Tuesday, June 09, 2015

What is terrifying to you?

Ricky & I were talking the other day about my fear of heights. 

I used to be scared to death of heights.  But I've done better at facing my fears.  Now, don't think I'm going to go on a tight rope any time soon, or jump out of an airplane for fun.  But I have gone zip lining & I can stand & look over edges of really tall buildings.  I also feel like I'm going to puke doing those things, but hey, I do it.

& I was thinking of some other things that scare me, terrifies me, give me the chills....

What scares me...

... Snakes.  They freak me out so bad.  I had a photo session this weekend & in the middle of the road, I saw something squiggly in the middle of the road. I started creeping up to it like an inch at a time.  Come to find out, it was a shoe lace.  I think my heart stopped the entire time I was sneaking up on it.

... Suffocating.  The idea that I can't breath just ... takes my breath away. Like that?  I'm so witty.  But yeah - I need air.  I am the person that is freezing cold & will get under covers & want to throw it over my head, which lasts 0.4 seconds.  I NEED AIR!  I've wrapped blankets all around me, making a hole for my nose to stick out.
DROWNING goes in this category as well.  Just not being able to take a breath.  No no no no no.... its a wonder I ever run. I'm basically breathless that whole time.

... Being accused of something I didn't do.  Maybe its watching too many crime shows or movies, but I can remember being a little kid thinking it had to be the worst feeling ever to be accused of something you were truly innocent of & you were still blamed, or even sent to jail for.  Tell me why a little kid worries about this?  My brother must have blamed me a lot for things I didn't do.

... Airplanes.  Yes. They terrify me. Every time.  & yes, I have flown.  & yes I will probably fly again some day (Disney World, I hear you calling me)... but I still am terrified.  When we would fly to Texas to see family, as soon as we booked the tickets, I would start getting sick.  Literally.  & the closer it got?  Let's just say Imodium was my best friend.  It tears my nerves up.  The idea of crashing?  Oh sweet baby Jesus.  & I get it - cars are more dangerous, but at least I think my seat belt has a chance of helping. A seat belt thousands of miles above the earth?  Come on... really?  That's going to save my life?

... Hurting someone's feelings.  I freak out if I think I've hurt someone's feelings. I just can't stand that idea.  "Feelings" are more to me then anything.  You can punch me in the face & I'd take it better then you saying something on purpose to hurt me.  So I feel like everyone is like that.  So if I punch you in the face, know its so I don't hurt your feelings.

... Web MD.  Sorry - its terrifying. Nothing good every comes from WebMD.  I know I just heard an Amen out there.

... The idea of loosing family members.  I just don't want to talk about it.  I'll start crying  & I don't even want to think about it.

I could get really deep into this topic now... but I think I'd just run home & put my nose out of my blanket & hide the rest of the day... so we'll leave it there...

What terrifies you?


  1. Drowning and suffocating are big ones to me. Also being buried alive scares me to death. Losing loved ones is really on my mind a lot lately as my parents are not doing so well. I can't imagine what my world will be like when they are gone. Enough of that. Snakes and spiders are terrifying too. Recently I've woken a couple of times and I must not be fully awake and I "see" a big spider coming down a web towards me. It is so real! I holler and wake up Tracy and we've even turned the light on looking for it. Nope! It's just a nightmare...thank goodness!!! I'm really hating it too. lol

  2. Oh gosh I try not to think about these things! But I have irrational fears of getting stuck in elevators, especially since I work on the 45th floor of a building! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Ugh! Snakes! For sure. Snakes and fires!!!! I don't like either of those!

  4. Haha, nothing good ever comes from Web MD, I agree with that one! One of my biggest fears is spiders and bugs in general, just can't handle them!!!

  5. Ha Web MD! Drowning for sure, I've actually had 2 terrifying experiences of thinking I was going to drown. Surprisingly it didn't make me terrified of water, I'm just pretty cautious... And don't laugh, but I HATE frogs/fish/snakes all equally.

  6. I am with you all the way on these fears!!!

  7. Sista girlfriend, planes....I so get it! Not being able to get air (ironic I have lung disease) a yes!!
    I try so hard to give it to God, and give it to Him again and again...... Mercy...


  8. I have seen so many snakes while hiking they don't phase me anymore I usually stop and take a picture. I don't want to touch them though. Fire scares me, it's so destructive!

  9. any situation where i cannot breathe and heights. ugh.

  10. Suffocating is one of mine! I also hate feeling trapped, even if it's by covers. Maybe I'm a tad bit claustrophobic.


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