Friday, June 19, 2015

Friday Favorites

Favorite Tutorials

 Bible Art Journaling/ Doodles 101/ Cute Owl/Sue Carroll

I found this lady through the Journaling Bible community...
she puts up little tutorials a few times a week on how to doodle & sketch really cute things.
I have tried all of them & I have to say, some of them have turned out pretty good.
Not all... but most. 
Her blog is

Favorite Beauty & The Beast

with a dreamy far off look and her nose stuck in a book.. beauty and the beast quote.. digital file

See?... this perfectly describes me most of the time
....just another reason why I am Belle...

Favorite Reminder

Be That One Person

It's OK to stand out

Favorite Guy

The Only Sign That Makes Sense

Favorite Saving Tip

Great Idea To Save Money

I actually saw this about a year ago & have been doing it ever since.
I get a $5.00?  I immediately wrap it up & put it on the back side of my wallet so I don't spend it.
To date, I have a few hundred dollars all in 5's
... it works...
I will say, I have been both excited & bummed out when I pay with a $20.00 & they give me my change in 5's... so much for that $20.00

Favorite thing to try


I totally want to set up a flashlight & try them all this weekend

Favorite Desk Reminder

 oh my gosh!! crazy...i was doing this exactly!!!
Every time I see this floating around... I am usually in this exact position
... anyone else just get busted?...

Favorite Funnies
 Classic Mister Fantastic

McDonald�s Sundae
What The Hell Is Going On Here

Every time my body has aches & pains reminding me I'm getting older
How I feel when no one likes my Instagram pictures
How Ricky looks at me when I say the words, "I need to say something" in a crowd
How I feel when I make a dinner the hubs doesn't care for
Just because I love this little girl... my Friday groove-move

Happy Friday Y'all!!!


  1. I've tried the $5 trick and it worked but I never carry cash so I just need to start carrying cash to get extra cash LOL! Oh you with the instagram funny LOL! Happy friday! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. That tip about the $5 bill is a good one! I wouldn't have thought about that. Though I mostly us a credit card these days. I love that owl, and she explains it so well!

  3. So much good stuff in this post! My absolute favorite is the guy dressed as Jesus at the protest. SO PERFECT! Props to him for not spreading hatred. I also love the pug, the ballerina, and the adorable owl sketch tutorial!

  4. Love that reminder! It is crazy how you notice the one bird before the group of birds - what a truth for all of us! It's ok to be different!!

  5. I always enjoy your Friday Favorites. I think "the look" one is my favorite. In fact, I got that look from my sister last night when she thought I was going to say something I shouldn't. I didn't and I wasn't going to. But I just shut up instead. haha

  6. My nose is always in a book too! I love the guy with the sun but even more the cop smiling.

  7. Half busted? I had my left hand on my face (in part to push up my glasses as I need more of the bifocal area of my glasses when I sit at the computer - yes, I get my eyes checked at the end of this month), but my legs weren't crossed - because I rarely cross them when sitting on the bar stool (we have breakfast on the kitchen island and I'm still here finishing up my blog reading/writing).

  8. I really heart your blog!!!


  9. Oh my gosh, I laughed so hard at these. When I saw the 'Jesus' guy I said YES really loud. 😊

  10. lol i am the same way about instagram! and boo to getting older. why can't my mind's age match my body's?

  11. I've never heard of that money saving tip but it seems to work! And I just had to uncross my legs. That dog's face. I can't even!!


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