Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Life in 6 words....

I always loved 6 word Saturday... describing your life or day in 6 words.
So I figured it'd be fun to do every now & then just for a life update...
Let's see how hard this will be... this may be the last post like this :)
Harvey is one year old now
Gearing up for a wedding weekend
Excited to start Bible Study today
Justice // SheReadsTruth.com
My laundry pile wont stop growing
Ricky cleaned the flower beds out
Completed 1 week of 10,000 steps
House of Cards Season one ... done
Orange is the New Black next
Dad's birthday is in 2 days
I want to go to Disney World
Dreamt I was in Broadway's Aladdin
Summer heat and humidity is back
Can't believe half way to Christmas
This post makes your mind work
& BAM!! That is 6 words too! :)
How is your life going lately?
Tell me in six words... please
(See what I did there?)


  1. Ok, so I have to know. Who did you play in Aladdin?

    (Both of those sentences had 6 words, boom!) haha

  2. Starting to recover from the wedding. My son's puppy is very energetic!! She is annoying our Lily girl! She is sitting on my feet.


  3. Haha I love this post idea! I've always thought about doing whole posts in Haikus or something. Happy birthday to Harvey and your dad (almost).

  4. Fun! All I care about, Christian eating. :)

  5. I am the daughter of a King ~

    P.S. what bible study are you doing?

  6. Halfway to Christmas?! Oh my gosh. Where is this year going? And I want to go to Disney World, too :)

  7. Seems like a hard post to write - limiting yourself like that!! I can't even believe we're halfway to Christmas - just doesn't seem normal!


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