Friday, July 03, 2015

Happy 4th of July... Let's pray for our Country!


Taking a break from Friday Favorites to share this idea that Southern Melle is starting.  I mean, its the 4th of July... the time we look at America & say, YAHOOO!  Proud to be an American time... red, white & blue everywhere...
But mercy... what a time for America...
Times they are a changing.
We live in a country where people go into churches & shoot others with hopes of starting a race war....
We live in a country where decisions are being made by judges that redefine centuries of tradition...
We live in a country where politicians aren't trusted...
We live in a country where health insurance is a thorn in most peoples sides & doctors are limited to the access & care they are allowed to give...
We live in country where wild fires are out of control, destroying our land ...
We live in a country that seems so divided on so many issues & people take it to extremes in anger to try & force others to see how they see...
We live in a country where divorce is the norm & modesty is something that is hard to come by...
We live in a country where it seems certain freedoms are being slowly taken away...
We live in a country that is taking off the Dukes of Hazard because a wholesome show of the 70's is supposed to support hatred? WHAT?
... & we live in a world where Donald Trump is running for President. 
(Though, can I say, I do like that Donald Trump has the guts to say exactly what he thinks.  I may not agree with it all, but dude had guts to voice his opinion in a world where you get knocked in the face if you say anything that may offend someone else.)
It's almost like our country is a ticking time bomb waiting for the fuse to explode.
This is time, more then ever, where our country needs payer.
So this 4th of July, there's a movement to really lift up our country in prayer ... especially every day in July. 
I love that Melanie even gives ideas to pray for daily.

1 – Pray for our President
2 – Pray for our Vice President
3 – Pray for our First Lady
4 – Pray for children in our country to grow in the knowledge of God’s love for them
5 – Pray for racial reconciliation
6 – Pray for members of our Congress
7 – Pray for our US Military at home and abroad
8 – Pray for our First Responders (Police, Fire fighters, Medical workers, etc)
9 – Pray for each Father in America to be a holy, God-honoring father
10 – Pray for our education system
11 – Pray for the Supreme Court judges
12 – Pray for an end to our drug epidemic in the US
13 – Pray for peace in our country
14 – Pray for God’s protection on our country
15 – Pray for the homeless in America
16 – Pray for the Church in America
17 – Pray for a revival in America
18 – Pray for all of our leaders to make wise decisions
19 – Pray for each Mother in America to be a holy, God-honoring mother
20 – Pray for our own hearts — to seek Christ, love His people, and repent of our own sins
21 – Pray for the future of our country
22 – Pray for the elderly in America
23 – Pray for America’s businesses
24 – Pray for a spirit of compassion, humility, cooperation, and love in our country
25 – Pray for your neighbor
26 – Pray for your enemy
27 – Pray for your local officials
28 – Pray for Pastors in America
29 – Pray for members of the news and media
30 – Pray for marriages and families to be holy and God-honoring
31 – Pray for each heart to recognize our own complete dependence on God, our need of Him, and to turn to Him for hope and a future

Lots to pray about...
 & I pray for God to bless our country...
as far as its changed, it can still change - for the better, for the worse.
We need God's protection & Blessing.
God bless America!
Enjoy your 4th of July!!!


  1. i love the list to pray for someone every day this month. it's a nice focus for just that day. off to check out her blog and happy 4th!!

  2. What a fabulous list. Regardless of how we personally feel about our leaders, they deserve our prayers (Romans 13:1).

  3. I love this post, it sure is a mess. Thankful it's just a pit stop in my life, not my home :-)
    I often pray for our country and it's leaders, I'm going to try and do so daily...
    Thanks for the reminder,
    Happy Fourth!!! Hugs

  4. I didn't even know the Dukes of Hazzard was still being aired until I saw people on the internet screaming about it being taken off the air. I do have to wonder how many of those outraged people even knew it was on. Way too many people get upset about things that don't affect their lives in the least.

  5. oh my goodness! I can't even tell you how much I love this post. It's a scary, scary world we live in and one that I even question bringing children into. It's so discouraging to see hate everywhere you turn and I wish I had more refreshing stuff like this in my life!


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