Monday, March 27, 2017

The weekend I was forced to slow down... with thanks to pain pills

I had a lot of plans for the weekend.

What's new, right?

But I had 9 miles to run on my training schedule... I was supposed to do a little part of the message for the MSM kids, which I was SO EXCITED about doing because 1. I have missed teaching so much & 2. It was talking about Bible Journaling!!! ... I also was supposed to do our women's JOY Bible Study...I was supposed to take my car & get detailed...  not to mention all of the other stuff I end up doing on a weekend...

& all of that was thrown out of the window.

Let me back up.  Thursday, I told Ricky, I can feel my tooth feeling funny.  I bet the crown is going to pop off again soon.

I should know that funny feeling. That same crown has popped off that same tooth, I think the count is somewhere around 6 or 7 times.  I know the feeling all too well. I just knew it wasn't feeling right.

So Friday after getting home from the grocery & Ricky picking up some Chuy's for dinner, I am sitting on the back porch finishing up a book ... & then all of a sudden, I feel my crown come off.

I just sort of laughed to myself because I thought, "Man, I'm getting good at knowing this"
except I couldnt have planned for what happened next.

See, when my crown comes off, I can always feel the little popcorn kernel tooth underneath. It never hurts - I had a root canal in it - but it's always such a strange feeling with that little nub sticking up.

& this time, I spit out my tooth & noticed it looked funny... & then ran my tongue over the spot & noticed that nub wasn't there.  WHAT IS HAPPENING?

I look at the tooth again & what do I see? My tooth stuck up in the crown

Well, at least that cement they put on the crown did its job this time around - it didn't "Technically" come off the tooth... but the tooth broke off under the crown.

Poor tooth. It's been through a lot of trauma through the years.

But now what? I had a half broken tooth still hanging in my mouth.  GREAAAAATTTTTTT!!!!

Only about an hour after this happened, I had to suck it up & hold it together because my brother & his family was dropping off their dog for us to dog sit for the week while they're on spring break.  I'm loving having 4 dogs back in the house.... Harvey isn't too sure about not being the newest dog in the house... so its been interesting but I'm all for being surrounded by fur babies.

Luckily, I didnt have any pain in this tooth - it was just sharp if I felt it with my tongue where it was broken & the edges were sticking up out of the gum.

I had an appointment for Saturday late morning... & I knew what was going to happen & my biggest fear -having to have the rest pulled out.

I had a tooth pulled one other time... about 20 years ago.  Let me tell you - it damaged me physically & mentally ... it was HORRIBLE. That's why I've since had so many crowns put in - I'll do whatever it takes to save a tooth instead of having one pulled.  So I had a good cry fest before I left to go to the dentist & had to pull it together & act like a real adult.  NO fun.

The dentist said yep, he had to get the rest of the root out but was afraid it was going to shatter since the tooth was so frail as well.  He was right. He got me numb & then the pulling & drilling & more tugging & more drilling & MORE pulling & drillling happened.  He stopped at one point & I asked with an open numb mouth, "ISH ETT OWWTT YEET?" & he said, "half of it"... GEEZZZZZ... it took about 10 minutes of him cutting & drilling to get the entire thing out.

You can see the broken tooth in the x-ray & the root still deep in my mouth
The white blob behind it is a crowned tooth if you were wondering... not a dental ghost of nightmare past

I will say though - It didn't hurt. I mean, its not how I wanted to spend a Saturday,& its not like getting a spa treatment,  but it was nothing like that first tooth pull.  I wanted to hug the dentist ... & I had to thank God because the entire time the procedure was going on, I was quoting every bible scripture I could remember about God being near & no fear & finding strength & joy... Lord speak!

I actually didnt feel bad afterwards except for the gauze I had to keep in my mouth for 3 hours to stop the bleeding... which literally had me gagging.  But they gave me a prescription for pain pills, which I never take because they put me in a coma but the nurse assured me that they had to do a LOT of work in my mouth & I was going to need them.  So I stopped at the pharmacy & got it filled & picked up some allergy medicine too... thanks tree pollen ... & headed home.

I ended up sitting outside for HOURS enjoying the beautiful weather & letting the dogs get used to each other more under supervision.

Plus, I couldnt do anything else. I had asked the doctor if I could run my 9 miles which he looked at me like I had 5 heads. Ricky said, "You didnt' really ask that, did you?"... well... yeahhh - the instructions said you couldnt lift weights or anything over 35 lbs - not that you couldnt run.  But the dentist made it clear to me that I was indeed not going to want to run.

... it took a few hours but I got what he meant.  OH MERCY... the numbing shots wore off & I thought I was going to punch myself in the face to knock myself out. It wasn't so much the tooth area as it was the lower gums that were throbbing & aching.  I knew I had to give in & take the pain meds.  I also know me - I get sick when I take pain meds without food & throwing up was the last thing I wanted to do - with pulling out my toenails one by one ahead of that.

But you cant eat with a mouth like this so I headed down to the local gas station to get some ice cream... & found some pudding they had made. Let me tell you - it was the best banana pudding I think I've ever had in my life.  Maybe when you havent eaten in 10 hours, anything tastes like the best food ever... but I downed the pudding & downed the pills ... & then I was down for the count.

A healthy dinner

I tried to watch a bit of TV & ended up getting through The Vow  (I'm a little behind in movies apparently) but I just felt like I had been beat....

I was glad I slept fairly well through the night with the pain meds & actually woke up on Sunday feeling a little better. The gum pain had gone away, but the jaw pain had kicked in - like Mike Tyson has used my face as a practice bag.  I couldnt even get my mouth open but a inch so there was no way I could get to church to teach or talk to the kids...

So home I stayed... all weekend... with no running... no church.... no activities.

Just reading, eating pudding & ice cream & practicing hand lettering & bible journaling.  What a strange weekend. Not one I had on my planner, for sure.

Now I have to wait for this to heal & then decide on what to do.

The dentist said I can get an implant.. or get a bridge - which freaks me out because helllllooooo - I am a tooth grinder - I make my teeth pop off easily on that side & with a bridge, I can pop not one tooth off, but THREE now?... or he said I can just leave it.  Its in the back, so its not like its really noticeable, though I havent tried eating real food with it yet & know its going to feel so bizarre to have nothing to chomp down on.  At least I have a few weeks to decide what to do. I'm probably not going to do anything until after the half marathon at the end of April anyways. No more, "You cant run" situations until after that.

So yeah, this weekend doesnt go down in the records as one of my favorites... but I will say, it was nice to slow down for a change of pace.

So how was your weekend?

Do you have a bridge or an implant?  Tell me about it...

Anyone else at least get nice weather like we did?


  1. My Mom has an implant. Or she did, until the IMPLANT broke a few weeks ago. It's probably 3-5 years old? But it shouldn't be breaking. Plus they have to hammer a post into your gum for the implant to sit on. At least that's what they did with hers. Which, sounds terrible. But, I also know nothing about bridges, so maybe it's the better option?

    I'm glad there was no pain during, and I'm with you 100% I absolutely would have asked if I could do my long run. Or would have tried to do it first. Haha.

  2. Oh my goodness - you have the worst luck with teeth. I have some crowns but no bridge/implant. My sister is dealing with this issue though -- trying to decide whether to get two teeth pulled so she can get a bridge or fork over an arm/leg for an implant. All this debate about health insurance ... what about affordable dental insurance that actually covers more than just a cleaning? Blah ... hope you're feeling better and that it doesn't interfere with this weekend or the half! Priorities! ;)

  3. Oh no, that sounds like a lot of pain! I'm glad the dentist was so good and you didn't feel any pain during the procedure. I hope it's a bit better now.

  4. Oh I'm so sorry to hear about your crown coming off again, but am so happy the pulling of the rest of the tooth wasn't too painful. Dental complications really are the worst, but it helps when you have a dentist that you like and trust-- hopefully whatever option you go with, will put an end to issues with this tooth for you.

  5. No bridge or implants. I have no experience to share with you. Glad you were able to take it easy this weekend, like it or not. I don't do pain meds well either. Keep us posted on that tooth (or no tooth!).

  6. When I saw your post on IG of you in the dentist chair I thought "oh no, poor Rebecca is having the worst luck with her teeth".
    I just read a race recap yesterday were a runner lost her crown during the race when she bit into a Clif shot block gummy thing. Luckily she was able to hang onto it until the end of the race.

  7. Oh my goodness - your poor mouth! I can't believe all the trouble you have had with that tooth.

  8. Your teeth troubles make me cringe :( I'm glad the dentist was top notch and the procedure pain was minimal, though. Ugh. Girl. I just can't imagine going through all that!
    Nothing like a tooth emergency to force you to slow down and take it easy. At least it happened on a weekend...? Ugh. Praying for your pain to subside!

  9. I'm down with a weekend of pudding but everything else you had to endure - not so much! All your teeth woes make me feel so bad. Hopefully you're feeling better now!

  10. Bless your heart! Hoping for a speedy recovery for you!

  11. I'm so sorry you had to go through that! I have an implant. I was so fortunate to have good dental insurance so it covered about 80% of the cost. I wasn't going to mess with it because I didn't have any trouble with food or anything, but they told me that eventually my top tooth would start trying to drift down to fill the space, which would be a problem. I don't know if that's really a real problem though. But I love the implant.

  12. So sorry you had that problem with your tooth. I had a tooth pulled many years ago and they decided not to do anything with the space because my teeth were pretty crowded. It's never caused me any real problems. It definitely has not hurt my eating as you can tell by the pictures you've seen of me. haha

    Hope you heal up quickly.

  13. girl, you poor thing. i had a tooth like that, that came out in like 100 pieces but it did hurt. i still remember that pain and now i'm with you, i'll do whatever i can to keep them in. the pain afterwards was a million times worse than actually being in the dentist's chair. i hope you are done with tooth issues for the rest of your life now ;)

  14. Ugh, you and your teeth problems, I feel so bad for you! Glad that you got if fixed and that you are recovering for no running though!

  15. Having to slow down can be super awesome... even when it sucks sometimes. I was sick last week and so I just read and read. It was lovely. :) :) I'm so sorry, that sucks sucks sucks! Glad your dentist is awesome though, and hopefully your other crowns will just stay put!! The troublemaker is gone! XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  16. You and this tooth have gone too many rounds!! Oh girl, I am so so sorry. If the implant is done correctly, you shouldn't have any problems. I hope you are pain free today! Praying for your comfort! xo

  17. Oh no I can't believe this happened again! I'm so sorry and hope you're back to feeling better soon.

    That pup is adorable... looks like my brother's dog, Phoebe, who is a puggle. Is that dog a puggle too?

    I LOVE The Vow! Hope you enjoyed it.

  18. Oh Rebecca, I feel so bad for you and all your tooth problems! I hope you're back to feeling better ASAP!

  19. You are like one of my mentors in the Christian walk, because I love how much you love getting into God's Word, memorizing it, quoting it in your head while you're going through the gauntlet of getting tooth work done O_O, and in every day life. I always love your Instagram Bible journaling and your quotes you share.

    <3 Praying for healing sister; rest in the Lord. Wait on Him, be of Good courage, and He will strengthen your heart. <3

  20. Oh my gosh - you poor thing, I can't imagine knowing the tooth was going to fall out and then having to deal with all of that this weekend. Sending all the good tooth vibes your way! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  21. OMG!! Please don't jinx me! I'm gonna have nightmares tonight about my root canal! Eek! I have yet to get a crown on my tooth. Wayne's insurance paid the max for my root canal and so I'm out of benefits for the crown. That $1,000 expense is going to hafta wait until January 2018!

  22. Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear about your tooth. I'm such a baby when it comes to any type of pain. Enjoy all those fur babies :) Beautifully Candid

  23. So I have had to have two teeth pulled (both in the back of my mouth) and I opted to not have a bridge or implant. No one can tell, and insurance doesn't cover the options because it is cosmetic more than anything so I opted to not do it and I am so glad I didn't. All that does is cause more things to possibly break or be damaged in the future anyways lol. sorry you had to go through that though. Dental stuff is just the worst!

  24. I am so sorry you went through this. Sucks when you go to the dentist on a Saturday. ugh. My sister has an implant. They are costly, but effective. If you want more info, let me know and I can ask her for more details.


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