Wednesday, March 29, 2017

What's Up Wednesday

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What We're Eating This Week....
With my dental nightmare happening - its basically ANYTHING SOFT!
Call me the Smoothie and/or Banana Pudding Queen!!!

What I'm Reminiscing About...
... when I could eat anything I wanted.
Like real food.  That you could chew.
.... le sigh....

What I'm Loving...

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I absolutely am loving this stuff.
I've only tried the mocha but need to try the other flavors (Vanilla / Caramel)
I use this instead of coffee creamer - & have even used it with no sugar in my coffee too.  
It's so delicious.

What We've Been Up To...
The hubs has been all about Basketball this month.
Lets not talk about UK loosing by 2 points.  please. lets not talk about it.
Me?  My March has been a blur of busy - so the usual.

What I'm Dreading....

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Figuring out what to do with this empty space in my mouth with my missing tooth
... or even getting used to the feeling of it.
It's driving me a tad insane. 
I'm trying not to touch it with my tongue but of course, its like my tongue is a magnet to the hole. 
& eating just feels SO STRANGE.
I may end up loosing 50 lbs because I just want to stick to this liquid diet.

What I'm Working On...

My Hand lettering.
I've always loved some of the beautiful art work that is used for scripture or inspirational quotes. So I've been snatching up some good brush pens & markers & working on my own lettering. I honestly feel like my calligraphy is better than brush pens, but I want to be good at all of it.
Practice, Practice, Practice.

What I'm Excited About...
I just love Easter. Everything about it.

 What I'm Watching/Reading....

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Anyone else watching this new show on Bravo?  I think there's only like 3 episodes shown so far - & every one of them, I have cackled.  3 best friends (& the guy is an ex husband who is now dating his ex-wife again)... they are just so funny together. & if you saw this last week's episode - I literally snorted laughing at what "Pumps" kids has her phone calling her.
They are only 30 minute episodes. You need a laugh - watch it.

What I'm Listening To...

Image result for missing richard simmons podcast

Yep - I got carried away with this podcast.
It was so intriguing, wasn't it?
& I think its strange how the guy sort of abruptly stopped it too.
I think there is something strange happening with Richard Simmons...
but Strange & Richard Simmons just always seems to go well together

What I'm Wearing...

I've been on a leggings kick lately.
I'm looking for some good long shirts/short dresses to wear with them for Spring & Summer. I think they'll be cool & comfortable. I love them with sandals & with boots. They are a year round look.

What I'm Doing This Weekend...

Image result for papa john's 10 miler 2017

We'll see... but I'm supposed to do the Papa John's 10 Miler.
But I havent ran since my mouth trauma from a week ago... & I tried working out & the pain in my jaw was horrid. So I dont know if I'm going to make it through the race or not. 
I hate this race anyways- truly hate it - so the idea of running it with tooth/jaw pain?
UGH... just seems appropriate.

What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month...
Being done with my half marathon training.
I've just not enjoyed running this time around.  I've been knocking out the runs, but its just not been fun or enjoyable in the least.  I'm actually looking forward to getting back to focusing more on weight training (who am I?) & doing shorter runs. A good 5k or a challenging 10k is more my level right now.  I enjoy those.  Anything over 7 or 8 miles has me grumpy & complaining & just not looking forward to working out.

Image result for half marathon training funny
Odds are... this is exactly what is going to happen #truth

What's Your Favorite Spring Wardrobe Piece...
I am once again on the hunt for white jeans.
Let me tell you - the struggle is SO REAL in my world.
I actually bought one pair... ordered them online because I couldnt find any in stores I liked - got them home & they were too tight. You DONT WANT tight white jeans.
Let me tell you. Nooooooooo.....
So I'm still on the hunt for a good straight pair of skinny (but not too skinny) white jeans.
Its like a unicorn....

But here's the style I like for Spring.
White jeans - with removeable tops where its cool in the mornings & evenings.
This style... which I never can quite pull off ... but a girl can dream!

Image result for white jeans for women spring style

Click on over at Mix & Match Mama to join in on the fun today!  


  1. I like that style too! I need to get me a good denim/light blue shirt, a cream sweater, and those shoes. So yea, I guess the only thing I have is the white jeans. I hope they still fit since I pulled them out last

    Why did you sign up for the 10 miler if it's a race you always hated? FOMO?
    I'm intrigued with the Richard Simmons thing. Please tell me more!

  2. Okay - your hand lettering is gorgeous!! I'm not sure if you've ever mentioned this, but do you also do calligraphy for weddings and stuff! What a cool service to add to your photography! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. That lettering is beautiful! That's so cool that you can do that. And I'm definitely all about leggings recently. I picked up some fleece lined ones in New York that were great for the Winter but I've got to make sure I have some for Summer since it's coming up.

  4. I tried the caramel flavor of the one touch latte - so good. Not healthy, but delicious!! I listened to the Finding Richard Simmons podcast too. So weird but so good! Have you listened to S-Town? It's by the same people who did Serial and it came out yesterday. I plan to listen today! Hope your tooth feels better!

  5. that is a gorgeous outfit but i could never pull that off!

  6. I wore white jeans twice this past week :) I LOVE them. Don't care at all that it's before Memorial Day. They're just so springy.

  7. I love love your hand lettering. Every time I see it on Instagram, I am just in awe. Great job.

    That show sounds so cute! I need to try and watch the first episodes.

    Your leggings are so cute! I'm also a legging addict and into florals right now for everything.

  8. One touch latte!? I am so intrigued! I never put sugar in my coffee unless I end up somewhere that really is serving "motor oil". But I do love me some fancy coffee drinks!

  9. Old Navy has some good dresses/tunics to wear over leggings right now.

  10. Sorry that you are having tooth pain again, ugh! :(

  11. I love your art pieces you have done with your pens. Especially the one with the dandelion that is blown. So pretty. I need to try that Latte creamer. I hope that your tooth pain goes away and you can eat things that aren't in smoothie or soft form.

  12. I love your hand lettering stuff, so pretty!!! My handwriting sucks :( So I got the latte stuff in caramel and I like it alright, but heres the deal for me. I think I will stick to my creamer. If you use it like they tell you too, it has 25 grams of sugar. What??? Way more than my natural sweet creamer!!!! I never add sugar to my coffee at home.

  13. You can definitely pull off the white jean and layered top look!
    Oof- 10K without tooth pain sounds terrible... I can't imagine with!
    The show sounds comical :) I used to watch Southern Charm on Bravo when I needed a brain-break. Ha!

  14. Yes to the white jeans being like a unicorn! Your lettering looks great!

  15. I really, really want to try hand lettering but it scares me so much. I'm not artistically inclined AT ALL.

    I wanted to try that latte stuff. Almost bought some today and put it back.

    My favorite spring wardrobe piece is flip flops. I do not like shoes. Or socks.

  16. Your hand lettering is absolutely gorgeous! I just haven't been able to get on the leggings craze. I actually haven't tried them so I can't say I don't like them, I just don't like having such tight pants around my legs. My girls encouraged me once to try on skinny jeans and I couldn't get them off fast enough. It was almost claustrophobic. They are cute though, so many fun patterns!

  17. I love your lettering. You are so good.

  18. I like that look too! I also LOVE your lettering! You are GOOD!!

  19. Love the outfit and the comic. Your lettering is so lovely!! :) So sorry about all of your dental woes. I hope that you can eat normal food again soon! XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  20. Your sketching is fantastic!! I'm sorry about Kentucky - what a crazy March Madness it's been. I hope your teeth are feeling better soon :(

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  21. Girl, grace to you if you can't do the race, but if you do, cheering you on!!!

    I have LOVED seeing what you are working on lately. You are so talented and crafty.


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