Monday, March 06, 2017

The weekend that was felt like a race all the way through....


That's the only word that applies to this past weekend.
Legit - non-stop.

It got kicked off with a bang on Friday when I missed my first scheduled appointment. Dang it.  We were supposed to go to a wedding - one of my youth kiddos.  It kills me all my youth kiddos are getting married.  They are forever in 6th grade in my mind.  But the wedding was at 7 & a little bit away from us. I ended up not getting home from after work till nearly 6 - which we needed to leave home by 5:45 to make it in time to the wedding.  So we totally missed it & I'm so sad I did.  I thought of my sweet Mandy-Lou all night long.  Lifted up plenty of prayers for her & her new husband.

I needed to get to bed early anyways since it was race day on Saturday... & I did try to make it to bed early but nearly 11 was as good as it got for me.  I mean, I had to get in my Vampire Diaries (ONE EPISODE TO GO!!!!!!!!)

..... & then the wake up call came way too early as they usually do.

Race day! & it was cold!!!! The first leg of the Triple Crown.  The Anthem 5k.  I was hoping the nice weather was going to hold out - which it did, kinda. It warmed up in the mid 50's that day - but the morning?  It was in the 20's when we woke up & race time, it was 31 degrees.

The drive to the race... someone is tired & trying to stay warm

It is always fine once you get moving - but that waiting to get the start going? Torture.

But it was nice because while we were waiting, Ricky saw one of our dear friends. He & his wife used to run the small group from church we used to go to years ago.  They are just the best people.  & he actually used to run but had a heart attack a few years back & this was his first race back in 3 years.  Doing a quick catch up & getting a hug from him did make the waiting time so much easier.

& then we were off.

I will say, my time was better than I expected, especially because at mile 2, my stomach just said, NOPE & started cramping on me after I took a drink of water.  I mean, CRAMPED like never before. It made me nauseated it cramped so hard. I'm telling you, that stomach flu has messed my system up like nothing else ever has.  So I ended up having to walk about .25 of the 2nd mile. I was so mad.... but still came in quicker than I thought I was going to.

After the race, I didnt even bother going down to the post race treats... we have our own post race treat - Panera!  The only reason to run.

& its so funny to see all the other runners in there after these races. It's always packed of people with race bibs on.

After we left Panera, we saw Family Christian bookstore had their signs up where they are closing. I am so devastated about this.  All the stores - closing shop.  I dont know know where I'm going to find those special gifts for friends & my youth kiddos.

I did take advantage of the sale though & bought something I've always wanted my whole life... the Willow Tree Nativity set.  Like the whole set. Its always been a dream of mine to own - & they had all the pieces for 60% off.  I knew I had to jump on this one time chance.

I'm trying to talk Ricky into letting me put it out all year long.

I only had a little bit of time before I had to get cleaned up & head back out so I took my afternoon & played around with my new Brush pens.  mmmm... not as easy as most people make them look.  It's going to take practice to get the thin/thick feel on these things.  But I'm always willing to keep at it.

Before I knew it, it was time to jump back in the car & meet up with some of my MSM youth girls.  The high school student that leads with me, she was one of the big roles in her school play, The Sound of Music.  She played Leisel... yes, she's 16 going on 17.  So I checked with some of our girls & had 3 girls that could make it to go support her. I had a few more that wanted to go but they had already made plans & had tickets (our local BBall team was in some sort of tournament that the whole town was pumped about)

I laughed all night long with these girls... we went to McAlisters & ended up sitting there for an hour & a half just laughing & talking. I honestly thought we were there like 20 minutes & then was like, WE GOTTA GO!! We made the play just in time.

& we were so proud of our little Leisel.  She is just PRECIOUS y'all!!!! & nailed it. Her singing voice is amazing.

That's her as the 'oldest child' on the left

We made sure to congratulate her afterwards & then the girls were ready to keep the night going, so we ended up finding an ice cream shop that was open till 11.  The girls were laughing at my CD collection in my car but quickly handed me my Disney Princess CD & we all pretty much nailed us some Princess tunes.

I ended up getting home near midnight... whew... I'm getting too old for this... but loved every minute of it.

Sunday was back at church & what a special day. It was baptism Sunday in our MSM group & there were 4 kids in both services that got baptized. So cool!!!!

& then the rest of the day was different when we got to do these prayer stations that showed the kids new ways to pray.  They get confused on 'how' to pray & put too much pressure on themselves thinking there is a 'right or wrong' way to do it.  So we had these different areas that helped them get ideas on what to focus on n prayers.  Like you can ask God for BIG THINGS.. .He hears!  ... we learned that when you dont know what to say, the book of Psalm has some beautiful prayers that you can use.... & we took time to pray for ourselves as well as praying for others prayer requests in our groups. But I loved the station where they were given news stories from around the world & asked to pray for these situations & then put a push pin where you just prayed for - I loved seeing that map filling up pins.  The world needs some prayer lately.

Proclaiming who God is

It was just a cool Sunday with the group.

I left from there to meet up with my first photo session of the year.  It was one of my favorite couples... a past bride & groom. I'm telling you - I just adore the people I get to work with & love when they become legitimate friends.  So it was just wonderful to catch up with them & take some pictures of them a few years into their marriage.  Good stuff.

& I finally made it home after 4... to which Ricky told me I have been away from home basically all weekend.

I KNOW!  & Logan released this weekend & we didnt get to see it. UGHHHHH!!!!! I told him we gotta do it next Saturday... after my 8 mile run (gasp)... just GOTTA!!!

Then it was time to get stuff done around the house. Bills.  Cleaning a bit.  & time to edit some pictures now.  Back at that for 2017.

Needless to say, I'm exhausted... in the best way possible. Wouldn't want to miss a thing.  Thank you Aerosmith for that reminder.


  1. Great job on the race! It looks sooo cold in those photos & so fun you were able to catch up with old friends before the race started, I'm sure that helped the time pass faster. Love the Willow Tree nativity you snagged- I used to love going to the Family Christian store when I was younger!

  2. girl you are good, racing in that weather. i can barely make it outside let alone run a race!

    brush pens ARE hard. my friend holds a workshop once a month and even though I've been going for months, i still can't get the hang of using them.

  3. What a whirlwind of a weekend!! I know you are exhausted! My mama collects Willow Tree--that would be a great gift for her next year! And you got it on sale--even better! I always get sad when businesses close.

  4. What a weekend!! Great job on the race! I'm sad about Family Christian too -- I hope they keep an online presence but I love browsing in their store. They'll be missed. What training program are you using? I'm trying to combine two and it's getting me flustered on what I should be doing on which day. :)

  5. Considering the pain you were feeling throughout the race, you did awesome friend! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  6. Great job on the race! I'm tired just from reading about your weekend. It seems alot of small businesses are closing and is sad.

  7. What a great weekend! Isn't it strange how people stay frozen a certain age in your mind? Love how you support your MSM girls. You guys are lucky to have each other!

  8. What a great weekend (except that you missed the wedding).

    Sound of music is my favorite, how fun to see your kiddos perform.

    Lucky you to have the Willow Tree nativity. I kind of want that too but 1) it's pricey and 2) We have an Nativity that Scott's mom brought us from Isreal and we barely remember to display it (no, the truth is I don't put it up because I have no room for it).

  9. Oh my goodness, I'm sorry about the pain during the race! What a fun, full weekend you had! :)

  10. I need to check to see if our Lifeway is closing! If so, I will be so sad, but I'm really more jealous about your steal with the nativity set. I collect them and I don't have that one! Have a great Monday!

  11. LOVE me some Graeters. There is ONE location in Pittsburgh, but it's fairly close to us, so we've made a few trips. Now we just need a Skyline up here & I'll be alright.

    Love giving guidance in prayer. My parents had a goodnight prayer that they customized for my brother & I growing up, that I actually still recite in my head each night before bed. But, I've taken on prayer recently as much more informal. It's more of a chit chat, and usually a silent monologue in my head, versus the out loud prayer of church on Sunday.

  12. You were SO busy! I think it's so cool that you get to be a part of the youth program at your church. That's a really amazing way to serve :)
    I don't like super violent movies but I LOVE anything X-Men. (I still haven't seen Deadpool. I'm a little iffy about it...) I made my brother tell me the whole story of Logan so that I was still caught up but I didn't have to watch all the violence. Lol.

  13. Oh my gosh! I thought my weekend was busy! hhaha wow! Glad that you were able to get in some good things though. That sound of music performance looks so legit! :) I love/hate when stores I frequent go out of business. On one hand... I can stock up on the cheapies I've been wanting. Gifts for days! and also I'll shop there less, less impulses!! But, you know it's sad when you need it too! Glad you were faster than expected on your race. Focus on that! Yummm panera. Looove it! XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  14. Awesome job on the race! Panera Bread is always a score! I bet that willow nativity scene will look so pretty!

  15. Girl! You are my hero. That is WAY TOO COLD FOR ME!!!!!!! Ricky in the car cracked me up. I would be doing the same thing

    So proud of you for pushing through those cramps. And you know I too am so sad about the store closing :(

  16. Great job In the race! I am devastated also the Family Christian bookstore is closing! I saw the closing signs for 8 miles away from the actual store. Made me sad. Sound of Music happens to be my favorite musical of all time and how sweet you knew little Leisel. I hope you have a great week and your body is recovering and resting

  17. Congrats on the race! I might would run a little for some Panera. Might. That is awesome that you got that nativity set!!! We need to get one for our house. I have a nativity ornament but would love to have a display too.

  18. Great job on the race! I need a new show to start and always see The Vampire Diaries recommended, make I should give it a try!

  19. Wow what a non-stop weekend you had. Yay for completing your race faster than you expected. I bet the stomach flu messed your stomach up. Sucks, but at least you pulled through and got Panera after. Looks so good. I am so sorry you missed the wedding though. I am too old for midnight outtings as well, but ice cream is too good to pass up.

  20. Great job on the race! It sucks that you're still having to deal with the effect of the stomach flu :( I hope you're back to 100% soon.

  21. Whoa! What a busy weekend! That picture of Ricky in the car is the funniest. So glad you were able to make it through the race - go you!

    Okay, I've never seen the Sound of Music movie before which I know is crazy! My aunt I have season tickets to our local theater though that tours broadway musicals and we saw it last week and I loved it soooo much.

  22. That is a FULL weekend. But it seems like it was all good things, all good things and congrats on the spectacular deal and race time!

  23. Weekends that feel like they're non-stop are so tough. Although, I feel like that's been lately for us. Panera breakfast is so good! I'm so sad about Family Christian bookstore too. I've always wanted a willow tree nativity too so now I must go look and see if I can make that happen! Great find!! Beautifully Candid

  24. Great set designs for that play, I love the Sound of Music!
    I've been pretty sick lately and just realized over the weekend I was a bit behind on Vampire Diaries, so I binge watched, well if you count 3 episodes over two days a binge, LOL Can't wait for Friday, and also can't wait for Originals, which I know your also a fan of:) Actually this weekend looks great, that same day Beauty and the Beast comes out. If I know you like I know me, I know exactly our Friday plans, LOL


    I'm sad that you didn't get to make it to the wedding, but your attitude about it was so good. <3 I can tell you love your youth kids a lot.

    And that race sounds fun; sorry your stomach cramped up sister. :'( I hope the next one is better!

  26. You guys crack me up! love your smiles!!


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