Monday, September 14, 2015

The weekend that batteries were recharged....

How many of you are sad the weekend was only 2 days?

That's the downfall of a weekend after a holiday weekend.

Such is life.

My weekend kicked off on a bummer of a Friday.

It started Friday morning when I left for work only to see that my car wouldn't start.

I put car problems on the same level as dental problems... which I put on the same level as being punched in the face multiple times.  Yeah, miserable.

So Friday when we got home from work, we headed down to Autozone to get a new battery.  & the fun part of it?  It was raining... So I was standing out with an umbrella over Ricky as he struggled to get my battery out with a corroded connector.... & then when he finally got it out, the guy in the store was like, "oops, we are out of those batteries"... are you kidding me?


He tried to sell us a cheaper version of a battery because they had it in stock & when I tried to get him to explain it to me what the difference was - in girl speak - since I know nothing about car batteries, this man looked at me like I had 5 heads & then said, "I dont know how else to tell you"... the tone?  So rude.  I just looked at Ricky & said, "let's go"... so then we had to jam the battery back in the car & then the car wouldnt start.  .... sigh... BIG SIGH... so we had to get jumped & head to Autozone #2

... only to find out they too were out of these batteries....

So off to Autozone #3.  & they were actually selling one of the batteries as we got there.

Are these things programmed to all go out at the same time?

But it was just a bad way to kick off the weekend.  Hours on the road, working in the rain, hundreds out of pocket...

It is what it is.

It all went uphill from there.

The temps had dropped from all the rain so we opened the windows on Friday night, which meant that Saturday, it was a great time to sleep in with a cold room happening.  It was wonderful.

I love sleeping in fall where we can open the windows & it's just perfect to lay under blankets & get all cozy.

I got up & did some Bible Journaling & then knew I wanted to get out in this weather.  Out for a run I went!  & I got in a 5k... I haven't done it in awhile so it was great to see that 3.10 on my watch again.  I used to get in an average of 5 miles a day... I want to get back there.  I WILL get back there.


I originally had a maternity session planned for Saturday but all night Friday, they kept saying it was going to rain most of the day so Friday evening, we had so many texts going around to reschedule the session.... only to see the weather people must have been a little off (& by little, I meant a LOT off).  it was gorgeous out.  Cool & cloudy but it never rained one drop.

& luckily, this couple was still up for a photo session.  It worked out even better because they traveled down for the session & I didnt want to make them drive another few hours to do the session.  Thank you Lord for working it out.

These 2 are just GORGEOUS!!!

Saturday night had me back at the computer uploading pictures & actually releasing my last wedding pictures for my last bride.  I always get excited to let a new Mr & Mrs. see how beautiful their day was.

Sunday morning had us snuggled back in bed with another cold morning... the best.  Harvey even loved it because I woke up & he was right in between Ricky& I, laying on his back, all 4 legs up in the air, snoring.  This dog is spoiled.

We got up though & went out to breakfast.  Panera has become our favorite weekend place.  Iced Coffee & Avacado/Spinach/Egg Sandwiches.... its a regular.


We have been in such a habit of eating outside, we took our stuff out this Sunday morning too... & then I remembered it was only 60 degrees & I had on a short sleeve shirt.... & drinking iced coffee.  BRRRRR!!! I ate with goosebumps on my arms the entire time.  But I refused to go inside. I'll eat outside any chance I can get.

Then we headed over to our friend's house for church.  It's not your typical church we are doing right now.  But with all the changes in our church right now, we're not sure where we need to be or what we need to be doing, so it became very clear that in this grey area of our life, God has shown us a great alternative for right now.  Our sweet friend is fighting cancer - well, she's actually been fighting for many many years... & now, she's at a stage where its not easy or for her best interest to leave her home..  So what do we do?  Her family has said, 'let's have church at her home' - that way she is still able to worship with her family & her husband doesn't have to think about leaving her to go to church.  Luckily, these sweet friends have included Ricky & I to join them...


It is truly a blessing to be able to come into their living room & sing songs to our Lord, have communion together & to hear a message that usually ends up speaking to exactly the right spot in our lives.

Ricky & I went out to a few errands afterwards & then to Five Guys for lunch.  I only wanted to eat there because it was another gorgeous, perfect day & I just wanted to sit outside.  But it was fun going in there because I saw a familiar face & then we ran into some more friends.

We ran over to the pet store next to Five Guys & came out with more treats & chew toys for the dogs... yep, spoiled.... & then headed across the street for STARBUCKS SUNDAY. I've totally got Ricky convinced this is just a 'must' in life now. :)


We got home & had plans to do so much around the house... like clean & laundry & wash the cars... but it was just so beautiful out, I ended up taking a book out on the back porch & the dogs got settle around me & I sat outside for 2 hours just reading.

Perfect Sunday.

The rest of the night involved catching up on Jane the Virgin, knitting & doing my nails.

Cant wait for this to come back on this year!!!

Even more Perfect Sunday.

See why I wanted the weekend to be a long one this time around?  It was just pretty good after my car got recharged with a new battery.

& my battery feels recharged now too....

Onto a new week!
How was your weekend?


  1. I like how you're doing your Sundays. Eating, visiting, and lots of coffee.

    Sorry about the cluster of a Friday night and the unexpected expense!

  2. I'm sorry to hear about the car trouble - that really sucks!! I'm with you on sleeping and getting cozy in the fall - it's just so much more comfortable! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. i hear you about the car crap. saturday i needed a new tire, made the appt, and almost cancelled because i'm sick. when i went there they said they were out of my tire. what!!! then they said i needed to wait a couple of hours for one to be found. i went across the street and drowned my ill mood with waffle house.

  4. I love that you are still meeting at someones house! I think that is awesome

    Booo for car stuff -- it truly is THE worst!

  5. Car stuff is THE worst!!!! It's always a pain in the ass and always expensive. My car is a 2000 so I know allllll about car troubles lol
    Nothing better than snuggling up under the covers when there's a chill in the air!

  6. Other than the battery, it sounds like you had a pretty great weekend! Ours wasn't too bad either.

    Have a great Monday!

  7. What an ordeal with your battery. So sorry about that and of course it was raining on top of it! The rest of your weekends sounds like it was enjoyable. Have a great week ahead......

  8. Ugh super sucks about the battery. I hate stupid people that AutoZone guy would've heard my mouth!
    I opened all the windows this weekend too to get that cool breeze and to lay under 3 covers lol. That's the only good thing about fall. Trish - tales from trish

  9. it rained like crazy here too and sucks about your battery! i can't stand rude people like that. at least your weekend got better :)

  10. That battery situation sounds like my worst nightmare! At least the rest of your weekend was good. I had a beer festival to go to in the rain, but luckily I just found my favorite beer and hung out in the tent with the volunteers who kept giving me more tastings of it!

  11. Boo to the car problems (the worst), but glad things were all uphill after that! And yesss yes yes to Starbucks Sunday!! Is that a pumpkin chai?! ;)

  12. Chris's car battery died yesterday, what is up with this weekend?!?!?! Adulting is sometimes very un-fun when you have to spend those hard earned $$ on car things. I have never heard of Jane the Virgin...what is that show about?

  13. Well Saturday and Sunday sound awesome! Too bad about the car issues on Friday though! Those things always happen at the worst times.

  14. Sorry Friday was so horrible, that is pretty lucky though that you have that many stores close to you. Five Guys is so good. Sundays spent knitting is pretty amazing.

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