it
32. Missing friends
33. When the DVR doesn't record what you set to record
34. Rudeness
35. That size small is always in abundance & on the clearance shelves.  Make more XL people!
36. The hunt for a new purse. (I'm picky)
37. Sagging pants on guys
38. Anxiety
39. The question, "How many kids do you have?"
40. PMS
41. Dirty public restrooms
42. Food touching
43. Animal Cruelty
44. Swimming in water where creatures live
45. Sand
46. Cleaning a counter or a room & 20 minutes later, the counter is covered & the room is trashed
47. Cell phone batteries that last 2 hours
48. Having to stop & get gas
49. Touching grass
50. That I haven't been to Disney World in 15 years
What about you? 
Before you stop complaining along with me (right?)
... what are some things you hate?


  1. #4 - YES! So much :(

    #6 - And I've never understood why I hate that so much!! It doesn't make sense - the dishes are all clean and shiny. I'd rather load an empty dishwasher. Weird. I think I get satisfaction from cleaning up a mess. ?

    #35 - I'm with ya! Maybe they should start learning that there aren't as many teeny tiny girls out there as they think!

    Good Luck on your 24 hours of no complaining!! :)

  2. I saw this too and had the same thoughts!! I'd rather not participate for 24 hours and just try to change my habits outright! Although no closet space is pretty much the bane of my existence!! Also, trying jeans on has got to be on that list for me...

  3. Oh my! Where to start agreeing??? I am with you on so many of these.

    The purse one comes to mind. I am also searching the world over for the perfect purse. I've got a closet full that I thought might be THE ONE until I actually carried them. Sigh. Life is so hard.

    I'd add one thing to your list. Folding laundry. Worst.Chore.Ever.

  4. Vehicle shopping is my main hate right now!!

  5. I kept reading the list and was wondering when you would mention #30. And then you mentioned it again.

    Notice I'm not saying the word. Because I like you.

  6. I complain more than I care to admit. I don't really like to use the word 'hate', but I strongly dislike some things...oysters (BLECH!), sand on my legs, poor dental hygiene, being disorganized, laziness...just to name a few. I may have to give your challenge a try...I'm sure it would be very eye-opening...and, hopefully, mouth-shutting! ;)

  7. How did your day go?! I'm going to try this tomorrow!!

  8. Now that I've stopped to think about it, I'm sure I complain way too much! Shopping for a new purse is definitely on my list though. I buy like one every two years because I have such a hard time finding one I like.

  9. I'm totally with you on #37! When is the sagging pants fad going to fade out?


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