Thursday, June 11, 2015

Thankful Thursday {Link Up 23}

Thankful Thursday

The miracle of gratitude is that it shifts your perception to such an extent that it changes the world you see.
~Dr. Robert Holden

This week I am Thankful For:

...A/C!!! Its like summer decided to say, BAM! I'M HERE!   It is so miserable & humid & hot & all the other words you can think of with summer.  I went out to pick up Harvey Dent's toys yesterday in the back yard & that feeling of walking back in a home with AC.... aaahhhh... best feeling ever.

... my hair stylist.  She's also my friend.  I loved getting my hair done this time because there was no one else in the shop but me & her.  I love when we can have some good talks.  Her washing my hair & straightening it & that awesome feeling of having someone brush your hair?  that's just an extra bonus.

... Seeing familiar faces this weekend. 

... Gotta note it again - I'm so thankful for my space being 'boxed' in at work. I love not having all eyes on me all day long.  My mood at work has boosted 1000%

... Winning a free entry to the Color Run!  It's this weekend & I'm so glad I get to do it ... & not pay anything. I can't believe its $50 to do this 5k... a 5K PEOPLE!  That's just nuts to me.  I remember when it was $40 & it killed me to pay that.  I do know they are giving medals this time around, which is cool... but still.  Ouch! 

... Cheap reading glasses.  I spent $275 just a few weeks ago to get glasses.  Couldn't see out of them. Went back & got re-tested. They made the glasses STRONGER.  What?  I REALLY can't see out of them now.  They are like sitting in a fish bowl.  Needless to say, they're sitting in their case & I'm still sporting $10.00 reading glasses... that I can see out of. 

... Getting to have fun  & hang out with the youth kiddos at Operation Unicorn this past Friday.  I have been to more "lock ins" as an adult then I ever did as an actual youth. #youthministrybonus

... still thankful to see Ricky serving in youth ministry.  I love to see him stepping out & doing something out of the box for him.

... support from friends doing the 21 Day Fix. I love getting texts & messages on FB & comments in Instagram about how its going. & I love getting food ideas from other people on all the social media tools.  I found an AWESOME dessert on Instagram that was so easy, low in calories, & made my whole week!  If you want to know how my 21 Day Fix has been going, you can check right HERE    - I'll be doing a recap on this blog at the end of it all as well.

What are you Thankful For this week?


  1. I love seeing your 21 day fix posts and even more can't wait for the full recap! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Heck yeah! Love free runs! $50 is crazy! Not for a 5K (unless it's benefiting something)! We are doing a fun run this weekend too :) It was $20 - still more than I would want to pay, but I'll take it ;)

    I love that quote at the top! Such truth!

  3. Most 5Ks around here are in the 40-45 range. The more specialized ones like the color run tend to go towards $60.
    The other day a student asked me how much my glasses were. I told him about $300. He said that's how much his were, too. They're ridiculously overpriced. No doubt.

  4. I've done more lock-ins as an adult too. I never really belonged to a youth group as a kid. We went to a fairly small church and I guess my age group never really had a youth leader. So I never did any as a kid, but hubby was a youth minister in our first years of marriage and we did lots of lock-ins and lots of youth things. We had some pretty good times and now a couple of those youth are in full-time ministry. That's so cool to see what they do as they grow up.

  5. I am thankful for AC too...I wish the nice 'spring' weather would last longer! 70's and sunny (not humid) seems to only last for a few days around here :-/

  6. Oh, good heavens, YES!!! to the A/C. I mentioned that in my list, too.

  7. My fave thing about going to the hair dresser (which I haven't been to in a couple years) is getting my hair washed and they do that little massage thing....I don't ever want it to stop!
    I got a free entry to that race too!! But I gave it away. One Color Run was enough for me. Hope you have fun!!

  8. a/c is the best invention. i'm heading to the salon today! yay!

  9. I was just about to ask about the 21 day fix. heading to check it out now! and praise Jesus for a/c!


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