Thursday, June 25, 2015

Thankful Thursday.... a little different today

Thankful Thursday

I know I usually have a lot of things to be Thankful for... which I do...

but this morning was different.

I ended up wining tickets to see Pat Benatar - yahoo! ... & thought this is the best morning.

.... & 10 minutes later, I witnessed one of the most horrific scenes I ever want to see again in my life....

I saw a motorcycle accident... this man was thrown from his bike. 

I was the one who found his body laying in a field.

I don't know what made me walk in the opposite direction of everyone else.  But I know God gave me a good loud scream for a reason & this was it.

I honestly thought he was gone.

I just fell to my knees & started screaming & crying & kept praying, "Jesus be with him"... because I honestly thought Jesus was walking him Home right there...

He ended up being alive!!!  When I heard his moan, its what I imagine people do when they wait for a baby's cry after they are born.  I couldn't believe he survived.

I will never forget the way his body was shaped laying there.
I will never get that sound of moaning out of my head.

But that he was alive is A MIRACLE!!!  I am thankful.

That there was a retired doctor in a car on the road who came to this man, I am thankful.
To the paramedics that got there so quick & got him on a stretcher in a helicopter, I am thankful.
To the man who was hit by the motorcycle & didn't loose control with 2 small children in the back of his truck, I am thankful.
For a clear day that allowed the helicopter to get in and out safely, I am thankful.

For the reminder that life is a fragile & this world is something that we're not made for... I am thankful.

If you made it safe to your destination today, be thankful.


  1. I know I commented on this on facebook already but I need to tell you again that I am praying for you. And of course this man and all involved. I'm so sorry you had to go through. And I know God was with you as you helped this man. BIG HUGS to you and lots of prayers friend! ♥

  2. What a miracle that you found him. My husband was in a motorcycle accident when he was 19 and was thrown from it and miraculous survived with only one little scar to show for it. He was actually pronounced dead on the way to the hospital but again by some miracle was brought back to life - it's a scary world we live in and we should be so thankful for every healthy day we have! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. wow! so so so scary. SO glad He was alive! Praise Jesus for that!

  4. Oh my, I can't even imagine ... so thankful that you found him and that he was/is alive. Praying for him and you.

  5. That is so scary but wonderful that you found the man and he was alive. We forget so often how much we have to be thankful for, starting with life itself. Thank you for sharing this as a reminder.

  6. Growing up my little brother was involved in a motorcycle accident and I remember being so thankful for helmets and leather jackets because they saved his life. Thankful for God's hand in keeping everyone safe!

  7. So very glad you were there for that man! You and everyone else God called into play. I hate that it takes horrible things like this, but God knows how to open our eyes to his presence and hopefully, someone who didn't know him before, saw him this morning in all those things that just "fell" into place. God bless you for saying "yes" when God called.

  8. He's lucky that you were there and were able to find him! What a horrible thing to have to witness but it's great that you stopped to help. So much to be thankful for!

  9. Wow, so so thankful that he is okay! Will be saying a prayer for him and his family!

  10. Hubby and I witnessed a pedestrian accident a couple of weeks ago. I didn't actually see him hit, but saw him fly through the air. I haven't been able to totally get that vision out of my mind. He walked away with only scratches and bruises. So, I can only imagine what you saw and what you are feeling. Praying God will give you peace of mind and that he will spare that man's life.

    Take care my friend.

  11. Wow - just wow. I'm thankful that you were placed in that moment. You were exactly where God needed you to be at the right time and He gave you that loud scream for a reason.

  12. This has been on my mind all day. Praying for every one involved. Life can chance in an instant!

  13. i love a story with a happy ending! so thankful you were able to be there and even better that he lived!

  14. Wow! I hope he's going to be okay. My brother rode a motorcycle for years and was hit once. I was so thankful when he moved to Seattle and decided the climate wasn't good for a bike. I don't care how "safe" you think you ride, those things are dangerous! I'm glad you were there for him.

  15. I just got chills reading this. So thankful to God for sending you to this man.

  16. Oh, praise God that you were there! I am sure the man was comforted by you, knowing that you and God were by his side. I hope he's ok!


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