Friday, July 10, 2015

Friday Favorites

Favorite Reminder
 How do you handle conflict? Great ideas for your family.
 Favorite New Item

Old Navy Sweetheart Skinny Khakis

Old Navy
 I had mentioned how I loved some skinny jeans I found one time & they are gone.
BAM! A blogger/Instagram friend suggested Old navy skinny Khakis - & I ordered a pair to see how they fit.
I AM IN LOVE.... heading to get more colors & stock up before these disappear!

SIDE NOTE:  I did go back & order some beige khaki ones... don't get those - stick with black & navy.  The beige is a little too much like skin color & as skinny legged as they are, they don't look like you have on pants. Oops.
 Favorite Podcast

I love Francis Chan.  His preaching is amazing & in your face!
 He tells it like it is.... all Biblical truth.
He is a man of God.
& I'm thrilled to see he's started a Podcast of his messages.
This is definitely a "Subscribe" podcast so I don't miss a thing.

Favorite Beauty & the Beast

An adult coloring page... YES!
Feel free to click it & print... or save as & copy to a word document & you can resize it large.
YIPEE for coloring!

Beauty and the beast glass coloring page
Favorite Wish List Item

I Like To Party - Knitting
This is how my Friday nights roll!
I'm cool like that

 Favorite Song


Favorite Funnies
The Five Second Rule!

Sorry for being late to work but I got stuck enjoying my last few moments of not being at work.

When I zone out at my desk & someone walks into my office space

when someone looses 5 lbs for skipping one meal
& I gain after working out every day for a week
& counting every calorie

When the mailman brings a package from Amazon ....

When Ricky is nervous about doing something in Youth Ministry
... I'm right there to push help...

When I see the weekend is getting closer & closer



  1. When the UPS truck stops by with a package is always a good day! Have a great weekend girl!

  2. Oh I love the fight song - it's seriously my favorite!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. That Beauty and the Beast coloring page is awesome! And I'll have to go look for a pair of those pants, they sound great. I'll be sure to stay away from the beige :)

  4. I'm glad you liked the pants, too!! They are so comfy. I only have the black because I was afraid the khaki ones were too light. :) Have a good weekend!

  5. I love Francis Chan too! Thanks for the laugh with you pics! Can't wait for this part of the day to be over and it to be the weekend!!!

  6. I am obsessed with the song, Fight Song!! Power anthem right now!

  7. I love seeing all these adult color pages pics! How fun is that? I probably need to get one!

    I haven't listened to Francis in forever, but clearly need to check him out!

  8. love that song! i heard it for the first time yesterday. so fun. hilarious about the beige pants - thats totally why i stay away from light coloured pants!

  9. I adore Francis. I'm totally downloading his podcast. Old Navy is my fave store ever, and I haven't been there in ages. I'm going to look for those pants!

  10. I LOVE Fight Song! She has a beautiful voice. And this is kind of embarrassing but one day I was just really listening to the lyrics and must've been extra emotional or something but I was kind of tearing up haha. And I love all the funnies...can't pick a favorite!

  11. Glad you like the pants. Printing out The Beauty and the Beast right now.....thank you and have a nice weekend!

  12. I love Franci Chan!!! So good!! And those old navy skinnies need to be mine!!! They look so cute!! Oh... And that ketchup funny kitrly made me laugh out loud so hard!!! Loved this post!!


  13. I love the Sweetheart pants, too! Old Navy is on a roll lately but I will make a note not to get the beige colored ones ;) Hope you're having a great weekend!

  14. Oh girl, I love your humor!!!!! Thanks for always making me smile.


  15. Hahahahaha that little girl pushing her friend off the diving board. Too funny!!! I love that coloring page. I heard someone talking about an adult coloring book. Clearly that needs to be purchased soon! I haven't tried Old Navy's pants in years because they never fit me right before but now maybe I need to check them out.


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