Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Hashtag Confessions

Time to vent it out....

... I can't wait for the Bruce Jenner interview with Diane Sawyer.  I'm still so in shock over it all. #Dowhatmakesyouhappy

... I'm still a little 'jaw dropped' over the Barbra Walters interview with that teacher who married her student. Anyone else see it?  That poor guy looks like the most miserable man on the face of this earth. I hope some sort of counselor saw this show & is reaching out to help him... or some sort of CIA recon force is willing to sneak him & his daughters outta there! #RescueVili


... This week has been the first week where my drive into work has been what I would consider 'light' outside.  Like I can see down the road without headlights.  Granted, it doesn't start out that way when I pull out of my driveway, but half way in my drive, the sky lightens up.  Let me tell you, my mood instantly is brighter too. I hate when its dark driving to work. #SolarGirl

... Yes, I bought 25 Cadbury Eggs on Friday.  Yes, I have only 15 left. #needtofindmore  #22centseach #ClearanceCandy

... Subway has a new reward card that you build points up on every time to go there.  I eat at Subway probably 3-4 days a week so my point level is now over 250 points (it only takes like 50 to get a free sandwich)... but I feel bad or funny using them to get anything free. What is that about?  I always just feel bad putting anyone out. Let me just swipe my card & move on quickly.  #OneMillionPointsBuiltUp  

... I always say I feel like a 12 yr old girl when I watch The Vampire Diaries - its my guilty pleasure.  So you can imagine how I felt when I see this past week that one of the main characters is leaving at the end of this season. WHAT?  The girl who plays Elena is gone. I can't even imagine how it can carry on... & I can't wait to see how they write her out.  #PoorDamon

... I just read an article that said you are NOT supposed to do the two spaces after a period anymore.  Its only supposed to be one.  In a world where everything is on the computer, there's no need for 2 spaces.  WHAT?  I can't break the habit. I was raised on a typewriter - took typing in high school on a real typewriter.  I can't make myself NOT do 2 spaces. #OldHabits #OldSchool #IamOld

...Remember how I have been the biggest advocate for Peach Green Tea Lemonade at Starbucks?  ... I think the winds have shifted.  While they didn't have Peach over the winter, I got hooked on Green Tea Lemonade/half sweetened ... & now the Peach is back.  I've gotten a few of them... but they all taste funny to me now. The Peach tastes odd. I'm not sure if they've changed the flavor of it, or its just me. I'm kinda sad about it actually.  I think I may just keep getting my GTL instead.  Is it just me?  Is it different?  #weirdtaste #tastebudsrevolt

kinda my face when I tasted my first PGTL this year

... I need to switch over my closet for Spring. I'd look more forward to having my toenails yanked off one by one. #nothingfits #throwitallaway #startfresh

... Monday was Disney Night on Dancing with the Stars. I told Ricky that this to me is like the University of Kentucky playing basketball for him.  He was not to interrupt & disturb me.  He came in during the last 15 minutes, poked his head in & whispered, "Is it good?" ... my man gets me. #DisneyForever

What's on your mind you need to vent today?

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  1. Oh man! I wanted to see that...I forgot.

    I don't feel the least bit guilty using the Subway card! I love free!!!

  2. Bruce Jenner: I am eager to see that too! I hope he can finally be happy. Think about how hard it must have been for him all this time feeling like he has the wrong body!

    Cadbury Eggs: You and my daughter can be Cadbury Besties :) So much to comment on in this post!!

    I almost skipped the Vampire Diaries section because I was afraid of spoilers. I'm only on Season 4! Must catch up! But what?! No more Elena?! Excuse me, I need a moment.

    Only one space looks to crowded. I refuse to conform!

    I almost got a PGTL the other day but it was cold so I got the Cinnamon Dolce Latte. Now I'm curious about the Peach flavor and need to investigate.

    Can I just say that you and Ricky are the cutest?! I love reading about your relationship. Warms my heart. ♥

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  4. I love this idea - I haven't seen the hashtag confessions before. Cute! :)

    But, I just have to say that GTL is not green tea lemonade in my vocabulary - it's gym, tan, laundry, ala Jersey Shore. And I hate that! ha!

    (Also, I was having Google issues; sorry I posted this twice! ;) )

  5. Use those points, girl! :) And, I just watched last week's Nashville Monday night. I am going to try to stay up tonight to watch it. Love love love love that show even more than usual!

  6. I learned the two spaces after a period, too - one just seems wrong! And when is this Bruce Jenner interview happening? I can't miss it, I still don't believe he's really turning into a woman!

  7. Girl get your free subs - you deserve them!! Also, still in shock over Bruce lol! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  8. Me too, I want to see that interview!!!
    I missed the Barbara Walters interview.
    I'm certainly not going to change the way I type at this point and time.

  9. I get overly excited when my drive to work is finally light for the first time in the year - and the drive home actually. There is a horrible dark period in the winter that I drive to and from work in the dark, it's awful. And if I would have known you were collecting cadbury's I'd have mailed you mine. Unfortunately I let the BF eat them.

  10. Yesterday I took out my spring/summer clothes and started putting away the wonter ones. Lemme just say it was not a happy moment. I'm like you, nothing fits and I wanna throw it all away and start over. Ugh.
    I can't wait to see the Bruce interview either. The whole thing confuses me. I mean, Kris was married to him for 20 something years, was this a total shock to her? Surely she knew all along. Then part of me thinks he just wants attention. Who knows. I guess when it comes on, it'll clear things up!

  11. I feel the same way with 2 spaces after a period. It doesn't help that typing two spaces after the end of a sentence on my iPad auto corrects to putting in a period. So even using my mobile devices "requires" the two spaces. I don't think I'll ever give up the two spaces.

  12. I'm still in shock over the Bruce Jenner thing too haha! I tried the PGTL last year and just didn't love it, but I've always loved the unsweet green tea lemonade & unsweet passion tea lemonade mixes so maybe that is why.. That gif is too cute!

  13. There are so many things I want to comment on here! First, Vili and Mary Kay Letourneau are from around here (sadly), and you see them out ALL the time! He is a DJ and she follows him to all his gigs like a groupie. We just saw them at a comedy club last fall. crazy!!! So sad.
    Also, Bruce Jenner?! What? So intrigued right? Also, LOVED the DWTS Disney Night. SO.GOOD!!

  14. Obviously I'm behind but Ricky cracks me up! Did you enjoy it? I was on the fence. There where some that were really good but I wasn't impressed with them all. We all have guilty pleasures...mine is Pretty Little Liars but I may have to check out Vampire Diaries!

    I need to get my spring clothes out too but I all my totes are blocked by the majority of our living room furniture in our shed!


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