Wednesday, September 16, 2015


... Fantasy Football has already taken my husband hostage.  Its already lots of looking at his phone, checking the laptop for stats & stopping at every TV in the house or even in stores.  I never thought football season would be as bad as basketball season around my house. #iwaswrong

... I am so addicted to Song Pop on Facebook - it gets me through my days at work .... & Sorry (not sorry) but I am pretty dang good at it.  I love they have the "party" games now where you compete against 5 people & at the end of the day, you see your ranking. I'm usually in the top 15.  & yes, I realize this sentence alone makes me seem like I need to get a life.  #justdontsendmecountrymusic

... what were they thinking putting Gary Busey on Dancing with the Stars. This is a train wreck waiting to happen.  But yeah, I'll be watching every week to see what happens. #ScoredHigherThenaRealHousewife

... I'm sorry but I just want to cringe over the way some of the contestants answer the questions on the Miss America pageant.  The question the winner had about "Deflate-gate"... oh my. Someone tell me how she won.  But I actually sit at home & wait for the questions myself & see how I would answer them.  & I usually smash the answer, at least in my own mind.   #givemeatiara

... I will totally watch the Republican Debate tonight ... just because Donald Trump is there.  You gotta give it to him - he's brought in the attention on something that normally most people don't give 2 hoots about. (raising hand) I usually would never watch anything until it comes down to the big show between the 2 candidates for President.  This has been USA Entertainment at its finest.  #isthisreallyhappening

Say it again Donald... say it again

... I was so sad that Serena Williams lost in the US Open.  So close to that Grand Slam!  I'm sorry. I just feel like when you get to 2 games to the end of it all, the other players should just throw it to her.  Just me.  I mean, will anyone remember the lady's name that beat Serena?  Wasn't she ranked like something ridiculous? ... should have just let history be made.  #DoItForTheGoodOfTheGame

... Ricky was back in our back barn this weekend & came running in Saturday & yelling, GIVE ME MY PHONE - I NEED TO TAKE A PICTURE!!!! ... what is happening? ... he found a 2 foot snake in the garage.  Wh-wh-wh-WHAT?!??!   He said that he was looking in a corner & saw something that looked like a snake skin.... only to keep looking up the body of that snake skin & see a head attached to it, raised up, looking at him, all King-Cobra like.  He said he was standing near it & jumped when he realized it was alive.  And then he ran in to get his phone to take a picture & came back.... & he's gone.... so now, I keep feeling like I see a 2 foot snake everywhere I look.  Ricky has now called him "Blackie" & is trying to find him again. ... I just know I'm staying FAR FAR FAR away from that barn. I just know he's still in there somewhere.  #OnSnakeAlert

Me around our back barn every time now
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  1. hahahah gary busey. he's hilarious and obvs on there for ratings!

  2. Yeah, no way I'd go near that barn!! Had a big black spider in my dining room this morning. Went running to get hubby and by the time he got in there, it was gone. So I can't even walk around my house without searching the floor constantly looking for it! Yuck!!!!

  3. After watching Busey on The Apprentice a couple years ago - I can't handle any more Busey o.O

  4. What?! Gary Busey is on DWTS?! Now I might actually have to watch that show just for that!

  5. Gary Busey is hilariously crazy. The commercials he did for that Amazon TV stick thing were amazing. And uhhh what?! I can't believe Ricky WANTS to find that thing again...I'd be like you, avoiding the barn (or maybe the outdoors in general...) at all costs!

  6. I bet Busey is on for a while just bc people want to see the train wreck! lol
    Kinda like the debates tonight. ;) I wanna watch them too I think!

  7. I don't watch DWTS but I did see the first show in lack of anything else to watch. I agree, what were they thinking, he is a trainwreck for sure!!!!

  8. Busey is on the crazy train,. I am looking forward to what comes out of his mouth rather than his footwork. Heck no to a snack that big, run!!!!

  9. Serena! Boohoo : ( So sad for her. She's amazing, and it was just one of those things. Ugh. I haven't tuned in yet this season to DWTS. Gary Busey? Oh dear. I'll be watching the debate. Not excited for the Donald to be President, but am happy he's changed the conversation.

  10. I was sooo sad about Serena, too! I was really hoping she would go all the way. We just started watching tennis and really like it! Also, I haven't watched DWTS in YEARS, but definitely want to for this lineup with Bindy and Busey!

  11. I'm so lucky that Kyle isn't into fantasy football, and I've never heard of song pop on facebook before either. I guess i'm just not in the 21st century haha.

    liz jo @ sundays with sophie

  12. I did fantasy football for one year and I was all in - I don't even LIKE football. I know nothing about it. I once referred to their uniforms as "costumes" in front of a room of people and was highly embarrassed. I was sad about Serena! I don't even know who she played - the headline was that she lost not that "so&so" beat her. Trish - tales from trish

  13. i confess i'm scared to death of that snake!!! just hearing about it. nope. goodbye, outdoors! i confess this week is dragging by for me.

  14. What is this song pop? I've never heard of it but feel like I need it in my life.


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