Friday, June 26, 2015

Friday Favorites

Favorite Way to Connect...
especially yesterday after that accident

My heart ached so badly for that young man I found laying in a field yesterday after the motorcycle accident.  I posted a few pictures, a status update about it... & next thing I know, its been shared over 230 times & by an hour ago, I have spoken with at least 20 people that are family & friends of this young man.  I even got not only his name, but his mother's name. I left her a message.  His friend sent me an update last night after the latest surgery. 
The power of Facebook.
I can't believe I found out his name.  Saw his face smiling in pictures.  See who surrounds him as family & friends.  They are amazing people too.
Like I have told them, I want to have a new vision of him - one of him smiling again, one of him walking.  One of him walking out of the hospital.  I need that. I know they do too.

Favorite Reminder

Be at peace
 Favorite Podcast

 So everyone kinda knows who Boo Mama & Big Mama in the world of blogging - right?
so I was so excited to see they have a Podcast!
I love hearing people's voices when you read so many of their words & imagine what they sound like.

Favorite Beauty & the Beast



Favorite Wish List Item

2016 17-month large agenda- Black stripe by kate spade new york

I'm excited to see Kate Spade has out her 2016 planners.
I LOVE mine.  Enough to know this is the one I want for next year as well.
So now I have 6 months to keep an eye out for a good sale.

Favorite Animal

And Nothing Is Going To Stop Him

I love when animals show up a vet's diagnosis!!!
Poop away yellow lab... poop away!
Favorite Funnies

Being The Older Brother

I so need to teach my twin nieces this. Sophia is 2 minutes older.
What a way to irk the 'younger' sis :)

A Hand That Doesn�t Know How To Hand


when someone starts talking about why I never had children of my own
When my boss gives me work to do
 How I look after Leg Day on 21 Day Fix

 How I walk out of Target when an item is on sale, I have a coupon AND there's a discount on the Cartwheel App


My hair INDOORS during summer.....

My hair as soon as I step outside...


Happy Weekend y'all
Please stay safe!!!


  1. The hair struggle is real right now - so much humidity!! And what a blessing you were able to connect with the mans family + friends. Facebook is an amazing thing!

  2. I LOVE my Kate Spade planner! My favorite ever so YES if you see a good sale for 2016 planners please let me know! And I feel you with the hair nonsense. Naturally curly girl here. The humidity makes my hair like cotton candy. And i love stories about the positive power of facebook. Still praying for this man and for comfort and peace for you!

  3. Wow - so crazy you found him - can't wait to hear you share that he is completely healed!!!

  4. So sorry you went through all of that! Just awful :(

  5. I have a weird love for planners - it's just not normal! LOL! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  6. Where do you find Big Mama and Boo Mama's podcast? I just finished reading Boo Mama's book a couple weeks ago. Very good and funny. I've heard about their podcasts, but don't know where to go to listen.

  7. I hate that you're the one who had to find him, but that was a great thing for him. My sister was in a terrible wreck a few years ago, and she said the person who found her just started cussing. That's all she remembers! How lucky for him that you found him and prayed for him. I hope you can keep us updated on his situation.
    I'll have to remember to say that to my twin sister, who is 12 mins younger than me!
    You know I hear ya on the children question. Give me glass to eat anyday over that!

  8. The power of social media! Hope you get that smiling picture. The humidity is making my hair a mess lately!

  9. Finding that man after his accident is such an amazing story! I hope he's on his way to a full recovery!

    And yes to how you feel when people ask you why you haven't had children. Yes yes yes

  10. That Kate Spade planner is so pretty! That is so amazing that you were able to connect with that man's family and friends! I love that "when I was your age" thing. That's hilarious!

  11. Love that you were able to connect with that man's family/friends. Praying that you'll be able to see his full recovery. I have the opposite issue with hair ... my hair is so fine and thin that the minute that there's >5% humidity, it's all limp and plastered to my head ... I look like a drowned rat. :-(

  12. Oh, mylanta...I don't even know where to start with the funny stuff 'cause I swear we share a brain sometimes. So, I'll just comment on the Facebook thing and say, Amen! We hear so much about the evils of social media and while I know it can be abused, there is so much potential for good there. Praising and thanking God that the young man lived to see another day and that you were able to make contact with his family and friends. Now let's pray him through healing.

  13. That is just amazing what happened on Facebook!


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