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Early morning dates, 40 days later & GOTCHA!!! {Thankful Thursday #148}

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Sorry - this one is a little longer since I missed last week!!!
& I did take a lot out too - so you're welcome ;)

This week I am Thankful For:
{Numbers go with my One Thousand Gifts Journal - just ignore}

696 / Vet visit
So I COULD be really aggravated at this.... everything the vet told me last time about Bruno & his skin & the yeast infection.... all of it, she changed & said none of that was correct.  All that home cooking of beef & chicken for Bruno? Apparently that was the bad thing to do because what he has is apparently NOT yeast, but a bacterial infection. I was FURIOUS. FUUUURRRIOUUUSSSS.  But I'm going to focus on the good & be grateful that they have an antibiotic that has seemed to help his skin... for now. It's always something with my poor little man.

697 / Harvey's Gotcha Day
Four years... I cant believe we've only had him for 4 years - it feels like he's always been with us. Love our little villian.

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702 / Baby is 29
STOOPPPPPP - Our youngest turned 29 Oct 21. I just can't y'all... I really just can't.  We got to talk to her on the phone with her being states away on her big day. It was so nice talking to her.  Cant wait to see her at Christmas.

703 / Sitting outside reading
Yep... this makes the list all year long - but something about sitting outside in fresh, crisp, fall air - on a Friday!!! It's top notch.

705 / Perfect Fall photo session weather.
I did my last photo session & knew it was perfection when I saw 7 - SEVEN!!!!! - other photographers in the same location doing pictures. We were all going for the perfect shot on a perfect day before the trees shed their leaves & the temps dropped.

707 / Meeting Sr. High Girls for coffee.
First, more than anything, I loved these girls called me & asked if I wanted to meet with them to chat about life & love & all the good stuff.... & the cherry on top of the cake? They introduced me to their cool, hip coffee shop I've never been too before.  I tried something new since it was a new place - a White Mocha - OH MY GOODNESS!!!! I'll be back... hopefully to chat with the girls again too!

710 / MSM Meeting
So it worked out perfectly that I was on vacation when the Middle School Pastor asked if I could make it to a meeting where they discuss ideas & sermons & thoughts on the upcoming semester for the MSM & HSM teams. Being on vacation, I was able to take my morning & go spend with these incredible people & see how the brain storming for the ideas of the lessons comes together.  It was truly a blessing to be a part of!

711 / New Bag
Ricky got me this new bag to put all my bible study stuff & bible & pens in... isn't it the cutest? I am always a messenger bag kinda gal.  & I loved carrying this to church on Sunday.

715 / Parents Printer
I had to print something for a meeting I had on Friday & our printer, if you dont use it on a daily basis, it dries up.  So of course, when I needed something, I couldnt print & it was late & I wasnt able to drive the 35 minutes to go get ink... so my parents to the rescue with their printer! YAHOOO!!!

716 / Breakfast Date
Some people are dinner people for date nights... we are breakfast people. Ricky is an early riser & an early snoozer so this is more his style anyways.  But we always love going out early & getting breakfast together.  Something about going out in the morning air that makes the day so much better.

718 / Celebrating 22 years of marriage.
We just have some traditions we do on our anniversary. Things like going to the movies, going to the Disney Store for a new Christmas ornament, going to Rocky's (which I love & he hates, but lets me eat there on our anniversary) going out for dessert ... its just nice to look back & think of all the years we've shared together.  We've not been together 25 years total... a quarter of a decade!!! WHAT?

Obligatory anniversary picture
721 / Friend at church.
It's rare we get to go to church with our friends anymore since they lead at a different church, so I loved it even more when Chasity made it to go to church with me on Sunday.  & the message was perfect because it was talking about how important it is to have friends & community in God's family & how important those connections are. 

723/ Redeemed
We did a 40 day Bible study in our Joy Group & it came to an end over the weekend. The full 40 days. It was so wonderful... such a good study... & totally got me in the routine of doing my Bible study & reading the Bible daily. I am so sad its over, but its really pushed me to continue in that daily digging of God's Word. 

So what are you thankful for this week?


  1. What a gorgeous photo session, the colors and weather looks perfect! I can only imagine how frustrating that information was from the vet, so glad that the medication seems to be helping Bruno now though!

  2. Happy Anniversary Becca!!!! You are so blessed. :) And I'm glad that Bruno is doing better and that you're figuring out things to help him. I love new bags; I just got a new purse, and I'm so happy to have one that's not falling apart.

  3. Happy anniversary! Our favorite meal to get out is also breakfast. Love it. That breakfast in front of Ricky looks HUGE and very, very good! As always, I enjoyed reading your thankful list.

  4. I miss the Fall colors so much and it looks you had the perfect day to be outdoors and for taking pictures! Ugh. I'd be frustrated with the vet too. Let's hope these antibiotics do the trick and give Bruno some much needed relief. The good news, I hope, is that you no longer have to cook meat for him? I know that was tough for you and you are a good Mama for doing it for him. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and that breakfast (especially the pancakes) Ricky is eyeing looks delicious! Happy anniversary to you and Ricky and happy birthday to Harvey Dent! Here's to many more great years!

  5. Yayyyy! Happy Anniversary!

    I am thankful for Netflix - Mr. Sass and I both took our turn feeling under the weather, though as usual, he was a full on soap opera production over a cold. But it meant several nights of binge watching Netflix since neither of us felt like doing much else.

  6. That is frustrating about the vet visit but I'm glad the antibiotic seems to be helping. I love that bag, it looks so chic! I'm thankful for the nice weather we've been having lately and vacation coming up in a bit more than a week.

  7. Girllll Lovin that bag! So cute.

    Colby and I had our first ever breakfast date this year! Crazy, right? I had never been out to breakfast before!

  8. I used to be the worst person to take to breakfast because I hated breakfast food as a kid and teen. Luckily I grew out of it woohoo!! Glad you found something to help out Bruno! So sad when they're miserable. Love that the HS girls asked you to coffee and you found a new coffee spot! Love local coffee shops.

  9. oohhhh I hate when they're like surprise! That's not what it was. LOL I hope Bruno is feeling better. We've had that issue with Mae's skin, same thing - change food etc etc nope never mind it's something else.

  10. Oh man, that stinks that you were working on a wrong treatment with Bruno all month. At least he is hopefully getting some relief now. Those fall photos look so pretty!!! We have a family session scheduled next weekend and I cant wait to see how they turn out. Hopefully the weather will cooperate. Our photos are super early in the morning.

  11. KC and I are breakfast/lunch people for dates as well. we just always seem to want to do things in the morning and are happy to stay in for dinner. sure we obviously go to dinner sometimes but given the choice, i will always choose breakfast! love your new bag, and happy 22 years!!

  12. Kyle and I are also breakfast date people. Nothing better than walking up on a Saturday and popping out for breakfast :)
    Poor Bruno. Prayers for your little bub <3
    That bag is adorable. And cheers to 25 years total!! Whew!

  13. Happy anniversary to you two lovebirds! And that's super frustrating about the vet least he's getting the right treatment now, but still...I can only imagine how frustrating that was! Especially when you're like, "I've been HOME-COOKING ALL THOSE MEALS FOR NOTHING?!" Ha ha. Hope the skin condition improves quickly :)

    Also, YES to breakfast dates. We hardly ever get to do them because of work schedules and such, but I think breakfast food pretty much trumps all.

  14. Sounds like a great month!! We like breakfast dates too. And that anniversary celebration sounds perfect. :) I hope you are enjoying the selection series! :) XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  15. I canNOT believe that about Bruno! What. The. Actual Heck. Love your new bag - I'm a bag lady too :)


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