Monday, April 13, 2015

The weekend that I didn't want to come inside....

FINALLY!!! We had sunshine!!!

After a week of nothing but rain... & by rain, I mean storms & floods & end of times looking weather... it was wondrous to see sunshine all weekend & warm temps.  It was perfection.

It worked out fantastic for me too because I had 2 photo sessions happening so thank you Mother Nature for perfect timing.

Saturday, I had to keep Harvey Dent holed up while we had a new security system installed.  Mr. Dent wanted to get into the action so it was something keeping him holed up in a room with me... but I ended up turning on a movie I bought a few months back.  Grace Unplugged... it was really cute!  I just love how Christian movies have come a LONG way from the corny acting that they used to be (sorry if you were ever a corny actor in one of the movies from years ago)

The whole time I'm watching it, I'm like
"The guy from Desperate Housewives cleaned up his act"

Security guy left, Harvey Dent was free & it was time to get outside...

For Ricky, poor guy, that meant grass cutting season has begun.  Once it starts, it starts. 

Shaking his finger at Spring!
(Harvey wonders if he's shaking his finger at him & he's in trouble again)

For me - it meant I got to grab some cameras, go meet up with Chasity & photograph an adorable couple.

The weather was PERFECTION!!!!  They were precious!!  Her color combos of outfits was spot on.  Things could not have gone any better.

At the end of the session, I always feel like I have accomplished something when the guys leave with a smile instead of an exhausted look of exasperation.  This guy even said, "That wasn't so bad at all"... I take that as the highest compliment. 

I'll be doing their wedding in a few months so I always love when I get to do an engagement session with people first.  They get a good taste of how I work, I get a good taste of their comfort level in front of the camera & by the end of it, we're already more at ease with each other, which makes a huge difference going into a wedding.

Saturday night had me uploading pictures & getting starting editing... but it also had me caught up in yet another Christian movie. 

Oh my gosh - I laughed so hard at this movie.... it really is well done!!!

If you haven't seen it - you need to... especially if you are a mom...

Sunday had us back at church in Merge.  We had a little break there with Easter but it was great to see faces & get hugs again from the coolest gang of kids.

As soon the clock hit 12:30 I was in a frenzy to leave though... I had a long drive ahead & a first birthday to get to.

Our cousin's little girl was turning 1 & they wanted me to come out & capture the day.  Another day where things just went perfectly the whole time.  This little girl was just the cutest little thing... never cried one time... loved watching everyone watch her... & girlfriend LOVED her first cake.

I can't wait to upload all the pictures from this party & get started on editing them.

They had just recently moved & I think we live on opposite sides of the planet now.  Literally on Google Maps, it says it takes 59 minutes from one location to the other.   But, the day was beautiful, so I cranked down the windows, turned on my iPod to shuffle & I was like a rockstar belting it out in my car... that 59 minutes went fast.

This probably happened to everyone driving around me

Especially because I stopped on the way home for a Starbucks treat AND some yarn.

I know... I know... I said I'm going on a yarn fast... which I am... but I only got ONE skein & I need it for a project I'm doing.  It was a NEED. Seriously.

So the weekend was everything wonderful. 
Wonderful weather.
Wonderful people to hang out with.
Wonderful treats.

& now, back to reality of Monday.

... & if you were wondering... nope.... no house cleaning was done AGAIN.  Who had time when it was so gorgeous outside? ... maybe next weekend.


  1. Yay for beautiful weather! We had some too! And OMgosh your yard!! We are just FINALLY starting to see some green in ours - no mowing here yet! I cant believe how long yours is! I can't wait to see Moms' Night Out - that looks SO funny!

  2. I totally agree on Christian movies. They can still be a little hokey, but they're certainly getting better. I LOVED Moms' Night Out ... I would have never guessed it wasn't a mainstream movie (well, ok, except for the dialogue - that would have NEVER been in a mainstream movie! ha!).

    I certainly don't need good weather to persuade me to let housecleaning slide. ha!

  3. The weather this weekend was AMAZING! It really feels like summer is on the way! Today... not so much. Back to the rain, boo!

  4. Got the grass mowed, but no house cleaning at our place either. Oh well, I'm pretty sure when I die, I won't wish I had spent more time cleaning and I'll be glad for the fun times instead.

  5. So glad that you got sunshine - we got some too and it was glorious!! Moms night out sounds really good!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  6. wahooo sun! This is awesome!!!! It's amazing how much the weather makes a difference!

    We watched that movie recently! So appreciated that it was CLEAN!

  7. the weather was absolutely gorgeous, wasn't it?!

  8. nothing wrong with skipping housework! it happens :) yay for really great photo sessions. and boo for mowing grass, something i have managed to avoid my entire life! ha!

  9. I just love your photography! You are so talented! Sounds like the perfect weekend!

    And Cory is definitely one of those guys that is normally miserable at the end of a shoot. He finally learned that if he was just willing to go with it, it wouldn't take as long! Took me almost 10 years to teach him that!


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