Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Happy Earth Day... & other random stuff


* Happy Earth Day!!!   The whole earth deserves a day to itself - don't you think?  I don't know about anyone else but I worry about little ole' planet earth.  I don't know if I'm the only one who thinks about how much garbage we produce, or how long items will last before they decompose & where is all of this going to go?  I worry about the trees getting cut down & animals having no where to live.  I worry about the air we breath & the way we've messed it up with all the toxic things.  I believe in Global Warming & don't understand how when its freezing people say, "Where's your global warming at now?"... do they not understand Global Warming affects EVERYTHING - all seasons.  I worry about the planet for my grand dudes.  I wish more people cared.  #ChangeNeedsToHappen

* I have my first wedding of the year this weekend.... & the forecast is now at 70% change of rain.  BOO!!!!  I hate that.  It doesn't ever take away from how beautiful a bride is, but I hate it for her & the expectations a girl always has for her big day.  #PrayingFor Sunshine #IblameGlobalWarming

* A young man in the area that I had been following his battle with bone cancer passed away this past Sunday.  I'm so heart broken for this family.  Death is always hard to understand but when you see it take a young person, I think it just a double dose of sadness.  Pray for this family as they say goodbye to their son & brother.  #RIPKeaton

* Ricky & I are HUGE HUGE HUGE fans of The Flash... there was a new villain this past week & I thought she looked familiar but I couldn't place my finger on it.  I was shocked when I heard who she was.  Beth!  From The Walking Dead!  I was glad to see her on another show.  She was so sad when they interviewed her about getting killed off TWD.  It was good to see her cleaned up & looking adorable too!

* I was cracking up seeing everyone posting about & sharing that the latest married Duggar is now pregnant.  Is anyone surprised?  I mean, its apparent the Duggar's want to populate the world solely all on their own.  Honestly, I love the Duggar gang. I think they are an amazing family. I just don't understand how they smile & are so happy all the time. I want an episode where someone gets upset about SOMETHING.  How about a cross over... the Duggars meet the Real Housewives!  Now there's some good TV!  #LovetheDuggars #CongratsBen&Jessa

Jessa Duggar Pregnant, Expecting First Child with Husband Ben Seewald

* Anyone else on Royal Baby Watch? .... Fingers crossed it's a girl!  #NameherDiana

* Just saw this morning where Sandra Bullock is the Most Beautiful of 2015.  LOVE IT!  Love seeing a woman in her 50's taking the prize!  I think she is just all sorts of adorable - personality & all... still don't get why that ex husband of hers cheated on her.  So messed up.  I bet he's kicking himself a little bit more today seeing her face on the front page! #inyoface #MissCongeniality

Sandra Bullock Is PEOPLE's 2015 World's Most Beautiful Woman!| Most Beautiful 2015, Individual Class

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  1. Yay for royal baby watch!! It has to be any day now. And happy Earth day - it's snowing over here right now :|

  2. I love the Flash and also Arrow. It's cool the way they have cross over episodes. Sandra Bullock really looks gorgeous in that photo!

  3. Sandra Bullock is fabulous!! Beautiful and seems so normal and funny. I love The Proposal probably more than any of her other movies just for the dance scene in the woods with Grandma. ;)

  4. Our first wedding of the year was a couple weeks ago and it poured rain the whole time. Plus the ceremony and half the reception were outside! It was covered, but it was not a warm rain/wind so it was a little bit miserable. Fingers crossed yours goes better! Also, YAY for Sandra Bullock! I just love her!

  5. We got married in December, so I had no weather expectations :)

    I worry about Mother Earth too - we haven't been fabulous stewards, have we?

  6. I agree on Sandra Bullock. She's beautiful and I love her acting abilities.

  7. The duggar family has got to be the most fertile family out there lol!! I loved that People picked Sandra Bullock - I love her!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  8. um heck yes I'm on royal baby watch! i just need to know if Kate is going to steal my baby name! i hope she doesn't otherwise we are so not friends anymore!
    and sandra bullock is GORGEOUS!

  9. Keaton lived here in my town. So, so sad. :(
    My sister got married outside in the pouring rain. It was so not fun. She'd always wanted an outdoor wedding, and she didn't want to change it. Ugh. Hey, just think at least you won't be running in it!
    I love Sandra and never understood why that stupid guy cheated on her. Dumb.

  10. Okay, so I have a sort of obsession with the Royals. But I mean who doesn't, right? Anyways, it would make my heart soooo Happy if the baby is a girl and the name her Diana. How cool would that be?? I love the fact that Sandra Bullock is taking that prize. She's amazing!

  11. Love, love, LOVE Sandra! She is beautiful inside and out and a class act all the way.

    By the way....that test to prove I'm not a robot is a bit confusing. Took me three tries to pick the right/enough bread to make it happy.


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