Friday, July 17, 2015

Friday Favorites

Favorite Person of the Day

My Mother in Law!!!!!

Holding her 3rd great-grandbaby

Today is her birthday! 
Maggie has been through a lot this year losing her son, but anything I know about this woman, she's one tough momma!  She's still surrounded by family that loves her! 
I hope this next year is your best yet!
 Favorite Knit

I saw this & had to have the pattern.
I initially thought I would knit it for my Grandbuddy when she gets a little older
... bought the pattern...
& then saw it has an ADULT version too.
I may need to do a trial run for me one for Fall!!!

Favorite Deep Thought

This Hit Me Hard

 Favorite Purchase

 I just started this new dress thing with Gwynnie Bee - I'll have to do a post on it later. 
But it's a subscription program where you get to pick dresses & pay a fee & wear them for as long as you want & then send back for another one.
This was my first dress... & I LOVED IT.
The cool thing about this program?  You can buy the dress for a discounted price.
I ended up getting this $99.00 dress for $30.00

 Favorite Podcast

I seem to be putting a favorite podcast every week lately.
I've really been digging into the land of Podcasts lately & finding some really great ones.

This week?  Dear Hank & John
If you ever followed John Green or his brother Hank on YouTube, & listened to their brilliant minds, then you gotta snag onto their podcast. 
They answer questions people send in & it can range from "How you deal with pain" - having some serious deep thoughts to questions like "How does the earth expand" & even to "Who is the better wizard - Gandalf or Dumbledore?"
I am so intrigued by these two brothers.
 Favorite Beauty & the Beast

Time to go shopping....
Favorite Funnies



Ok - that's just freaky....

How I tackle Monday... & the result...
 what I say to Ricky every day


How I look every time someone starts talking politics

when I try a new recipe that tastes disgusting

Me at 3:59pm on Friday

 Happy Friday Y'all!!!!


  1. You are the queen of the funnies! What a great idea of essentially renting a dress ... if I wore dresses, I would be all over that.

  2. Okay, you made me laugh again. Love them all. I really have to start using that line "you just kissed yourself a princess," with my hubby!

  3. That dress subscription program sounds like a great idea! I'd never heard of that before.

  4. Hahahaha Beauty and The Best: The Trip to IKEA!! Love it!! Or whatever happened to all of the furniture from before the spell??

  5. hahahaha beauty and the beast at ikea, hilarious! and oh my gosh, that knit! yes please.

  6. Happy Birthday to your MIL! Love the sweater. Enjoyed all the funnies. Have a nice weekend.

  7. ALL of those funnies are the best! The Beauty & the Beast one was especially good. That poncho is so cute and looks like it'd be so warm! That quote is so deep and kind of scary. Reminds me I need to live life to the fullest!

  8. That knit - TOO adorable!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it!

    Happy birthday MIL!

  9. Happy Birthday to your MIL. That knit would be perfect for the Fall!

  10. First! Prayers for your sweet mother in law :-( dang that is not suppose to happen.
    Oh my, love that sweater on that little girl....I may commission you to make one :-) (?)
    Love that rent a dress idea, going to investigate soon....that photo of the "babies" what??? Freaky stuff! Missed reading you blog daily.....trying to do so!

  11. aw, happy bday to her!! i gotta check out that podcast!!


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