Monday, September 28, 2015

The weekend that was full of bad coffee, a girls day & money I'd rather spend somewhere else....

A big moon is hanging outside my window at work this morning... not the blood moon.  Just the regular big ole bright white moon.  A true sign its way too early for work.  Yet, here I am.

Another weekend gone... POOF....

My Friday started off immediately after I left Job #1 to go to a meeting for Job #2 - my photography gig.  I went to meet a bride to answer any questions she may have at a new coffee shop that I've never been to.  Apparently everyone loves this place - Heine Brothers... so I gave up the Starbucks meeting spot to try this one out. 

Oh no ... no no no no & no...

The coffee was awful.  I don't know if it was the vanilla flavoring or what it was. I couldn't even attempt to drink it.  That was disappointing.  Especially when I saw they had hot apple cider from the local orchard... I should have just gone with that.

But the meeting went great.  I was excited to meet this bride because I actually already know the groom.  He probably spends more time with my husband then I do Monday - Friday... he works with Ricky.  & I've heard lots of great things about this girl... & she was as great as all the stories.  Everything cute & adorable.  & I loved it because her mom came with her & then later her dad came in.  I've never had a dad come with a bride for a photo consult, but he was all about the questions  & concerns & thoughts & ideas & I just wanted to hug him with how cute his love for his daughter is. 

I ended up talking with these people for an hour & a half... & I hope I didn't cause any family drama when I agreed with the mother of the bride on what color her dress should be... & then found out the bride didn't want that.  OOPS!  I'm sure it will all turn out beautifully.

By the time I got home Friday evening, I didn't even want to do anything except put on comfy clothes & take advantage of my couch... which is exactly what I did.

Harvey had the same idea
... & yes, that's Ricky under there...

Saturday morning, Ricky had to work which means its the best time for cleaning while he's away... I mean, I put on a load of laundry, went & cleaned the kitchen & went to do another load of laundry..... when .... nothing....

my washing machine wouldn't come on. Power totally gone.  I unplugged & plugged it back in.  That's basically the same as CTRL + ALT + DELETE - right?  Nope. Not when it comes to washing machines.  Well poop.

See what happens when I try cleaning?... nothing good comes from it.

So I said I'm just going to back slowly away from cleaning & gave up for the day.  It was so nice out anyways so I just went & laced up my running shoes & got in a good little 5k.

I had to head home quick, clean up & head out because I had a date with 2 cute little girls...

When I took them to see Inside Out a few months ago, we saw the previews for Transylvania 2 & I said, WE ARE GOING!  They were all for it.  I just loved the first one & love all things Halloween & it doesn't look so weird for an adult going into a kid movie when you have some kids with you so it was a win win for everyone.

Though they don't look so little, do they? 

But before we went to the movie, we went out to eat.  I took the girls to Chuy's because I knew they liked Mexican... my kinda gals... & we even got to sit outside & feed the birds, watch a puppy that in the bed of a truck right in front of us (the owners were sitting next to us watching their puppy) & the girls loved the food.  I think I even heard the words, "This place is AMAZING"... Score for Aunt Bec!

Never too old to color
I actually tried to steal their papers & crayons but they weren't having it

Madi was having some issues with a tooth while we were eating & I thought she was joking when she said it was loose.  Well, I forget they still have baby teeth....

& then irony of all irony - in the movie, its about the little boy growing in his vampire teeth & right when there's a big scene about teeth - Madi's apparently fell out eating cookie dough candy...


I asked her if I could text the picture to her parents & tell her she made me mad enough to knock out her tooth :) 

I think she just lost the bottom tooth like really recently - so she's gotta big gap now right on the side. 

We went shopping a little bit & headed over to another coffee shop - where I got YET ANOTHER HORRIBLE COFFEE!  Like I cringed with the sip. It wasn't even a natural color.  The girls told me it reminded them of their dog's diarrhea.  I thought it probably had a similar taste too... ewwwww....

I had to hurry & get the girls home when their dad called & said Sophia's friend was at the house waiting on her.  WHAT?  Sophia was like, "I have no idea how this happened"... she cracks me up...

So I dropped them off, finished up my latest pictures & got all caught up on my TGIT shows... OH MY GOSH.... How to get away with murder?  Are you KIDDING me?

Sunday started off so amazing....

You know we've been doing 'home church' with our friends, right?  Well, we did have church with them, except we were back in our old church... because our friend was actually preaching. 

It was his first time preaching in that church & it was just the most amazing thing walking back in there & seeing the crowd of people that came to support him.  Steve is such an amazing man & his testimony is something to hear... but his love story with his wife, Vicki is the most beautiful story of all.  She is our friend that is fighting cancer right now & she hasn't been able to leave the house in weeks.... but she's never heard her husband preach before so her kids got the wheelchair, loaded up the oxygen tank & got her back to her church so she could see her husband on that stage.

Totally snagged the pic from Facebook a friend took
... Ricky couldn't believe I didn't take one but I was so caught up in the day...

It was all so emotional... seeing old friends pack the church... hearing our friend's words on the stage (so proud of him) & seeing Vic worship our God, standing with her kids & family around her.

Just pass the tissues please.

God is so good... what a day.

Ricky & I left church & then had to do what we've were dreading but knew we needed to do.... go washing machine shopping.

So many other things I'd rather do.

But we did stop out for lunch before... & I got to pick - so we went to Chuy's - AGAIN!  Yep - 2 days in a row for me.  I do love their veggie enchiladas. 


But we finished up & went to about 4 places & then found a washing machine on sale at Best Buy & then headed over to Home Depot, only to find out they had the same thing for more money.  The lady told us that they price match & BEAT the price... so they looked up the sales price  & then took an extra 10% off!  NICE!

& we were going just for the washing machine... but we got such a good deal on the dryer, & our dryer has been kinda hokey for awhile, so we went ahead & got a brand new set.

Say hello to our new family members....


Ouch... man, I hate the price of appliance shopping.  This is why I said the other day I don't like to travel - because the price of this - we could have had a great week in Gatlinburg, or had a few days in Disney World... but no, we spend that money on a washing machine & dryer. 

you gotta do what you gotta do.

We got home & I went over to see my mom & dad & they weren't there.  So I went down & loved on Cochese for awhile... this horse may be a little worse then Harvey at wanting attention...

This would have been a good picture
except the flies from Cochese flew right into MY eye right when I took the pic
How do horses deal with these flies!?!?!?!?!?

I headed home & took a shower & took my Bible Study stuff outside & enjoyed the night weather.  Ricky soon came out & brought his iPod & turned the evening into a game of "Name that Tune"... all I can say, that dude has the weirdest shuffle list ever on his iPod.  It went from hard heavy metal to Madonna to  "Raindrops keep falling on my head"... what?

I then was excited to snuggle in & watch Once Upon a Time... I love this show & the first episode didn't disappoint! 

I'm just glad Fall TV is back on.  My DVR is already scheduled out!

& now we are onto a new fresh week!  Well, I don't get my new washing machine until next weekend so maybe I won't use the word "Fresh" here....

So how was your weekend?
Do you love or hate appliance shopping?
What Fall TV show are you glad is back?


  1. Sorry you had to get new appliances instead of something more fun. :-( Otherwise, it sounds like you had a pretty good weekend ... well, other than bad coffee, too.

  2. EMPIRE!!! i love that show so much.

    we went to see HT2 as well and loved it!

  3. oh no. Your ctrl + alt + delete comment cracked me up!!! If it makes you feel better I had to take a cold shower this morning (ahhh)! Hoping we don't have to replace our water heater....

  4. Isn't it funny how new appliances can really make us so excited - I have a special place in my heart for all things kitchen! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. Looks like a fun weekend despite the bad coffee and the issues with washer, ugh I hate that stuff. And bad coffee is the worst, so disappointing.

  6. Ick to bad coffee! I know a lot of coffee snobs say Starbucks is bad coffee, but you know what, I think it tastes good so let them think I drink bad coffee! Michael and I love to play name that tune! Especially during long car rides. I swear I JUST read in a blog last week that Home Depot price matches + 10% off...and now you're saying it too! That always happens to me...first time I hear of something and I start hearing/seeing it everywhere!

  7. I don't want to spend the money, but I would love to have some new appliances. Most everything I have is 19 years old. I'd love to have a new stove & oven (my oven just doesn't quite heat right). And I'd love a new fridge and dishwasher and washer & dryer. Of course, wanting and getting are 2 different things. I'll probably just wait until they quit working before I replace any of them. :)

    Love the pictures with Cochese and also with Madi and Sophia. They are so cute. Glad to hear that movie is good. It's playing at our local theater, which is only $5. I may have to go see it.

    Other than the terrible coffee, it sounds like you had a great weekend! I definitely need a trip to Chuy's now. :)

  8. oh pass me a tissue too! what an amazing site that Vicki got to see her husband preach. I'm sure it touched her heart as much as it touched everyone else's hearts.
    ugh. sucks about that bad coffee TWICE in one weekend. The coffee goddesses owe you some good mojo this week! I went appliance shopping about a year ago, but I was excited because I never owned/had my own washer/dryer before. It was new for me in my adult life not to have to drag my dirty clothes from my apartment to my mom's house every other week. Trish - tales from trish

  9. Boo to expensive appliances :( We have to replace our hot water heater soon and I'm already dreading it. And I laughed out loud about the dog diarrhea coffee - you know it's bad when that is what comes to mind!!!

  10. wow.. i'm not really sure where to start.. kinda pissed about all that bad coffee.. highly unacceptable!!
    HTGAWM.. boy is that a long name and yes.. OMG!
    You can never have too much Mexican food..
    good to hear the movie was fun.. should probably take my little guy to see it soon

  11. Quite the weekend!!! I hate when I have bad coffee. The Starbucks I stop to on my way to work ALWAYS burns my hot coffees. It makes me so angry. Their frapps taste ok, but the hot drinks always have this nasty burnt taste and I am like whyyyyyy you have one job!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mmmmmmm Chuy's!!!It has been a few weeks since we have been to ours, that might need to happen next weekend or something!!! Our iron died this morning. While it isn't a big, expensive appliance...I hate when adult life brings me to replace such things haha! Have a great week!

  12. I hate when appliances go bust. You so need them but would much rather spend the money on something else!

    Gah, two bad coffee experiences. Deliver me.

  13. I hate spending money on things like that! I sit around and think "I had to work X number of hours to get this money". Not a good thing to be OCD about, I suppose. And bad coffee - I'm sorry! I do kinda want to know the name of the 2nd place that bombed. I went to a Heine Bros. a couple times across the river but haven't been to the new one on this side. I'm always looking for good places to try but haven't been anxious to try Indiana-Heine yet. Chuy's is awesome - I love the decor and the food hits the spot every time!

  14. Cleaning when Pete is gone is my FAVORITE!!!!!!!!! I swear, he's like a toddler... leaves a path of destruction in his wake.

  15. Two bad coffees? Unexceptable! Bummer on the washer, it is never fun spending money on them but so needed.

  16. That is so funny about Madi's tooth! What perfect timing. I'm so glad Vicky got to see her husband preach. I probably would have been bawling my eyes out if I were there!

  17. lol about the bad coffee! hopefully you had some good stuff for national coffee day to make up for it.

  18. Appliances are so crazy spendy. I keep saying but they will be used several times a week and I'll have them for many years. Yup it still doesn't make it hurt less but I try to say it makes me feel better .. lol

    Man sorry about the bad coffee :(. Glad you had a good meeting with them!

  19. Appliances are so crazy spendy. I keep saying but they will be used several times a week and I'll have them for many years. Yup it still doesn't make it hurt less but I try to say it makes me feel better .. lol

    Man sorry about the bad coffee :(. Glad you had a good meeting with them!

  20. Appliance shopping is the worst! But at least you've got a brand new pair!


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