Thursday, July 23, 2015

Thankful Thursday {Link Up #29}

Thankful Thursday
Let gratitude be the pillow upon which you kneel to
say your nightly prayer.
~Maya Angelou

This week I am Thankful For:

... Pat Benatar concert!  & the tickets I had won - got to enjoy the concert for free!  We had the best time!  Got to park right across the street from the theater - had great seats... & mercy, Pat Benatar still sounded AMAZING!!!! 

...Baby Maybelline was total perfection during her first photo session.  I am not used to babies that just sleep through the entire thing.

... My mother in law getting to celebrate another birthday.  They are a privilege.

... My parents celebrating 51 years of marriage.  Something that you don't hear of often anymore.

... Emerson.  Her little smile makes my heart melt every time I see her.  Even more so when I get hugs, high fives, or even a finger hold while helping her walk. 

... Harvey Dent's 2nd birthday was Tuesday!  I think about him as a puppy & no one wanting him & the idea of him being euthanized.  Makes me want to cry every time.  So thankful for the Aussie Rescue!  He's a bright light in our life & I'm so glad we have him to celebrate his birthday!

... a beautiful day - a break in the humidity!  It's been so humid the past week so to get a good day to be able to run outside - makes me so happy!

... Our last neighbors who just recently moved came back to bring us some fresh made bread & to thank us for being such good neighbors.  How thoughtful is that?  We miss them & their dog so much.  It's not the same when we pull up our drive way & not have dogs running over to us to get some treats.  We have always had dogs running to our house for the past 14 years... strange not to have wagging tails waiting for us.


What are you Thankful for today?


  1. You WON tickets to the concert?! That's awesome! Harvey Dent is so cute. I really want to volunteer in an animal shelter but it would absolutely have to be a no-kill shelter. The thought of a dog being euthanized breaks my heart.

  2. Happy anniversary to your parents - 51 years - that is amazing! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. I love that picture of Harvey Dent. He just looks so happy. I think he knows he is one blessed puppy to have a mommy and daddy who love him so much. Happy Birthday Harvey Dent! Hope you have bunches more!!

    Such sweet neighbors. I bet you guys will really miss them and their dogs! That bread looks mighty good to me. Makes me want to go to our Farmer's Market this afternoon. Theirs a lady there that makes awesome bread, or so I've been told. I'll have to see if hubby will take me after work.

    Congrats on winning tickets to see Pat Benatar. Glad you enjoyed the concert.

    51 years is something to be thankful for. Hope hubby and me make it that long.

  4. These are great things to be thankful for! Happy birthday to Harvey Dent and Happy Anniversary to your parents! :)

  5. Congratulations to your parents! 51 years of marriage! And so glad your mom is able to celebrate another birthday! And happy birthday to Harvey Dent.

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  6. Pat Benatar?! What a blast from the past! Your pup is adorable, glad you adopted him!

  7. I didn't know Harvey was a great! Did you see the picture of my daughter's new aussie puppy on my FB page? He's adorable!!!

  8. Love Emerson and Harvey...they cause smiles...


  9. aw, harvey is positively smiling in his pic! happy 2nd to him! that's so awesome you won tickets and even better that you had a great time.


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