Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Confessions...hashtag style...

I haven't gotten things off of my chest in awhile... let's clear the air
I confess:

... Is Donald Trump for real running as President.  The man has more money then he knows what to do with apparently.  I don't know much about politics but I can't even for the life of me see how he has any chance.  & if by some blue moon he DID win the Republican nomination, I'd have to say, it'd be pure 100% entertainment.  It would probably get me to care more about politics.  #TheHairForPresident

... I can't tell you the difference 5 panels around my desk makes.  It feels like my own little secret hideaway now. #dontfindmetill4pm

... I loved Jurassic World. It was great.  But I hate to hear they are going to make another series of movies of it.  No. Don't do it.  They're going to take a good thing & make it dumb.  Anyone remember Jurassic Park 2?  Just no. I need a few 20 years before I see a T-Rex fighting again.  #DinoOverload

Best meme ever!

... I will confess - I did like Jurassic Park 3 though.  But still ... no.  #GivememoreChrisPrattasStarLord

... my right quad last night started burning like it has been scratched, but no marks, no redness - just feels like my skin is on FIRE!!!  I went to Google what it could be this morning & the first thing that came up was an article labeled "26 health issues related to burning skin"... OH HECK NO... ABORT ... ABORT.... Nothing good comes from health searches on the internet  #dontlook

... I looked.   & I'm dying.  #Ihateyouinternet

...the biggest issue for skin issues is stress.  Ya think?  Especially when the internet tells you its either a.) Stress or b.) Probably an awful disease that will have you in a home facility needing assistance till you die.  Why would that cause stress?  #Stillhateyouinternet

... who am I kidding. Without the internet, I wouldn't be able to watch all the funny videos of things that make no difference in my life.  #funfordays

... Anyone loosing interest in The Bachelorette?  As much as I hate Ian's delivery to Kaitlyn this week, I gotta say, I kinda get his point. I do think she's just there to have fun & make out with guys. She doesn't seem to be taking this seriously.  As seriously as the Bachelorette can be taken I guess.  I'm just watching so I can see which guy becomes the next Bachelor.  #letitbeShawnB

... Anyone else watching The Whisperers?  I really am intrigued by it now, probably only because it has the guy from Revenge on it & the guy from Heroes.  But I can tell its going to turn into something stupid. I always hate when it turns out to be an alien & you already see it going there.  #ETaintEvil 

... Someone told me at work they keep their AC usually around 65 degrees. WHAT?!?!?!  Is that normal?  We usually put ours DOWN to 75 when its really hot outside.  & it feels perfectly wonderful on hot days.  I can't even imagine 65 degrees.  & cant imagine even more their utility bill. #ratherspendmoneyonclothes

So what's on your mind today?

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  1. I find it kind of interesting if he's running for real. I was mostly annoyed that he kept mentioning how much money he had, but then I realized he's self funding his run (if he does run) which means he wont owe favors to anyone!!! xo, biana -BlovedBoston

  2. 65? Wowza! I can't imagine their utility bills! We keep ours around 76-77. I do not like this time in the electoral process when every Tom, Dick and Harry announces that he/she is running for President. Not that there's any part of the election process that I find fascinating ... I'm just not very political, I guess. Probably because my ultra political sisters want to cram it down my throat at every turn.

  3. Donald Trump really? ugh! That is all I have to say about that ;)

  4. #ratherspendmoneyonclothes ALWAYS! So funny. We keep ours around 75, too but do turn it down to 72 at night because I like to sleep in cooler temps. And I agree about Kaitlyn, I like her but I don't think she's too concerned with finding a husband rather than a boyfriend!

  5. I have only watched one episode of the bachelorette this year! I feel like they are making a huge joke out of it this season with the dates they are coming up with... I get its tv value but i feel like its wasting my time! haha

  6. I like ours at work to be around 70-71 and at home we keep it around 71-72. 75 and I'm dying! But 65 is even a little cold for me. lol

  7. How could you afford 65 degrees??? We keep ours on 75 during the day and 72 or 73 during the night. I just recently started leaving all our ceiling fans on during the day and that helps keep it cool. Our system is really old though and has to work extra hard to keep it at 75.

    I haven't even watched any episodes of the Bachelorette this season. It's amazing when you don't have all this free time what will get cut!

    I'm a little shocked he's running as Republican candidate but I hardly keep up with politics.

  8. We keep our temp at around 75-77 during the day & 71 at night (I still want all my winter blankets on the bed - ha!). I came into my office this morning & I think it might be 65 degrees in here - I'm SO COLD!!! I need to go back home & work from there!

    Here's what I have to say to the Donald: Bernie for President! Heh.

  9. LOVED Jurassic World! But I'm with you, no more. This was enough of a revival, I don't want it to be ruined. I hated the second Jurassic Park but the third was better. Apparently that wasn't a popular opinion among reviewers, which I think is insane! It's always FREEZING in my office so I wouldn't be surprised if we had our AC at 65!

  10. I want to see Jurassic World SO BAD and mostly because of Chris Pratt, although he'll always be starlord to me. Oh man I could watch Guardians of the Galaxy every single day! I didn't know they were going to make a bunch of new Jurassics, that's kind of a bummer. I agree with you 1 and 3 were the only good ones. I'm glad you liked the new one though, I've heard mixed reviews which was making me really sad. I just need to get my butt to the theater and see it. And seriously is Donald Trump for real? This can't be!!! haha

  11. the Jurassic Park meme......hilarious!!!! good thing I wasn't drinking when I saw that!!!

  12. i've got to see jurassic park!! it's officially on my must-see list. donald trump...i keep waiting for someone to say LIVE FROM NEW YORK, it's Saturday Night! it's a skit, right? wake me up! hehe

  13. Heyyyy that is the guy from Revenge (obviously I have no idea what is name is) on The Whispers. That show seemed intriguing, but just like every other tv show, I forgot to start watching it haha. It'll be another Netflix or Hulu special for me. Also, Donald Trump. Words cannot even describe... what is he thinking?

  14. Jurassic World was so much fun! I was watching The Whispers and couldn't think where I knew they guy from. Then someone posted somewhere that it was the guy from Heroes, or as some of us know him, Jess from Gilmore Girls! I like it.


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