Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Confession Time

I haven't confessed in awhile... let's clear the air a bit

... It is now completely dark on  my drive into work. The sun doesn't even rise now till 7:14am ... I'm at work at 7am.  Sigh.  Big Sigh.  It's already depressing enough to do the drive to work & now doing it in the dark?  UGH! #bettertohidethetears

about how my morning drives look

... I don't understand how my husband can fall asleep with a speaker literally laying next to his ear, with super hero movies or cartoons playing, LOUDLY. I mean, super hero shows always have action packed scenes.  Bombs exploding, yelling, lots of fighting.  & he snoozes right through it..... But let me giggle when I'm on the internet on my tablet & looking at funny posts & he'll roll over & tell me I need to keep it down.  #inserteyeroll

... Harvey Dent is the first dog we've ever had that hates to go 'bye bye'... all our others? If they saw the car door open, they'd run & jump in & give puppy dog eyes until we took them somewhere.  I have literally just driven up & down the street before to make them feel like they've gone somewhere.  But if Harvey sees a car door open, he runs up to the house door, sits & shakes & whines.  That makes for fun times when he has to go to the vet or to get groomed.  #DogAgoraphobia

How we have to get Harvey to the car

... I somehow got caught on Celebrity Big Brother in the UK.  It's USA Vs. UK & the people they have that represent America?  Oh wow... One is a Teen Mom, one is an adult entertainment star, Janice Dickinson & 2 of the others I've never heard of.  The one I know the best is Daniel Baldwin.  Those Baldwin boys are into everything.  I cant stop watching though because its funny to see how the USA is represented.  & with this cast, you can imagine how well that is.  #ABaldwinBroforPresident  #BetterThanTrump

... The houses near my work are all older houses.  Everyone has to park their cars on the road which makes 2 cars coming down the same road a nightmare every day... & then I noticed that none of these houses have driveways.  What's that about?  When they built these houses, did they not expect people to actually own cars?  #parkyourcoveredwagon?

... I don't understand Snapchat ... at all.  Isn't like Instagram but just in a different format?  I just don't get it... but I think I need to download Periscope. I don't want to get too out of the loop on the latest things.  Easy to fall behind with technology changing so fast.  Plus, I want to see if Disney has live videos going... & let's be honest, I'm going to see if I can ever find anything Steven Curtis Chapman.  #probablycantfigureitout #iamold

... I wish I had money to get my hair straightened by my stylist every week  #shesmagical  #iampoor

... its so sad driving up to our house now & not having neighbor dogs come running to greet us.  It feels so strange.  Makes me even happier to walk into my house & see 3 wagging tails waiting to greet me #Givemeallthedogs

... I am way too excited about this movie coming out!  #LoveHalloween 

... & this movie as well!  #FavoriteWitches

So what are some things on your mind you need to tell me?

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  1. hahahaha husbands and their weird sleep habits/patterns. mine can fall asleep at the drop of a in we'll both go to bed at the same time, i'll turn over to turn the light off, roll over to say goodnight and he's already asleep and snoring WTF?! but when i'm tired as hell, he's all "so how was your day?" and wants to talk.

  2. I've never seen the first Hotel Transylvania movie but I need to! And YES Hocus Pocus 2! Happy dogs greeting you when you get home is just the best.

  3. If money was no object, I would get my hair done and blown out twice a week haha. I just despise doing it so much! And what is Periscope? I've been hearing a lot about it, but have no clue. Snapchat is fun though! I'll send you snaps of Brady all day! ;)

  4. I like periscope more than snapchat but maybe just give them both a shot and see! I agree...give me all the tails! I love dogs!!!

  5. I'm excited about Hocus Pocus 2 also! Can't wait! and that is too funny about your dog. My dog LOVES to go anywhere, on a leash, in the car, even carried I think he'd be happy.

  6. I am ridiculously excited about Hocus Pocus 2!!! The first is one of my favorite holiday movies ever!!!! I still don't get Snapchat either. Why is it so weird and confusing??? I haven't even thought about downloading Periscope. I cant keep up!!! I had to LOL at that dog gif!

  7. I didn't really get snapchat either and probably still don't but it's mostly the unedited stuff of life - for me it's the things I want to share but aren't necessarily pretty enough for instagram lol! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  8. totally excited about hocus pocus 2!
    i understand snapchat, kind of, and it's fun! i agree with what B said above. but periscope is so confusing to me haha.
    hate those roads that have cars parked on either side! thats why i refuse to drive around there lol.

  9. I have enough watching my Big Brother here in Los Angeles each year. What channel do you watch the UK one on. I didn't know there was a Hocus Pocus 2, I loved the first one! Love the dog on the leash......

  10. Our two boy dogs are seasoned travelers. Our little Mae girl would rather never leave home. Whenever we go anywhere she is stuck to me like glue until we return home.

  11. OH MY GOSH!!! I didn't know they were making either of those sequels! So excited!

  12. I totally agree..those movies look like such fun! Bella LOVES to hop in the car, especially when Sonic is involved! I'm right there with her on that one! If I get involved in Big Brother in the UK, I seriously won't get a thing done!

  13. Johnny Cakes hates going bye-bye, too! He won't even go POTTY outside. He goes on a plastic pad/tray thingy. lol Is there a support group they can join together??? It would have to be online.

  14. I'm so freaking excited to watch Hotel Transylvania #2!!!

  15. Hotel Transylvania 2 looks so cute, and OF COURSE I'm pumped for Hocus Pocus 2! I really like snapchat because it's more real-life than IG. There aren't really many filters and you just snap what you're doing right then. I love following "big bloggers" on there and seeing what they're ACTUALLY like haha.

  16. I pretty much got overloaded on all social media and just use Instagram now, barely. Ha! Hocus Pocus 2???

  17. I don't really get Snapchat either. I can't figure out if all these people are sending things just to me or what?


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