Thursday, April 02, 2015

Thankful Thursday {Link Up #13}

Thankful Thursday
We often take for granted the very things that
most deserve our gratitude.
~Cynthia Ozick
This week, I'm thankful for:
// My sinuses aren't AS BAD this week.  I can tell allergy season is kicking in with my throat & sinuses, but I finally got to go to bed this week without the use of nasal spray. I'll take it.
// an iPod playing fun music when stuck in traffic.  I got to jam to the soundtrack from Moulin Rouge coming home from a photo session this weekend. It's the only thing that kept me sane.
// A great family that hung in there during the cold weather for their quick family shoot.  I know it had to be a little tough to smile when the wind was nipping on those arms... but they pulled it off.  And I especially am thankful for fun families that will do fun faces.  I think that shows off the personality.  I love fun grandparents too.
// Starbucks Happy Hour Mondays ... all the month of March, I took advantage of them.  I got free pastries, a free tea, half off a Frappuccino .... any excuse to get a discount at Starbucks?  I'll take it.
// Getting to see my nieces.  I still can't believe they are getting so close to PRE-teen years.  I honestly feel like they were just born & I was just helping with their baths.  They may be twins but they are definitely their own personality.
// Chuey's to go.... They have the BEST Vegetable Enchiladas & I love that while Ricky was waiting for the UK Game & I was driving home from photo things, I can swing by & pick up a delish dinner... & no cooking involved.
// Being a winner!  I won a blog giveaway that let me pick out some goodies AND it ended up benefiting the Animal Rescue center as well.  I love my new mug... Harvey loved his new toy.
// Max Lucado ... I love his books.  I bought a new one the other day & have just been soaking in his words.  I always seem to read one of his books around Easter.  I need to just make this a yearly tradition.
// Leftover Scrapbook stuff.  I used to scrapbook back in the day where you would actually get pictures developed. Remember those days?  So I have containers full of stickers & templates & all that kinda stuff.  Well, its come in so handy as I've been getting into my Bible Journaling.  When I knew what I wanted to do with this page in 1 John & looked through the container & found the perfect stickers.... I was definitely one thankful girl.  See?  Hoarding stuff does come in handy sometimes.

// Thankful my husband did NOT have a heart attack during the UK game... I was worried.
// None of the "Gang" died on The Walking Dead... I literally was holding my breath watching the finale, so yes, I am thankful for that. 
What are you THANKFUL for this week?




  1. whew for being that much closer to the weekend! i love that mug! my child has paws too! ;)

  2. Nieces are THE best! SO fun that you won a giveaway! I LOVE winning :)

  3. Oh my gosh, how did I miss the Starbucks happy hours in March? I never even heard of them, so sad!!

  4. Love your family photos! I just always love your perspective on much to rejoice about. You have a knack for seeing the "little" things...and I appreciate that!

  5. Tickled about your mug and Harvey does look happy with his toy :) You have been taking some incredible photos ... glad I wasn't aware of Starbucks Happy Hour as it has saved me many calories :/ glad your sinuses are doing better. I got a sample of a nose spray with xylitol in it at the Healthy Home Market - excellent nose spray.

  6. Winning giveaways is the best! Especially for our furbabies!


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