Monday, June 08, 2015

The weekend that I was a wolf...

My buddy Jen said every Monday when she reads my weekends recaps, she thinks of this...

Its kinda spot on...

Except this weekend, Sunday was kinda jumpy-happy too... until 9:00pm when reality sets in that its time to get ready for work.  Then the sad face kicks back in.

This weekend...whew... I really think I need today off to recover.

Friday kicked us off immediately.  Like, immediately.  As soon as we got home, we both had to get ready & we headed up to the church for OPERATION UNICORN!

It was like a mini-lock in for the youth kiddos.  What was so cool was they created it - came up with the name, came up with some ideas.  They even did a devotional time that was so amazing - it brought tears to my eyes.  Such amazing kids.

For the record, we played a game of dodgeball.  I was the only one left on the team.  I just want the world to know - I ROCKED!  Everyone kept throwing the balls at me & for some reason, they all kept missing.  I just kept running back & forth, screaming, jumping, doing everything to make myself a hard target.  Finally, it lasted so long, they told me if I was able to hit one person (the other team had all their players) I would win... I DID IT!!!! ... is it bad that this was like a high moment in my life?

kinda like me
.... not really....

I know I earned some youth cred for that....  #girlgotmoves

I wasn't sure Ricky was going to make it to the end of the night, but we played this game called "Mafia"... though we changed it to werewolves in honor of the night.  It's a game where you have to 'kill' each other, & by kill each other, you point to them when their head is down... not at all gory or any bodily harm happening... but you have to figure out who is the 'killer'... Well, I was the werewolf with some other kids.  It was so fun because I played it like a pro.  More youth cred coming my way.  Me & one other werewolf won the game.  Ricky was so mad about it, he woke up quick to play another game of it.  & then the kids were onto my mad Mafia/Werewolf skills & kicked me out immediately. 

See me on the right with my head up... I'm a werewolf getting ready to pick out someone!
Notice Ricky is already out... boo.  (haha)

We finally got home & we were both asleep within 10 minutes.... the age is showing people.

Ricky was still up early while I slept in on Saturday.

Saturday was actually a pretty relaxed day.  We ran down to Target (maxi skirts on sale!!!) & went out to dinner, but I wanted to be home in time for the Belmont!  I was so happy when we got our next Triple Crown winner!!!!  Not sure it will ever happen again in my life time. I love watching fun history being made.  Go American Pharoah!!!

That baby never looked like he ever was even running hard the whole race.... so awesome!

Sunday was go go go go go from the time I woke up. 

We had church & then I was up to teach in youth. 
It's always the fastest 30 minutes of my life being up there.

We then had a church meeting afterwards & then we had to end up leaving out of there before it was over so I could meet up for a family session.

Let me tell you - it was HOT!  The hottest day of the year, but at least there was a breeze.  So no one passed out. More importantly, me. I hadn't eaten basically all day & the heat?  I was starting to feel it by the time I got home.

But it was great seeing all these faces again.  & love when people tolerate the weather conditions like pros.  We knocked out pictures in an hour though so everyone could get food in their bellies & get back in nice A/C

I got home, headed straight to the shower & then spent the rest of my night editing up the pictures... got them done too.  I give all that thanks to the Tony Awards for that.  Musicals will always keep me up & tapping my toes.  & while I liked the hosts (love Kristen Chenoweth - adorbs!) I think Neil Patrick Harris just always needs to be the host.  It's his gig... every time... no other way around it.

By the time it went off, I was still wired & not sleepy at all... so didn't fall asleep till late...

so yeah, I'm going to be dragging today.  Monday Hangover kinda thing... all because life is exciting.
How was your weekend?
Did you watch the Belmont?
Was it hot where you were?


  1. You rock at dodge ball!! I was watching the news about american pharaoh this morning and they said that who ever breeds his babies will have to pay six figures!! Crazy! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. LOVE maxi skirts! I went shopping specifically on a hunt for pants for work this weekend. What did I end up with? A maxi skirt. I now have five of those suckers! It's becoming a problem. I started to watch the Tonys but I went to bed just after nine. I hit the recorder, so at least I can watch them without suffering through the drug commercials now.

  3. I was on a maxi dress hunt this weekend too! I did find a jumpsuit, which I NEVER thought I'd own again but I intend to rock it. lol

  4. How awesome that you guys did that with the kids from church, you do ROCK!

  5. Operation Unicorn sounds like such a fun event!!

  6. I LOVED playing Mafia when I was younger!! Sounds like a great weekend :)

  7. You rocked this weekend, dodgeball queen. The pictures came out great.

  8. i miss the lock-ins of my youth. so fun!! and congrats to you for being the champ!! another busy weekend. but glad you got to sleep in a little on saturday!


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