Monday, July 13, 2015

The weekend I found out I'm glad I didnt ever have an iPhone 4

Hello Monday my old friend....

I'm hanging on for the ride of Monday. First, because I'm exhausted.  Ricky & I stayed up to finish watching America Ninja Warrior: USA vs the World... & its all in thanks to a late Starbucks Sunday where they gave me a venti instead of a grande.  So MEGA-DOSES of caffeine & I wasn't even tired at all last night. 

& second, we're batting down the hatches for some big time storms today.  I hate when the weather people are like BE PREPARED before anything is even around.  That scares me. 

But another weekend has blown through... with all of its fun & adventures...

I'll just do a highlight reel today...

* We had to take our Grumpy Old Man to the vet right when I got home from work on Friday. He has these "old man tags" on him... like little warts. Growing all over him. We've had them checked before, but last time he got groomed, they nicked one & it keeps opening up & bleeding & looks really bad.  We went to just get it checked... all was well. A round of antibiotics & he should be good as new.  Poor boy was exhausted from pacing & trying to pull us out the door the whole time.  No dog likes the vet.

* Friday evening, I was basically a slug. I was just not in the mood to do one thing. I got home, changed into my comfy shorts & sat on the couch & crocheted while watching Marriage Bootcamp.  I only wanted to watch it because Jeff & Jordan from Big Brother are on there.

* Praise the Lord!!! I slept in... & I mean SLEPT IN.  I woke up at 6am & was like Dang it!  But fell back asleep... & then woke up at 7am... & thought DANG IT again... & then for some miraculous event, I fell back asleep & didn't wake up till 9:30...

I forgot how amazing that felt.

I also forgot how much that messes my day up.  When I don't actually get out of bed till 10am, I feel like half the day is gone & I've missed hours of being productive.  Oh well, it was nice to do it for one day.

* Got in a run... on my treadmill. I hate humidity.

* Spent most of my morning Bible Journaling.  This was off the lesson I just taught to the kids so I was looking forward to doing this page in my Bible.

* Headed out to meet up with one of my favorite Dynamic Duo... soon to become the Terrific Trio.  I had them scheduled last weekend but they were moving into their new house & with Julie & the boys up, we said we'll figure it out.  & I actually had a baby session for Saturday but she didn't have her baby till Thursday so I had to reschedule her till next weekend, so in all, it worked out perfectly.... I got to not worry about pics with my family up, & the other 2 schedules fit in just right.  I was afraid the weather was going to be really hot & humid, but it really wasn't that bad. 

* Uploaded pics & started editing for an exciting Saturday night. I did close the computer down early when I saw Coyote Ugly was on.  I love cheesy movies that involve songs.

* Sunday was back in Merge.  We had the best time playing Human Foosball. & let me tell you, for a game where you cant get out of your seat, it made everyone sweat.  It was great.

Ricky was a ROCK STAR in this game

Ricky & I got the high school gang this time around & it was so fun talking with them.  Talks included why the iPhone 4 is just awful, to what they want to do with their life, that stupid iPhone 4,  to gay marriage & the church, to why the Samsung S6 is better then the iPhone 4, to waiting on God for prayer & one final thought on what features you need in a phone - as long as its not an iPhone 4.  Kids & their technology.  They know their stuff.

 * Ricky & I headed out to Chuey's for lunch.  They have the worlds best veggie enchiladas.  I could eat them every day. 

* Headed to Sam's Club to load up on more fruits & veggies for my 21 Day Fix - which I just finished Round 2 & am now down 9 lbs!!! ... I wish it was going faster, but like my doc told me, if I lost 1 lb a week for the rest of the year, wouldn't that be a good thing.  So I keep chugging along - slowly - but I'll take it.

* The rest of Sunday was just full of editing, making out bills, playing with the dogs, & lots of laughing.  A really good Sunday....

How was your weekend?
Was it hot in your area?
Do you have a Chuey's...
& have you ever tried their vegetable enchiladas?


  1. Knoxville has a Chuey's, but we haven't been there yet. We have an excellent Mexican restaurant in town, so we don't feel the need to go to Knoxvegas to eat! Saw the flooding in Louisville & thought about y' safe! It's supposed to be bad here tomorrow. Laika will have a's been hard to get her to go outside when it's dark after all of the fireworks...poor traumatized baby!

  2. I'm also a sucker for movies with song and dance numbers :) Coyote Ugly is great! I have never heard of Chuey's but now I'm going to have to look for it. That sounds delicious.

  3. 9 lbs. is awesome, girl! Keep it up! I have a question: can you read your Bible after you've finished your journaling artwork?

  4. Get it girl! We had a similar weekend! I too didn't wake up at the crack of dawn on Saturday and got to enjoy bed a little bit longer! And, I had several treadmill runs! 100 degrees here which is WAY too hot to go outside!!

  5. Stay safe with the storms girl and congrats on the 9 lbs you've lost so far - that's wonderful! xo, biana -BlovedBoston

  6. Oh yes, very hot & humid here too! Congrats on your progress, that is AWESOME!

  7. Woohoo for 9 pounds!! And sleeping in - I feel like when it rarely happens, you appreciate it that much more :) Hope the storms aren't too bad today, we've had a lot of heavy rain this morning!

  8. ahhh coyote ugly!! that movie is the bomb. slow progress is better than no progress!

  9. We do have a new Chuy's about 15-20 minutes away. We ate there for the first time about a month ago. Very good. No, I haven't tried the vegetable enchilada. Sorry, but I like my meat. lol

  10. I haven't seen Coyote Ugly in soooo long! I totally want to watch it now! I slept in on Sunday (punctuated by multiple wake-ups from my pups) and it was fabulous since I'm always such an early riser.

  11. Vet visits are the worst but glad he is okay! I did the same thing this weekend, went back to sleep and woke up so late but I figured my body needed it. Hope the storms are not to bad.


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  13. Sounds like a great weekend!! Hope your pup is feeling better soon. Human foosball looks like so much fun!

  14. Congrats on being 9 pounds down! That's awesome!!


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