Wednesday, September 23, 2015

#HashtagConfessions.... purses, shaving & apparently NOT Phillip Phillips

.... I am literally sad over the end of summer mainly because I can't find any good berries anywhere now.  I have gotten so used to strawberries & blueberries on yogurt or on wheat waffles... & now?  I'm missing them. If you do find them, they only cost a ridiculous amount of money for a tiny carton.  #iamcheap #i'llendupbuyingthem #goodbyeberries

... I tried frozen berries thawed out.  Oh mercy... totally not the same.  Watch, during winter when the taste of fresh berries is long past out of my memory, I'll think frozen berries are the best things ever.  #Chipoffthefrost  #betterthennothing

... I ordered a purse off of Zulily.  Let me stress to you how I am about purses.  Basically a weirdo.  I always say that I have to have a purse "speak to me"... I gotta FEEL the purse. I gotta know its going to work for me.  So tell me why I bought one just by looks from Zulily last week?  I have no idea.  But it was regular $189.00 for $38.99... The exact same one was for sale on Ebay for $99.99 - so I thought I'd try it.  If I don't like it, I can always put it on Ebay - right?  #fingerscrossed  #PurseNerd #hopeIlikeit

... My purse I am carrying now?  I got it at the beginning of summer - only had it for about 4 months & the lining has totally ripped out of it.  Pulled from the side & it has shreds of material now.  So frustrating because I keep getting my wallet snagged in the threads & I keep dropping things behind the lining.  This wasn't a cheap purse either... remember, it has to speak to me. Ask my husband - nothing cheap speaks to me.  I'll never buy this brand of purse again, that's for sure.  #YouSpokeWrongPurse  #GoingInTheGarbage

... Please tell me a lot of you are joking when you talk about not shaving during winter. I can't NOT shave my legs during winter. I mean, its habit.  I have a routine in the shower & the change of seasons doesn't effect that.  If for some reason I wash my body before I put conditioner in my hair, I'm all messed up, so forgot taking a whole thing completely out of a shower routine. I basically wear running shorts all year round anyways so the world should thank me that I continue shaving.  #HateStubble  #SlickSkinYearRound 

NOOOO.... just NOOOO!!!!!

... I didn't watch the Emmy's.  More importantly, I didn't even care.  It gets tiring of watching really really rich people celebrate & honor each other for having what seems the easiest job that pays more money that could basically save small countries.  #maybeIamjealous #bittermuch #givemeanactingjob  #oratleastthesalary  #oratleastthewardrobe

... I wish I liked to travel.  I see all the pictures & hear of adventures of people that travel & love seeing it all - but that's about as close as I get to most places.  I see some people flying at least once a month to places. I am the person who has anxiety attacks about even THINKING of leaving my house for a night. I'm just not comfortable leaving my dogs behind.  & now, we have a dog that hates to leave the house.  Plus, I just can't ever justify the money spent on trips.  I think of all the other things I can do with that money on the house or on purchases that I want.  I know some people say the experience is priceless & worth everything.  To me - I just see the cost of a new Nikon.  #homewardbound #spoileddogs #vacationorcamera #photographerproblems

... I can't hear the One Republic song I lived & not cry.  Like EVERY STINKING TIME.  It doesn't help that this song came out around the time when my brother in law passed away.   #cuethetissues  #wantplayedatmyfuneral 

... Until I just looked up the video for above, I thought this song was sung by Phillip Phillips.  #Iamapparently100yrsold  #IamNotCool

Have you ever bought a purse off Zulily or online?
Does that song choke you up?
Confess something to me today...

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  1. haha the emmy's. i just said to my husband this morning "hey, i heard the emmy's are on..when will that be?" and he just looked at me and said "seriously? it was last weekend". oops.

  2. That sucks about the purse you bought! If you bought it from a retailer, I would totally take it back! I definitely didn't watch the Emmy's either. Oh well. Thanks for linking-up!

  3. Oh no on the purse :( what brand? I so hear you and my husb always says the same to be about me not liking cheap purses. But it's something I use everyday!

  4. Maybe swap berries for peaches/pears this time of year? I also didn't watch the emmys nor did I care. Although I was pleased to hear after the fact that Game of Thrones won everything because I love that show! And thank God someone else shaves all year long. I wear shorts at the gym year round and no one wants to see hair-ass girl legs. No thank you. Good luck with the purse. The only thing I've ordered from there were Toms shoes, but they are awesome and I got a great deal!

  5. I wasn't always the traveling one because we moved a lot as a kid BUT now that I'm older and have missed opportunities to travel I'm not holding back and just going for it! Now, if I ever get a dog of my own that will change. I hate leaving Boomer when nobody from the fam is around to watch him! I ordered a UCF scarf from there and it was awesome! Other sites like GroupDealz or whatever I haven't had as much lick with the quality, but Zulilly should be a great experience!

  6. I actually don't think I've seen the video for that song so thanks for sharing that and making me cry at work lol! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  7. I shave my legs year round. I love purses and have been buying from I Love Dooney for a few years now. I enjoyed the Emmy's because there are some people who I want to win. I recently bought my quilt from Zulilly and was happy with the purchase.

  8. All of the awards shows get to be so boring. Over it. I totally joke about the razor thing but after 3 days I get wierded out by it.

  9. I just got a new Vera Bradley purse and I am very happy with it. Good size and several pockets which help me keep a little better organized.

  10. I have ordered a purse on-line once. It was fabulous! Hope you love yours. AND how do people go without shaving their legs all winter? Doesn't it get itchy? YUCK. Loved reading your post today and so happy I clicked over here from Skyes Of Blue!

  11. Love the video/song/message ...
    Never ordered a purse on line.


  12. Hahahaha I always think the same thing when I hear people talk about not shaving. Like really??? About 3 days is all I can do and then I feel like an animal and have to shave! I care nothing about the Emmy's or any award show. They are so boring! Totally going to check out this song!

  13. Hope you like the new purse. Waiting is the hardest. What was the brand bag that is now falling apart at the seams (so I don't buy it). And I LOVE not shaving my legs in the winter!

  14. Tears in the lining of purses is so frustrating! Ugh! Okay I pretty much hold off on shaving a long time even in the summer hahaha. So I probably shave a teensy bit more in summer. But I still shave in the winter, I just go a pretty long time in between until I can't take it anymore! Hahaha.

  15. I'm not a fan of purses -- to me, they're a necessary evil but I hate shopping for them and feel like they're a drag. BUT I'm lost without mine and have everything but the kitchen sink in it. Since I'm short and (somewhat) active, I like a crossbody strap to keep my arms free but then it's usually either too long or too short/tight. Totally gotta keep the shower routine going year-round, including shaving. I never stray from my routine either - shampoo, wash face, conditioner, wash body & shave - every ding-dong day. No confessions here ... #myboringlife. :)

  16. i think everyone is different, and you have to make yourself happy. i see people spend thousands on a camera or buy a house that is double the price of mine, and all that means to me is pushing travel further away hahaa. to each their own, as they say. but you shouldn't feel bad or whatever, you gotta do you and make yourself happy, end of story!
    i rarely shave my legs hahahahaha. but i don't really get stubble.. i have super fine blonde hair so i only really shave when i 'need' to. summer winter whenever. i don't currrr. lol

  17. Frozen berries are AWFUL. Just awful. They're really sour I feel like...?
    I barely shave my legs in the SUMMER... lol... they're so white I hardly show them anyway - so I reserve shaving for those special occasions, lol :)

  18. I always always shave my legs! But, I have super dark hair, so the last time I let it go was in basic training and I remember thinking it was gross. I know leg hair is natural, and maybe that's fine for those people who don't grow much, but I get Sasquatch legs, so shaving is definitely every day normally.

  19. i've been doing at home laser hair removal (review next month) so i'm 70% hairless i'd say. i love expensive purses too. i'm drawn to them.

  20. I have ordered a purse on-line once. It was fabulous! Hope you love yours. AND how do people go without shaving their legs all winter? Doesn't it get itchy? YUCK. Loved reading your post today and so happy I clicked over here from Skyes Of Blue!


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