Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Behind the Pic

I am so excited that my blog buddy Elle has started a new link up called
"Behind the Pic"...

The point being?  ... there is always a story behind a picture.  Which I think is so much fun & fantastic since I'm a fan of photos.  Hello Miss Photographer!

So I'm going to look over a few of my pictures & I'll tell you what is really happening in that picture.  The low down.  The deep & dark stuff.  The behind the scenes look.

But anyways, I think this is going to be a great link up... so let's jump right in..


What you see ... is a precious maternity picture

What you don't know about this picture.... we are waiting for Chasity to run about 1.5 miles up hill to get this momma a bottle of water because she got so lightheaded & faint that she had to sit down on this dock & just stay there for a minute.  She stood up to try taking a few more pictures & I had her just lean on her husband. I didn't want her tumbling into that water.  Hubby would never let it happen anyways.  She felt so bad here... but still managed to look so beautiful.


What you see ....  A cute little girl listening to her little brother

What you don't know about this picture .... I told her that fairies lived in the forest & if you were really quiet, you could hear them.  She thought she heard a fairy at this point - not her brother - & when I laughed, she told me to SSSHHHH!!!! ... you don't mess around with fairies.


What you see ... a prayer between a bride & groom

What you don't know about this picture... the pastor did premarital counseling with this couple & his one requirement was that the groom pray over his new bride after they exchanged wedding rings.  The pastor said it was the time to take to let his wife know how important she was & to cover her with prayer.... HOW PRECIOUS IS THAT?  But it was the one moment of the day the groom was so nervous about.   He didn't even want a mic on him because he didn't even care if anyone heard him except his wife.  You could hear him though from the pastor's mic & the groom slayed it! He said he was going to make it funny & light hearted... he didn't. It was precious & dear &full of sweetness for his bride.  You can see the happiness in her face as she's listening to him.


 What you see.... a family portrait that has everyone clothing coordinated

What you don't know about this picture .... see the lady in the blue & white striped shirt?  That is the momma of the beautiful lady sitting next to her - & the grandmother, great grandmother & great great grandmother of the rest of the gang.  They told each other to wear a white shirt & blue jeans - simple enough... except they forget to tell Mammaw... & everyone was holding their breath when she showed up.  Wondering if she was going to come in some sort of Hawaiian tropical print.  But lo & behold - she had on blue & white... it may have been in reverse of everyone else - but I think with her Matriarch status, it totally works!


What you see ... is one happy little bumble bee baby

What you don't know about this picture .... this little girl was NOT about having her picture taken about 15 minutes before. She was just furious at the world.  Didn't want to be held, didn't want to be touched, was just wondering around the yard aimlessly.  They took her inside to put this outfit on & gave her a drink of water.... that baby drank an entire water bottle.  Poor thing was so thirty.  You forget that kids can get dehydrated too.  After she guzzled water, she was all smiles & happy go lucky girl again.

Note to self - always have water near on photo session!  That applies to the first picture & pregnant mommas too

Cant wait to check out everyone else's pictures... I am  a picture nerd... never tire of looking at pictures & especially hearing the stories about pictures!  Thanks Elle for such a fun linkup!


  1. thank you so much for linking up! i loved what you chose and for hearing the stories behind them! thank you again :)

  2. What a great post Rebecca. I loved hearing the stories behind your pictures. The pictures are great, but learning what was really going on is so cool too!!

  3. What a great post, I love this idea. <3

  4. The prayer over his wife is so beautiful - great stories behind the picture! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. Such a fun idea for a link up! I love hearing the stories behind all these photos. Sometimes we forget that photos are just a moment in time and that what comes before or follows afterward could be completely different :)

  6. this post gets 10 extra points for the Oz gif.

    i love these pictures and the stories behind each one!

  7. This is such a fun idea for a linkup! Love hearing what was happening during these pictures - and how amazing is the wedding one? So sweet.

  8. oh i love reading the stories behind your proper photography pictures - that first picture is gorgeous, poor thing feeling bad though! the faeries one is so precious and how cute is little miss bumble bee?!

  9. Crazy how the photo can look so beautiful but could be chaos going on around it. These are some great photos

  10. Poor thing getting lightheaded but it did make for a precious picture. The baby bumblebee looks adorable you never would have guessed.

  11. I knew your post for this would be great! I loved hearing the story behind these. As a photographer, you get to experience so much!

  12. OMGosh I love this! You never would guess what happens behind the scenes!

    It is a great remind of life and not to judge what is front of you because you may not know the whole story!!

  13. I love the first picture and the second to last picture. That first one is just beautiful, the fact that she's using him for support can also be taken emotionally, spiritually and physically, you really captured that moment. I love your photographs.

    And the one with grandma, hahah! My grandma would so do that.

    liz jo @ sundays with sophie

  14. I love the stories behind the pictures. Sweet! The one of the groom praying over his wife, though ... that was just too precious. It brought a tear to my eyes.

  15. I am just getting around to reading posts....I love this!!! What a great link up. The wedding story is just beautiful!

  16. I love this post! The grooms prayer over his new wife...just precious!


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