Monday, April 06, 2015

The weekend that I cried for complete strangers....

Easter weekend... what a weekend... I actually had nothing on my calendar... wait, let me take that back. I did have a photo session, but I had it down wrong, so my weekend opened up & was all clear.  You'd think I didn't have anything to do.   Then I would laugh at you for thinking that & then see I was home even LESS then I normally am.  Holiday weekends just are like that.

I started off the weekend all sorts of messed up when I was woke up at 4:50am by Bruno & then noticed Ricky was still in bed.  I panicked & told him he was going to be late for work, he needed to get up.... when he reminded me that it was Saturday.  Oops.

Basically how my brain felt

All the days blend.

Saturday ended up being such a beautiful day.  Sunny. Cool. No rushing rivers of floods coming down the road.  That's progress.

My mom's side was getting together for a Easter celebration & inserted a little surprise wedding shower for one of my baby cousins that had just gotten married.  Side note - we always do things a little backwards in that family.

Normally, when these gatherings are scheduled, I have a photo session & miss them... so when this weekend opened up, I was happy to grab my camera & follow my parents out that way & see so many faces I hadn't seen in years.


I saw cousins I haven't seen since they were little babies... & now they HAD babies.

Last time I saw the dude in the middle?  He was 6 yrs old
& now he has that beautiful little girl!

How am I still 24 years old? ... cough cough...

It really was good to see so many of my aunts & uncles together.  There are 10 of them in total & to have 8 of them together, it just brings back fantastic memories of growing up.

I about kicked myself when I was driving home wondering why I didn't take a picture of all the cousins together.  I was trying to count & I think there was about 25 cousins there... so many more missing... but I would have loved for us to gather up in that picture.  Age would have ranged from in the 50's, all the way down to 6 months.... the family that continues to grow....

I didn't kick myself for long because on the way home, I had the smell of Bonnie & Clyde's pizza to hold me over. 

This is the BEST PIZZA IN THE WORLD.  Not even exaggerating.  I better not - the price alone proves it.  1 large + 1 medium cost = $54.00 ... but guess what. We'll pay it - its THAT good.

Basically this

Saturday night was the UK game... let's just not talk about that...

I will say, I LOVE I have a friend in my life that sends me messages & makes sure my house is still in order & Ricky isn't in the ER.... now THAT'S a friend!

Sunday - EASTER!!!!! YAHOOO!!!!!!!

It really is my favorite holiday.

Ricky & I decided to venture down to Southeast Christian Church - one of the biggest churches in the area.  So glad we did... it was just amazing. 

First, we started off at Panera.  I said it was the adult version of Easter egg hunting to have a breakfast sandwich there.

We got into church - & I'll give Ricky props here.  He's a back row kinda person & I'm a front row kinda person.  He actually let us sit fairly close to the front. I'm so glad we did... we had front row views for the most amazing Sunday.

Our obligatory Easter pic

The message was great.  I teared up about 3 times just in worship alone... & then it was time to let the tears flow.  They had a call for baptism for this Easter Sunday & mercy... the aisle was just full of people coming down.  They had people coming in 5 at a time into the tank & had 2 people baptizing at the same time. 

What would just tug at my heart was when family would get baptized & turn around & baptize the rest of their family. When a father did it first & then baptized his teenage son & then they just hugged... yeah, cue the ugly crying face.

One couple who looked like they were in their 20's came up together & the man went first.  When they dunked him, his wife/fiancĂ©/girlfriend was behind him & she pumped her arms & screamed like she won the lottery.  It was the CUTEST thing I have ever seen... he then turned around & baptized her.

They finally had to announce for people to go ahead & leave so they would have parking places for the last service of the day.... but they still had a row of people to get baptized!! Ricky & I actually stayed & watched a few more - ran into a family that we adore & got to talk to them for a bit - but we just watched these people being baptized into Heaven... & I just kept tearing up.  I told my friend Stephanie that I don't even know these people, but I'm going to hear their stories one day in Heaven.  Amen.

We headed home after a quick trip to Walmart for Easter chocolate... & I couldn't find one dang Cadbury Egg.  Come on Walmart - get it together!

I headed over to my parents to see my nieces & to give them some Easter treats & to get to see my mom's siblings again....

& then I got home... to find out disaster had struck... or at least for Ricky.

Harvey Dent has been at it again. 

He tore up his bed Saturday morning... but Sunday topped it all! I looked in the back yard & see Ricky's cell phone.  OH SWEET  JESUS RISEN FROM THE GRAVE!!!!

I screamed - Ricky came running - Ricky then took OFF running - after Harvey - screaming, "That's $700!!!!"... I'm sure our neighbors were like, "What the heck is happening over there?"

How Harvey tore up Ricky's indestructible case is beyond me... & he cracked the corner of the screen... oh my.  Ricky had to head to the store to get another Otter case to hold the phone together.  I think this is the topper for Mr. Dent....

Be glad to know Ricky & Harvey made up last night.  Harvey happily went to sleep with his head across his daddy's chest.

So what a weekend. 

I got to see family... we got to celebrate our Risen Savior... Harvey Dent lived!

That's a good weekend!

(... & yeah, no cleaning was once again involved at my house... oops)


  1. oh my i would have cried over the phone, as horrible as that is to say! but like you said those things aren't cheap. i buy mine full price so i can have unlimited data.

  2. We attended church with DD and her family, and they had a baptism (with another one after the second service). Loved the minister's exhortation to make it a multiple baptism event.

  3. Ooops, clicked send too soon ...

    Poor Harvey - poor Ricky. Hope he outgrows that puppy stage soon.

    I thought of Ricky when I woke up Sunday and read that UK lost.

  4. Love that you were able to have so much family time!! Yikes about the phone - that is not good at all! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. How awesome that you got to spend time with family members your hadn't seen in years. Can I just say that the dude in the middle that you hadn't seen since he was 6 yrs. old with the beautiful little girl it one very handsome man! Sweet photo of the Aunts & Uncles all looking great. Sounds like a nice weekend and Easter Sunday except for the phone....oh no!!!

  6. It is very hard for me to organize family photos. There are always a few who don't like to get their photo taken and it's like pulling teeth to get them posed with everyone else.
    Glad to hear Harvey is still among the living!
    Happy Easter

  7. I totally meant to get to Southeast for one of their services this weekend, and totally forgot! We had so much going on at our church, that it just slipped my mind. Sounds like it was amazing. I always love baptism. My boys got baptized a few years ago, and I could NOT stop crying for the life of me. I think I cried all day. It was just so beautiful!
    I also wondered if Ricky was ok after UK. I was heartbroken. :(

  8. What a great service...not only to celebrate our Risen King but to see so many lives changed forever! I have so many Sundays where the worship just takes over my emotions. I can't even control it, I just feel so overcome. Nothing to do but cry!

    Poor Ricky! His poor phone! Not sure Harvey Dent would still be around if that had happened to Cory! (who am I kidding though?)


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