Monday, April 20, 2015

The weekend that I got to see Beauty & the Beast... for the ?hundreth time....

Marathon Monday!

I always love Boston Marathon day... cheering on the runners from the laziness of my computer while typing away at work.    It does make for a better Monday though.  It's always so inspiring ... So hello Monday. I'm actually excited for you today.

Plus, it's my step-daughter's birthday.  Happy Birthday Julie!

Since Julie works in a lab all day, I thought this was appropriate for her!

How was your weekend?  Mine was productive - for a change.... GO ME!

Saturday, Ricky had to work & that usually leaves me able to clean the house.

Why is it easier to clean a house when you are the only one in it?

Anyways - instead of cleaning, I decided to go all Tim Taylor from Home Improvement & put together my shelving for my office.

Actually all I needed was a screw driver...
but still
I felt like this

I was a little nervous about it when the front page of directions said, "Recommended to be put together with the use of 2 people"... oh snap.  But I took on the challenge & BAM! IN YO FACE directions!

After getting the first one done, it was a breeze for the second one.

& I give all the credit to Teem Mom OG for distracting me while doing this.

Ricky said he would turn on the security cameras every now & then from work to see how I was doing - I think he was making sure I didn't have the thing collapse on me & I wasn't dying in the living room.... but he said he would see me putting it together, watching tv, putting it together, me talking to the TV, putting it together, & me standing pacing while watching the TV so intent.  I take my OG Teen Mom's seriously

Catelynn  & Tyler - I still think you two are the cutest little couple

I felt so accomplished getting these things put together & finally getting my room on a good start.

I now have a check list of other things I need, but at least its on a roll now & I'm excited about how its all going to come together.

It was so beautiful on Saturday, I decided to forego my Les Mills Combat & hit the pavement.

Goodness gracious.  I hadn't done the hills on my street in forever & I felt like it was day 1 of ever trying to work out.  GASP GASP GASP.  My butt needs to start tackling these hills more again.  Though my low back would disagree with that.  It's always something.

Sunday I was up to teach in Merge Youth... I guess it came together OK.  For some reason my mind was just 2 steps ahead of my words & I felt like I was jumping around every where.  I had people tell me the lesson was just fine & made perfect sense but I think I had SO much I wanted to talk about but a short time so it just kinda messed me up - at least in my own mind.

As soon as we got out of church, Ricky & I just had a few mintues before I had to head up to meet my sister in law & nieces to see the local middle school's play of Beauty & the Beast.

So dang cute.

I knew 4 of the kids in it & was so proud to see them up there.

One of the kids actually had the role of Cogsworth... & he did it wonderfully!

Nope - I don't even know who played the Beast but still got a picture with him :)

Of course, I was sitting in my chair singing along & saying the lines to the play.  My niece Sophia just kept grabbing my arm & telling me to SSHHH :)  I asked her if I was bothering her & she said, "It doesn't bother me, but it may bother those around us" haha! 

I will say though, she was the cutest thing when Belle came out in her yellow dress - she grabbed my arm & hugged me.  I looked at her & said, "That looks JUST like me, doesn't it?" ... she just rolled her eyes at me.  #crazyaunt

I met up with Ricky after the play, ran to Target to pick up a few things for my room, we had dinner & then it was time to get home & wind up the weekend.

That fast.  It goes by that fast.

But I got so much done this weekend.  Laundry NOT being one of them.  But that's OK - my room came together a bit, I got to enjoy fresh warm Spring air, I got to remind kids about the power of Words in Youth, I got to see my nieces & I got to once again sing along with Beauty & the Beast.

I give this weekend a thumbs up.

What was the best thing about your weekend?
You going to watch the Boston Marathon?



  1. No, I probably won't watch the Marathon, but I hope everything goes well this year!!

    You know, my hubby is a preacher. It always seems when he preaches a sermon that he feels didn't go well (he says he just keeps flying around and never seems able to land the plane) that that is when he gets the most compliments and people tell him how much they got out of the sermon. I guess when we prepare and then maybe it doesn't seem to us "that we land the plane", that is when God steps in and takes over in the minds of the listeners and teaches them. So be encouraged. Maybe it wasn't perfect, but God can work it in those kids minds just the way He wants!

    So glad you got to see Beauty and the Beast! Sounds like it was fun!!

    It really was a perfect weekend!!

  2. Wow what a well put together performance for a middle school!! The costumes and sets look amazing! It looks like you had a great weekend, and happy birthday to your step-daughter!!

  3. I love how you organized everything!!! That's what I'm trying to do with our shelves!! Congrats on a super productive weekend!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  4. Our weekend was non-stop! Whew! I need a weekend to recover!!!

    I remember keeping up with the race last year as one of my SIL's good friends was running in honor of my nephew who passed away!!!!

  5. I have shelves like that. Mine take up the whole wall, and it definitely took two to put it together! Good job taking it on alone, Superwoman!
    I actually socialized this weekend! That's become pretty rare, so it was a good weekend for me too.

  6. now i'm singing beauty and the beast! hehe. i'm sharing belle's brushes on my blog today. that's too funny about your niece getting onto your for singing!

  7. My hubby and I have declared a moratorium on assembly-required furniture. We're neither one all that handy, so even put-together furniture is a challenge. So I'm super impressed that you put yours together all by yourself! Woo hoo!

  8. I love {and want one in my house} that y'all can watch what's going on at home while at work. I need one! And I'm right there with you on Teen Mom OG. But please tell me what OG stands for? Original?

    You rock for getting the shelves put together. I can't wait to see all the organization you come up with!


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