Wednesday, July 22, 2015

I'm weird....some reasons why...

I've been seeing posts going around lately of bloggers confessing how weird they are.  10 weird things that is.

I mean, it takes special people to write about their lives or thoughts & post them every day... we're all weird together.

Blogger unite!

So let me think if I can come up with 10 things... after all, I think I'm pretty normal & sane.  (keep your comments to yourself Ricky)

ONE // I can't stand the C-Word stuff

Most of you that know me already know which C-word I'm referring to.  Cereal. Ugh. No. Gross. Disgusting.  No no no NOOOOOOOO. 

How I am when I see it on TV or in a movie

I guess some people think this is weird actually.  Especially the extent that it reaches for me.  Like, I cant even tolerate going down the C-Aisle in a store because I swear, I smell that disgusting stuff.  It smells like sweaty underarms to me.  #truth
& I've been like this my whole life. It's not a thing that came on after a bad experience. My mom said I used to sit in my baby high chair & gag when she even tried to feed me baby C-Stuff...  like Lady Gaga said, I was born this way.

TWO // I think water is better then Tylenol

I know the body is mostly made up of water, so to me, logically - acting like Dr. Spock now I guess - I think water can heal up a lot of things.  Headache?  Drink water.  Have a cold?  Break out the ice & drink up.  Bullet wound?  Where's the Evian!... ok... maybe not that extreme. But almost.  I feel like its all about flushing out the system.
& now, if you need me, I'll be peeing for the 39th time today.

THREE // Journals

I can't stop buying them. I love to journal - love having journals.
I've always wrote in diaries since as long as I can remember.  Those kind with the lock where the key would bend if the wind blew?  yeah baby!  But I've always just felt like I NEED a journal with me.  To write down my thoughts, my prayers, my day, my calories, my to-do list. EVERYTHING!  I can't get enough. Let me go down a aisle that has journals & I'm walking away with one. Guaranteed. 

(Side note - if I'm ever famous, I'll have the best notes for a great autobiography)

FOUR // Office Supplies

On that note - I'll also add in my weird obsession with pens & pencils & office supplies.  Let me go into a Staples or Office Depot & I can just stare for hours.  All the pens!  So many to try!  & right now, with school getting ready to start?  I'm in my own personal heaven.  All these kids with their lists standing in front of the goods - I'm right there reaching over them like I have a child with a list of their own. Nope - I just want new pens & new notebooks myself.  & give me those paper clips & dry markers too. 

FIVE // Peanut butter & jelly

I've never in my life had a peanut butter & jelly sandwich.  Yes. I am a 40-something woman & never had one.  Not sure why. Just never had one.  & not sure I want one at this point.  It doesn't sound appealing to me.

SIX // Song Lyrics

My hearing has gone down hill with my aging - along with my eyes - & my skin... so when I hear a song, I have a hard time understanding lyrics.   So usually when a new song comes out, I have to look up the lyrics & go over the song.  Once I read the words, & get what they really are -  I'm good.  Until then, God only knows what lyrics I'm singing.

SEVEN // Lost items

When we go out somewhere, like a concert, the zoo, an event, or even the movies - I panic wondering where my keys are. Or my cell phone.  Or my wallet. I check my purse like 10 times to make sure they are still there.  Because what if I looked & then left my purse open & they fell out while I was looking the original time to make sure they are there.  It's really quite OCD of me. 
Basically what I do to my purse a dozen times

EIGHT // Animals have Families too

Maybe its too much Disney in my life but I always feel like animals have families somewhere waiting for them.  That bug you just smashed?  His wife is at home with all their bug children waiting for their daddy to return.  Reason why I don't kill any bugs.

* The family theory also goes for rats, bunnies, deer, lions - any animal.  Disney proves it time & again.

BONUS - I talk to animals like they totally understand what I'm saying.  I also blame Disney for this

NINE // Center of an aisle

If I don't get near the end of an aisle in the movies or at a concert, I am a nervous wreck.  Maybe its a bit of claustrophobia but all I can think about is the need to pee & not wanting to bother the people around me.  Now, if I'm at the end of an aisle, I probably will never need to go to the bathroom - its just the idea of the idea that I can't get out easily.  I'm also freaked out about the idea of needing to get out of a place quickly & if I'm stuck in the middle of a row?  I might as well just lay down & die in an emergency. 

TEN //  Germs & holding my breath

When someone around me sneezes, I hold my breath for 10 seconds... longer if I can.  Anyone ever see that movie Outbreak where that disease kills everyone after breathing in the germ?  & it started with a guy sneezing in a crowd of people... they slowed down the 'sneeze' & showed people inhaling the germs... ewwwwwwwwwww.... that always stuck with me.  That movie came out in 1995 so you do the math.   Ever since I saw that, when someone sneezes around me, I hold my breath so I don't inhale anything - hoping all the germs settle without going into my nose.  & yes, I will cover my face if possible at the same time to block my nose & mouth.  At least I don't wear a gas mask... yet....

BONUS - I'll also put sanitizer around my nose to kill germs.  I'm all about killing germs & not getting sick!

So there's just SOME of my weirdness... I thought I'd struggle with coming up with 10 - I actually thought of a whole other list.  Ahh - everyone has their own weird to them - right? ... right?....

Make me feel better... tell me something weird about you.


  1. I'm with you on #4 and #7 ... all the way!

  2. I ALWAYS hold my breath when someone sneezes, too! I don't know if it does anything but it definitely makes me feel better! And I still can't get over the C word... too funny.

  3. Oh goodness...we all have weird stuff about us! Just last night, I was telling Cory that sometimes if I sit in a slightly uncomfortable position and do something repetitive {like count money when I worked at a bank} it makes me extremely nauseous.

    I'm on the same wavelength about animals but I just can't think that way about bugs or rats or spiders. Yuck!

  4. I'm addicted to office supplies - I can't get enough :) xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. haha the germs one is hilarious and also terrifying. i have never had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich... gross!

  6. I have the opposite problem with cereal, I can't have any in the house because I won't stop eating it! And I definitely do the talking to animals thing too. I'm convinced my cats understand me, and then choose to ignore me anyway.

  7. I agree with so many of these but girl, cereal?! I love me some cereal! I'm also a journal junky buuuuut I'm always afraid to write in them!! I have one that my friend got me waaay back when I first started the Finding Beauty link up that I STILL haven't written in for fear of ruining it. Oh and I went for a walk last night and talked to a bunny. And then looked around to see if people thought I was a nut. ;-)

  8. PB & Jelly sandwiches are the best. You need to make yourself try one, just one time. Use strawberry jam though. It's better! :) :)

  9. I'm the same exact way with lost items. I panic about them.

  10. What a fun post. Actually some of these fit me. I need an end seat or at least a quick and easy way to get out of a row at the theater too. If I'm blocked in, I worry about the pee thing too. lol

    I love office supplies and school supplies! Actually my husband kinda does too. I like journals, but I end up never using but just a couple of pages before I stop.

    Wait a minute! Are you telling me the animals can't understand when I talk to them!!!! Nooooo!

  11. I can't believe you've never had a PB&J! I don't think they're great or anything, it's just surprising you've made it this far without trying it at some point! People sneezing around me freaks me out so much. Annnd I'm totally with you on the water thing. I hardly every get headaches, but when I do, I drink a ton of water because I assume it's dehydration. If it doesn't get better then I'll maybe take something.

  12. This list is awesome!! I had NO IDEA you didn't like cereal. That and PBJs are some of my favorite things to have if I'm not in the mood for a real meal! I agree, if I'm feeling crappy, the first thing I do is chug water!

  13. I hate cereal. As a child, I would only eat it plain (no milk - I hate the sensation of a formerly crunchy becoming wet) and then I stopped eating it around age twelve or so.
    Not only have I never eaten a PB&J (I am 27 years old), but I hate regular bread in general. Yes. I only like flatbread and tortillas, and pizza, if you want to count that. I hate the smell and I hate how fragile it is. Pasta is a way better carb.

  14. I have to admit...I LOVE me some Cheerios! I've been eating them since I was about 10 years old...a LONG, LONG time! In fact, my face should be plastered on the front of the box. Can't stand sugary cereals, though. Hmm...the one thing that's weird about me is I have to sleep on the right side of the bed or I toss and turn all night long. The list goes on and on, trust me!

  15. OK, here's a weird thing about me - when I was growing up my brother & I would make peanut butter, jelly, bologna & cheese sandwiches (with mayo on the bologna & cheese side). It was pretty darn tasty! But I don't recommend it for your first PB&J sandwich - especially since you're a vegetarian. Also, I agree about the strawberry jam - it's the only kind I love :)

  16. I love these. I may have to come up with a list of my own, but the aisle thing! Yes! And when you DO have people to climb over, that's when you have to go. I know it's a head game. What about flying? If I'm going anywhere with my mom, she insists on a window seat so she can see outside. Naturally, I can't book a window and an aisle and have a stranger in between us. How silly is that? So of course, I have to make some poor person get up two or three times because the minute I don't have full access to a bathroom, that's when I MUST go!

  17. Super funny stuff...You are the roommate I always wanted but never had. I could spend days laughing at your weird stuff :-) LOL Bob says he makes really good Peanut butter and Jelly sandwiches! I do the check the purse thing constantly!!


  18. I can't believe you've never had a PB&J sandwich! My favorite lunch is a PB&J & Ruffles potato chips. Good stuff! Especially when the sandwich has banana slices on it.
    I adore Office Depot...could spend hours in there & Lowes/Home Depot. Ahhh, the smell of home improvement! :D

  19. i wish there was a blog of desks with office supplies on them--you know, fancily decorated and stuff. i love looking at that stuff. i have a secret office inspiration board on pinterest. i like cereal but understand the soggy texture can be gross. i don't like eggs and can detect the smallest piece of them in anything. it's the texture (no matter how prepared) and the sulfur smell.

  20. Yes to office supplies! I can never have enough. I like cereal, but get made fun of relentlessly because I hate when it gets soggy. I pour like 6 pieces in at a time, eat them, and pour more in. It's weird, I know.

  21. This is hilarious! Girl, if I could live on a diet solely consisting of cereal, pb&j's and Mexican food... I'd be the happiest person on earth LOL

  22. I have never known someone who had NEVER had a PB&J!! I know people who don't like them or are allergic but I thought every one, at least in the US, had some where in life had a PB&J. My love of peanut butter and all things peanut probably accounts from my shock! :) the cat video is hilarious!

  23. This is awesome. I never thought I'd meet someone who had the same need to sit at the end of the aisle like I do! It's all about having to pee. I will have to pee, it's inevitable and I'll just have to climb over other people. I also have an innate knowledge of where the bathroom is at every store, restaurant, you name it, I know where to pee.


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