Tuesday, July 21, 2015

{No Erasers} My hair & the 'compliment?'

I'm going to do little posts every now & then that just takes a moment out of my life & share with the world... after all, there are no erasers to go back & redo

Being a vegetarian sometimes makes it hard to eat out with others.  Not a lot of times.  Just sometimes...

Being on the 21 Day Fix AND being a vegetarian really makes it hard to eat out with others.

So we went out with Julie & the boys while they were up on the 4th of July.  Time to burn some little boy energy by going to a place that has a play ground.


Now I know people are a little crazy over their chick-fil-a.  Goodness knows I wont say anything negative about them

Except maybe one thing... being a vegetarian, they have a HORRIBLE menu.  I mean, I do have the option of paying $5.00 for a bowl of 2 tangerine slices & maybe 3 pieces of apple... or what they call, a fruit cup.

Other then that, a full belly does not Chick-fil-a make... at least in vegetarian world.

So I head over to Jimmy John's... I'll get an un-wich ... which is basically next to nothing too.  Tomatoes & sprouts wrapped up in a piece of lettuce.  Blah. But all I can get.  The only other thing near is 5 Guys Burger & Fries.

Don't you feel full just looking at this?  #stomachgrowls

I give up.

But I head in & place my order at Jimmy Johns.  I pay with my Discover Card.

I am all about earning double points on restaurants the past few months.  My Discover card is racking up the points & I plan on putting all my well earned points to use at Christmas time.

But I have on the back of all my cards, "Please See ID"... thiefs, I'm on top of you.  I want people to look at my awful looking drivers license & see that I am indeed that person, & of course, the weight it says on the license.

Don't question it people... don't question it.

& the guy asks for my license... thank you very much Mr. Employee... & then he looks at the license, then at me... then the license... & then at me.

It's not that hard dude... it's me.

Now, I guess it should be noted that it's the 4th of July.  Humid.  Frizzy hair in the making.  So I do what any normal woman would do - it goes up in a sloppy bun sorta thing.

& then the man hands my license back & says to me... are you ready for this...

"You look MUUUCCCHHHH better with your hair down"






What the hey?

I told Ricky it took everything in me not to look at him & say, "You're face is much nicer when its not talking"

... but I didn't... because I got my un-wich & headed over to Chick-Fil-A to eat with my family - the place where all good Christians go.


Even with their hair piled high in a sloppy bun.


  1. how rude! i would never say something like that! it's hot and not all of us wear our hair down all the time. mine is up right now. i tried to do the veg thing and had to quit due to health reasons--there really needs to be menu awareness since the offerings aren't always great!

  2. I'm sorry, I know I shouldn't laugh, but it's kinda funny! Guys can say the silliest things and really not mean to be mean.

    No way could I be a vegetarian. I admire you sticking with what you believe is best for you. You are one strong lady!

  3. LOL i dont really know what I would have done, but walking out and saying nothing would not have been it!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. Wow. I can't believe he would say that. Sometimes people need to learn to think before talking and understand that not everything they think needs to be said out loud.

  5. Omg! Guys are so clueless sometimes (all the time). I have a feeling it was meant as a compliment (maybe? haha) but the delivery was oh so wrong!

  6. WHAT?! Sounds like he needs to learn some social skills...yikes. I think I would've been taken aback and a little offended...and then later I would've just laughed at how ridiculous his people skills are!

  7. Oh. heck. no. hahaha Men.

  8. That tank is HILARIOUS! The guys comment - RUDE!

  9. The nerve of that dude! I can't begin to imagine saying anything like that to a person! Men are so clueless sometimes! I happen to think you ROCK a bun!


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