Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Hashtag Confessions.... Easter Edition

Since this weekend is Easter, I figured I'd so some confessions about my thoughts & past experiences with Easter...

... Easter is my favorite holiday.  I love the celebration of Jesus... I love all the Spring things... I love all the cute little girls in Easter Dresses... & let's face it. Cadbury Eggs. #ChocolateRules

...& while chocolate does indeed rule.... Peeps - not so much. I HATE peeps.  The idea of marshmallows in my mouth just makes me gag. #jiggly

... I can remember getting a new dress every year for Easter Sunday when I was little.  Complete with hat & gloves. Those were a must.  Maybe even a little umbrella to carry for effect.   Even now as an adult, I like to think I NEED a new outfit for Easter. #anyexcusetoshop

No outfit was complete without a hat like this when I was little

... It makes me sad that Easter is sort of lost to most of the world anymore. I remember when stores & everything was closed, like Christmas.  But heck, everything is opening up for Christmas now too. #valuesgoingdownhill #fast

... I loved when my nieces were little.  I actually had them at my church for Easter service when they were babies... & we could do Easter egg hunts with them.... now, I'm lucky if I even get to see them on Easter, & forget about them coming to church with me.  Makes me sad. #thegoodoledays

Look at Sophia so little!!!

Madi still gives me that look on most things I say to her...

.... I still have a Mickey Mouse t-shirt that was in my Easter basket when I was in middle school.  I still sleep in it.  Mickey's face may be in shreds & my name may be falling off of the back of it (those fuzzy letters from the 70's) but I still love this shirt & can't give it up. #Hoarder

... We always got the coolest Easter baskets as kids. It was better then Christmas to me.  I can remember when I got my Styper "To Hell with the Devil" ALBUM in my Easter basket.  ROCK ON!  #YellowandBlackAttack

... I also got Whitesnake's ALBUM one year... #HairBandsForever

... I can remember Easter was the one Sunday when I was little (under the age of 10) where I could wear HEELS to church. I felt like a model walking a cat walk when I was able to wear them.  & by heels, I mean MAYBE 3/4 inch heels. #Istillcantwalkinheels

... Passion Plays make me cry EVERY TIME!!! #JesusDeathBreaksMe #JesusRaisingElatesMe #SadTears #HappyTears #BallofEmotion

... Dying Easter eggs with my mom is still one of my favorite memories.  Break out the yellow crayon & drawing on hard boiled eggs.  The smell of vinegar.  Those are some good times. #BeforePinterest

... we had a neighbor that used to make chocolate candy on a stick for Easter.  That was the BEST chocolate ever.  It was soft & creamy.  Man... I need to find that kind of chocolate bunny again. #maybeIdont #Extra10lbs

... There's a big age difference between my brother & I ... & its just the 2 of us... so whenever there was an Easter Egg hunt growing up, it pretty much was just me looking for eggs. #AlwaysWinning

... And if I was involved in an Easter Egg hunt at church with a lot of kids... just watch out. Competitive nature has always been in me. #shovingisallowed  #atleastinmybook

What a confession about Easter you have?

#Hashtaghumpday @ Life with Lolo


  1. Easter is my favorite holiday too-- I love peeps, though I don't think I've had them in years! Dying Easter eggs is one of my favorite traditions/memories as well.

  2. I don't like Peeps either, or Cadbury for that matter. Give me a good old Reese's egg and I'm a happy camper. :)

  3. Confession: it's 9:30am here and I'm eating Cadbury eggs ;)

  4. I've always enjoyed those Peeps but haven't bought any in years. Their chocolate covered ones are pretty awesome too. I don't have a lot of memories from Easter but I do remember the new dress & shoes each year. You have some awesome memories.
    Happy Easter and may God continue to bless you and your family.

  5. I love your confession posts! soooo relatable! I find the need to buy a new Easter outfit every year, too! however, I don't get to buy a new one every year. Being a grown up is hard! I can't wait to dress up a little girl of my own one day! With frilly socks, gloves, and a hat! I think Peeps are GROSSLY overrated, Reeses eggs are MY FAVORITE THING ABOUT EASTER. ---haha not really the gravity of Christ conquered the grave far out weighs that! but theyre amazing.

    This morning I asked the family I nanny for to come to the easter party my church is putting on, she said maybe because "family Easter is that day" Which struck me as weird because Church is on Sundays...and then she said "I can't wait to hide the Easter eggs!" Oh. Easter= egg hunt and candy. NOT the ressurection of Christ. it made me really sad. and instead of inviting them to church... i chickened out. Praying that God will move on their hearts to come anyway. She said her neighbor invited them (to my In-laws church actually) so there's my confession: I invited about 10 ppl to church last Easter and NONE of them came so I haven't asked 1 person this year. :(

  6. Oh thank you SO much...I despise Peeps! Not much fond of marshmallow in any form; I farm and know from whence it comes.

  7. I love that smell of vinegar and egg dye!

  8. Peeps totally make me gag! And I just told my mom I needed to go tonight or tomorrow to look for an Easter dress. Gotta have a new one for church!

  9. We ALWAYS had new Easter outfits too! Every year my Grandma insisted that we have them when we went to church.

    AND I FINALLY found someone else who had that Stryper album! I totally owned that too, I had the cassette. One year in my Easter basket I definitely got the soundtrack to Beaches.


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