Friday, June 05, 2015

Friday Favorites

Favorite Reminder
I Absolutely Love This Quote❤❤
Favorite Beauty & the Beast
Disney Couture Beauty & The Beast Mrs. Potts Pave Necklace
isn't this necklace just beautiful?!?!  All the crystals.
& a baby Chip.
Favorite Flash Back
I remember this ;)
I saw this & got transported back into time.
I had this... I think my parents still actually have it in their basement. I played with this thing for HOURRSSSSSS!!!!
Anyone remember the tree house that went with it too?
Oh yeah. Childhood was fun.
Favorite Wish List Item
Mustard Photomug | zulily
I need this coffee mug... like NEED!!!!
Favorite Cool Idea
Once a month for their lives, put $10 in a photo album for your kids....around $2000 buy the time they graduate.. this is so smart
Apparently, once a month when the kids started school, the grandparents put a $20.00 in the album... by the time they graduated, BAM!
It all adds up... I love this
Friday Funnies
"Whenever I catch him with my clothes in his mouth, he has to wear them."
I totally need to do this to Harvey Dent :)


After doing my first day of Lower Body Fix on Leg Day

When my boss gives me work to do on a Friday... after lunch...

When the person in front of me in the grocery line is going at a snails pace
When I tried the 'healthy pancake' of bananas & eggs
Friday Happy dance!!!
Jimmy Fallon Dance

Have a great weekend Y'all!!!


  1. Love this post. You actually made me laugh out loud. Happy Friday!!!!!

  2. These were awesome! I especially love the photo at the leaning tower and the baby's face about the pancakes made with banana and egg. I keep seeing those and wondering how they could be any good.

  3. Love today's post. Some awesome items and I just adore the photo book. I must do that when I have a grandchild.

  4. The Thriller and the dog ones are too funny! Have a great weekend!

  5. wow! SO good! Love that quote about Jesus LOVING us!!! So powerful!

  6. Nice :) Enjoy the weekend!

  7. I remember that Fisher Price house, blast from the past! The funnies are spot on and so true!! Especially the hour into work!


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