Tuesday, September 15, 2015

I want to go to school for that....

I heard on the radio the other day a trivia question about some of the classes you can take at colleges.  They involved something like hula-hooping & a class on Harry Potter.  I could get down with classes like that.

But I always had a desire to go back to school & get some sort of degree in something different for life.  & then I see how much school is & I remember I am old ... so forget that...

but some of the college degrees out there?  Man, it'd be fun to do it all over again...

Here's some that stood out to me


Ok... just hand over the degree to me on this one. I'm already a pro thanks to Entertainment Tonight & E! & People magazine.  But Bowling Green State University really offers a B.A. in this ... & you're supposed to be able to turn it over to a career in Journalism, advertising or public relations.  I'd just want a job like Kelly Ripa.... my BFF in my mind.


I am always so amazed to hear people that do auctions. They talk SO FASTTTTTT... which is why I'm sure Ricky would say I could totally pull this one off myself.  At least after a cup of coffee. 

My friend Chandra posted this the other day.... hilarious!

But the degree teaches you how to appraise items to get the right price & the techniques of the auction 'chant'.  I know some of the auctioneers in some of the more pricey art auctions - or like the ones who auctioned off Princess Diana's dresses or anything mega like that, that would be cool to be involved with historical things .... Just give me a mallet. I just want to pound it.  I wonder if the guy on Storage Wars has to go to Auctioneering school?

Jazz Studies

There are multiples schools that offers this degree... one being the college that is literally 3 miles down the road from me right now - the University of Louisville.  You study everything jazz - the history, the cultural significance, major figures.  All I can say about this one?  Shoot me now.  Put me out of my misery.  Jazz is the only music genre that I can't tolerate for more then 5 minutes.  I'll even listen to opera over this.  That's saying something.


This is all about teaching milling & microbiology & all sorts of sciences .... WHAT?  Who knew that was involved with bakeries?  I thought it was about great recipes.  Just a good reason for me not to even think twice about this degree... I mean, I'd be at least 350lbs if I had my own bakery.


Oh man, wouldn't this be fun!  I'd go for this one. I mean, all the dreams of Project Runway floating through my head!  But to make beautiful costumes for movies or shows.  I just think of all the costumes on Dancing with the Stars that I ogle at every week.  The only issue?  It literally took me 5 hours to learn to thread my sewing machine.  & then I made a straight line on a piece of fabric. & that's my extent of sewing.  But as Tim Gunn would say, I made it work!


This one is all about horses.  Students can go in the field of riding instruction so they can teach riding lessons - which how cool would that be?  Or you can go down a more scientific road of learning all about horses & learn about training or breeding for the show horse statuses or race horsing breeding.  I just want this degree so I can go hug them every day.  & if you listen really quietly, you'll probably hear the mind of my dad trying to figure out if he wants to go back to school himself now.  Nah... he's already got a life degree with horses.


I have some blog friends that are Nanny's... I think this would be a cool job.  The training is all about CPR, first aid, etiquette & manners & children relationship skills.   But I've read those books about nanny's in New York that have been treated like dogs, so no thank you.  But it would be cool to get in with the Royal Babies, would it not? 


YIKES!  Just YIKES!  Anyone that takes this for a degree... my advice? RUN!  Something ain't right with them.  I've seen too many horror movies that involved puppets.  If you want to spend all your time with them, I worry about you.
Disclaimer - Muppets are not included in this.  The world of Muppets are wonderful.
Side Disclaimer - Wasn't the guy that did Elmo accused of things?  ... now I'm just confused all together.

Have you ever heard of any fun degrees?
What would you like to go back to school & get
a fun degree in?


  1. nannying - isn't that called Early Childhood education?
    costume technology = fashion design.
    bakery science = home ec! although this would be really interesting for me!

  2. Pop culture would be right up my alley!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. I have a friend who is the Pop Culture Queen at University of Cincinnati - she would really get along with Ricky because she is all about the comic book heroes & movies (although these days she focuses on strong women characters).

  4. Haha!! Wow didn't know these were things? I'd be 100% down with pop culture but would totally fail hula hooping. I just can't figure it out!!

  5. I would totally take a bakery science class, where can I sign up?! Haha! I only took boring classes when I was in school.

  6. I could totally pass the pop culture class and have taken a few baking classes. So fun!

  7. Wow, I may have continued on with my schooling if I could study bakery and being a nanny!

  8. Oooo! Pop culture and bakery would be AWESOME!
    Hard no on the purporting. I didn't even read that part bc I hate puppets so much lololol

  9. pop culture, yeah! and just give me the degree for nannying! ;)

  10. Bakery science?? How interesting!

  11. I could get a PhD in Pop Culture -- I wonder if that's offered? My father-in-law went back to school after retiring from his corporate career and became a licensed auctioneer. He's pretty laid back so to hear him spouting off the auctioneer chants is pretty interesting.


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