Monday, June 29, 2015

The weekend that we had our windows open... in June....

So this was basically me the entire weekend....

With a little bit of this....

No - I didn't run a race.  I just ran for life in general.  As usual.

Saturday, I was out of the house fairly early to meet up with a past client to do her daughter's 1 year picture. 

It was so wonderful seeing Ashlie again... missed her husband who was away on a trip with his dad, but I got to meet Ashlie's mother & it was so nice spending the afternoon grabbing pictures of her little sweetheart.

This year has been a year of 1st birthdays /1 yr olds for me... I have loved it.  They have such personality at that age.  & although mobile & still run a session with how they feel, they are quick to grab their attention & hold it for a second.  All you need is one good second as a photographer.

I had intentions of heading to Whole Foods when I left their house since I rarely get out that way but just hated to go without Ricky ....

... so I ended up going to Hobby Lobby.

Now THAT, I don't mind going to without Ricky.

I walked out of the store with all my crafts taking credit.  I got yarn for a hat, I got 2 new crochet needles that I needed, I got some stickers for my Bible Journal, some new paint brushes... & also new scissors.  That's in thanks to Harvey Dent & his latest adventure....

I didn't forget Ricky though - I ended up getting him this MASSIVE Captain America patch.  I thought he may want it for a blue jean jacket or vest he has - he said he wants to put it on  a denim shirt. I give my approval.

I got home  & started working on pictures & ended up watching American Hustler - which I didn't think I was going to like, but totally got caught up in it.  I just love Amy Adams.  I'm sorry though - she's always going to be Giselle to me.

I couldn't stand it any longer though...

The temps were perfection, the day was gorgeous - I couldn't make myself stay in the house & at the computer for one more minute.

We ended up getting Harvey Dent in the car (the big baby still doesn't understand the concept of jumping in a car on his own) & we headed to the park.

We just had the best time of taking it easy & wandering around, letting Harvey scope everything out, sniff all the smells, watch all the birds.  I was so proud of him because he didn't bark at anyone or anything... & Ricky & Harvey had gone up ahead & I over heard 2 ladies talking about how gorgeous that dog was & how they wanted a breed like that for their family.  I felt like I boosted my chest out a little & was a proud momma.

Harvey checking out the deer at the little petting zoo they have

Time for a rest... squirrel chasing is hard work

We headed home & decided to stop by my parents house for a minute.

It was Harvey's first time getting near a horse.  This is where he got nervous for the first time.  He jumped up on the fence to get closer & Cochese isn't bothered one bit by dogs so he leaned down to sniff Harvey.... oh no... Harvey backed up & started barking like, "is this ok mom & dad?"... but the more he saw Ricky patting the horse, the calmer he was getting. He still wasn't sure about that big 4 legged beast on the other side of the fence.

Needless to say, while I edited pictures the rest of the night, Harvey was out like a light. I haven't seen him that sound in sleep in a long time...

Sunday had us at church where the Merge group got to take over "big church" while 2 of our pastors were out on vacation.  Nothing like making a fool of yourself in front of the whole church.  Its what I do best apparently.

My whole day was made though because our Grandbuddy Emerson, she just kept wanting me to hold her & she kept laughing with me, playing with me & then at one point, she turned around & just grabbed me to give me a big ole kiss.  I think I my heart totally melted in the floor. 

We ran out with Ryan & Chasity after church & grabbed some lunch & they had to head to a Baby Reveal party & we headed to Sam's Club.

I really like that on my 21 day fix, I can get basically my whole grocery list there since its all clean eating, fruits & veggies & healthy stuff. 

& of course, we had to stop for our Starbucks Sunday

... complete with a Sunday Biblical spelling of my name...

We got home & I was going to go get back on the computer but once again, couldn't make myself.  I mean, its JUNE & it was in the 70's - no humidity - perfection is the only word that can describe the weather.  We had our windows open all weekend long & our room at night felt like heaven.  That cool fresh air.  Are we sure its June?  I'd take June like that every time. 

But I ended up sitting out on the porch & finished up a book & just wanted to stay outside till the sun went down... which is exactly what I did...

I didn't want this weekend to end. 

& now, heading into another week.  This week, my "to-do list" is so long, I already have anxiety.  I kinda hate weeks like this... but its just another week in my life.  So be it.

How was your weekend?
Did you have great weather?
Got a busy week ahead?


  1. A weekend with gorgeous weather is the best!! So happy you were able to enjoy it with Ricky! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Sounds like a perfect weekend. Ours was booooooring. It rained the whole time. My workaholic hubby didn't even work on Saturday because it rained so hard ALL.DAY.LONG. Oh well, gave him a much needed break with nothing to do, so that's exactly what he did. Nothing but napping all weekend for him.

  3. Sounds like a perfect weekend. Ours was booooooring. It rained the whole time. My workaholic hubby didn't even work on Saturday because it rained so hard ALL.DAY.LONG. Oh well, gave him a much needed break with nothing to do, so that's exactly what he did. Nothing but napping all weekend for him.

  4. Oh man I wish it was in the 70s here! It was 90-100 around here! Sounds like a super busy weekend, but like lots of fun! That sweet one-year-old is too cute!

  5. Sounds like a good weekend - time outside is the best! I never want them to end :(

  6. Glad you had some beautiful weather. I haven't seen American Hustle but love Amy Adams!

  7. So glad you had a great weekend! It rained ALL day on Saturday here but Sunday was nice! It was so great to spend time outside! Have a great week!

  8. glad that harvey had a good time and that you all had a good weekend. you should have gone to whole foods! it's such a pain for me to get over there (traffic) so i grab any chance i'm over there. enjoying the nice weather of a "cool" 86 today!

  9. It was gorgeous here. I had to settle for sitting out on the deck when I really would have loved to have gone walking or biking. Blasted stress fracture!


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