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Cold cant have my flowers, a snuggly puppy & Disney makes everything better {Thankful Thursday #116}

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This week I am Thankful For:
{the numbers go with my One Thousand Gifts Journal... so just ignore}

194 / Free Rewards at Subway.  
You'll see this every now & then on here, but with Ricky & I eating there all the time, we rack up the points to where we both get a free lunch every few months.  Nice to have.

196 / Benadryl
Not for me or Ricky, but for poor Bruno.  He suffers so badly from allergies - especially skin allergies.  They make him itch so bad & he has the hardest time sleeping because he just wants to roll & scoot across the bed all night long.  We've started giving him a Benadryl on the worst days & it really seems to help him be a little calmer.

197 / Seeing friends on a run
I talked recently about being the only one at the local park - well it made my day when not only did I see people, but I knew them. They were my last bride & groom... & I got to meet their new addition to their family. Their puppy #allthehearteyes ... I tried to tuck that little doggie in my pocket but momma was hanging too tightly to her little boy.  It was great seeing them as husband & wife. Such a precious pair.

Do I have the best park or what?

199 / Cut Daffodils
We got all the warnings about the cold coming back in (DANG YOU MOTHER NATURE) & the frost that was ready to get rid of any evidence of Spring coming early.  So I one up'ed Ms. Nature & went & cut off my daffodils & brought them inside.  I figured if they are going to die overnight, I might as well enjoy them inside for a few days.  They've actually lasted about a week so far & looking so nice in my house. I need to remember to do that more often because it does seem they bloom fairly early every Spring & then get killed off by a frost.

201 / MSM Hangout
I love that our church does these events every few times a year that just has the middle school kids come & hang out.  This past Friday, they did an impromptu talent show... it was equally hilarious & amazing at how talented some of these kids are!  I just enjoy getting to see them where their personalities shine.

202 / Disney Music
I had to drive home late on Friday night & it gets pretty scary out my way where there are no street lights & tiny roads where there are some areas with no markings on the road for the side... plus, people love to drive these country roads at like 90 mph & for some reason, love to ride IN THE MIDDLE OF THE LANE (????) ... fun stuff especially when the roads are hilly.  Its no wonder stress hasnt killed me yet.  So I loved pumping up some Disney jams in my car for the scary ride home alone.  Disney makes everything better.

204 / Beauty & the Beast purse
A blog friend sent me an email the other day to let me know that Target had a new line of Beauty & the Beast stuff out. Thank you so much Meg ... because I went on & found this purse & immediately ordered it.  Wasn't' even sure what it was going to look like because it said "Girls Department" - so I figured it would be a tiny little useless thing - but still gotta have!!! & then it came in the mail & I was SHOCKED at how cute & how big it is. I mean, its not HUGE, but its big enough to hold my phone & a little wallet & a few other small things.  It's ADORABLE!!! I've since found it, its sold out & no stores has it. I know because everyone on IG has been messaging me about it & they can't find it.  I feel like a lottery winner

... also love the shirt I got from Target.  This was in the Men's Department... ok then... Ricky said he cant imagine any guy wearing that, but whatever man. I'll take the men's sizing & the comfy soft Tee's that the men get.

Target just made my week!

206 / Daylight Savings
OK... right now, I kinda dont like Daylight Savings. The past few days has kicked me in the butt with exhaustion.  Maybe it has nothing to do with loosing an hour of my life.. maybe it does. But I'm going to be thankful for it because I ADORE nothing more than being about to see out of my windows after 7pm.  That to me is just wondrous & heavenly.

208 / My Snuggly Boy
... especially on COLD nights....
I love a snuggly animal & have always felt like our dogs have loved to be loved on. Harvey Dent takes it to a whole other level. I swear, in his mind, he thinks he's a itty bitty lap dog. He loves to be held, loves to crawl up in your lap, loves to be snuggled next to you.  At night, it can be a little much having to fight for your space in the bed or to grab a spot on the pillow... but honestly, I love how snuggly he is.  I love my big spoiled boy.  He's not sure about us giving Bruno all the extra additional lately, so he's in need of even more snuggles than usual.  I have demanding dogs.  I love it.

He crawled up under my pillow so my head is basically laying on him... he loved it & stayed like that most of the night.
A lot of times, he'll wrap himself around my head where his head comes around my face, & lays his head under my neck.
keeps me warmer than any electric blanket that exists

So what good things are happening in your world 
this week?

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  1. Aww, Baylee does the same thing! What breed of puppy did the new couple get? I can't believe there is no
    We got a large snow on Monday night so I am thankful that I haven't had to go to work since then!

  2. My pup steals my heat insteadof keeping me warm! We had daffodils at work and then they were dead the next day. I was so bummed! I wanted pics.

  3. I'm very surprised that the Beauty & the Beast shirt was mens. How strange. But maybe a win, since their material always seems to be softer! And I usually like the sizing better anyways.

    I got to see my neph-dog last night & snuggle him which is always a joy. And my friends Mom & Aunt, whom I LOVE, are stuck in town a few extra days because of snow they got back home. So I got a chance to see them when I wouldn't have otherwise, so YAY SNOW!?

  4. I've never met him, but I just love that Harvey Dent. My puppy likes to snuggle up by my side at night or if I'm in the recliner she likes to lay on the foot rest between my legs.

    Those daffodils are beautiful. Saw quite a few of those in the Smoky Mountains, but they weren't as big as yours.

    I promise I'll get back to participating again soon. Maybe even this evening when I get home. We'll see what the night brings.

  5. Your flowers are gorgeous. Girl, we love free stuff, so YAY to free food!

  6. TARGET HAS B&TB STUFF?! i need that purse!! off to shop now.. ugh i can't shop. rage. i'll ask KC to buy it for me haha.
    i love daffodils. our (hopefully!) new house has a bunch in the front yard, so pretty!

  7. How is that shirt in the men's department...? Definitely not a guy's shirt. Ha. I love that book purse, though!
    Our dogs have been MUCH more snuggly lately :)

  8. I love snuggly pup pictures. That is an awesome shirt and purse that you found. I bet you are sooo excited for it. Hopefully you can see it tonight!

  9. Barkley sleeps that way. It's cute. Annoying sometimes but definitely cute.

    I love a good Disney jam. Although right now, Disney is a curse word in my house.

  10. I love a demanding pet too. Max is honestly pretty low-key, but Emeril, the cat before him, was a diva. So bossy and I loved every minute of it. He would wrap around my head too, like Harvey Dent, and it was hot but so sweet. :D I'm so glad snagged one of those purses because it was made for YOU.

  11. That purse is awesome!! And those flowers are so beautiful! Mac sleeps that way too. Silly dogs thinking they are cats.

  12. Aww....I just love Harvey Dent. My Daisy likes to snug up between Tim and I at about shoulder level. I love it and can't sleep unless she's curled up by me. We'll just say Tim and I have different opinions about the wonderfulness of it. Daisy gets Benedryl too for her itchiness. It does settle her down, but I don't know if it stops the itch or makes her drowsy like it does to people.

    Cute purse and shirt. I would use both even though I'm not a fan.

  13. What a sweet pup/nurse you have!! Love the little purse you scored! I agree about daylight savings time. Worse than jet lag.

  14. That purse is so cute! And your park is gorgeous!


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