Tuesday, June 02, 2015

One Sentence a Day ... May 2015 Edition

1 sentence

I really loved doing this for the first time last month so excited to jot down one sentence a day for May ... here's how my month went....


1.  I got to take senior pictures on a tennis court.

2.  I was a winner for the Derby with American Pharaoh.

3.  We crammed in a theater for the opening weekend of The Avengers new movie.

4.  It feels like Spring has gone & summer has already set in.

5.  The battle started on when to turn on the AC in the house.

6.  Was an hour late to work in thanks to a lost car key..... grrrrrr......

7.  I worked out, then cut the back yard, & though for sure I was going to pass out from exhaustion.

8.  I got a hair mistake fixed.

9.  I got my eyes dilated & then picked out new glasses while I was basically blind.

10.  We celebrated our mom's!!!

11.  I ate so much, I couldn't move & want to give up eating forever.

12.  I finished up the pictures from my weekend photo session.

13.  Our neighbor cut our yard for us letting Ricky get a break!!!

14.  I watched 3 season finales & was kinda underwhelmed with all of them.

15. Picked up my glasses that I can't see out of at all.

16. Got to watch Luke graduate from Pre-K in Nashville.

17.  spent most of the day car sick.

18.  Ordered the 21 Day Fix even after I tried to talk myself out of it.

19.  Took Harvey Dent to the vet to get a paw checked out.

Waiting for the vet to come in...nervous boy
20. I almost wanted to turn the heat back on in my house.

21. Finished my 9 week Les Mills Combat Program!!!!

22. had to deal with a manger who was ticked off at me only because I had to stand up for myself.

23.  Had to get my eyes rechecked for my glasses.

24.  Spent the day with my family to celebrate Memorial Day.

25.  Enjoyed a really relaxing & easy day with the hubs.

26.  Cheered on the hubs as he got our yard looking fantastic.

27.  I tried avocado rolls for the first time.

28.  My boys finally got groomed after having to wait a month thanks to Pet Smart canceling our grooming appointments.

29. Got my first rose bush!

30.  Got to celebrate a couple & 20 years of marriage

31.  Had my last big meal before kicking off my 21-Day Fix.

What was the highlight of your May?


  1. What a cool thing! A sentence a day and you can then remember exactly what your month was all about.

  2. that's awesome for a recap. love this idea! i fulfilled my dad's final wishes and it was a special day.

  3. What a fun way to look back on the month!! So much happened! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. Managers are such a pain sometimes! That's why I wish I was my own boss. But other than that...a pretty good month! That last picture is so sweet...looks like a newlywed the way they are looking at each other!

  5. What a fabulous way to look back at/remember what happened in the previous month. You always come up with such neat ideas for blogging.

  6. This is such a FUN post. Definitely going to try and do this for June!

  7. You had a busy month! Hope June is just as good!

  8. My May was not as busy as yours however if I kept a running list maybe it would look this way!!!


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