Wednesday, November 01, 2017

One Sentence a Day {October 2017 Edition}

Whew... survived October.
It is ALWAYS a busy & hectic month for me.
& now, we venture into the Holiday Season.
(Shaking my head in amazement)
Before I jump off the deep end at the stress of the Holidays, let's just look back at October
One Sentence A Day

1.  Love always kicking off every October celebrating my momma's birthday. #Birthdaysmeancake

2.  Woke up to the horrific news of the Vegas shooting that killed 59 people. #whatiswrongwithpeople

Image result for vegas shooting

3.  Bye Bye gray .... for now. #itcomessofast

4. I knew I was exhausted when I was asleep by 9:30 #didntevenwashmyface

5. Scandal is back on! #IdontlikemeanOlivia

6. I had a doctor's appointment that once again had me walking out knowing nothing more than when I walked in. #noonecantellmewhymyribshurt

7.  Many a belly laugh was had at game night. #girlswon

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, hat

8.  Got to celebrate baby Theo at Carly Sue's baby shower #hernameisntreallyCarlySue #justwhativealwayscalledher

9.  I go to the post office maybe once every two months & I try this day & get there & its closed for Columbus Day. #postagefail

10.  Crocheted my first rose ever for a baby hat & pretty proud of how it turned out. #alwayslearnnewthings

11.  Time to start charging up all my camera batteries for wedding weekend. #alltheplugsarefull

12. I literally cant stop reading The Selection books. #teamMaxon

13.  Sat in line for a stupid chicken sandwich for Bruno for over 30 minutes... that he didnt even eat. #thethingsyoudoforyourdog

14.  Got to capture the day of one of my middle school boys as he's become a man & now a husband. #itotallycried

15.  Wedding brain hangover. #goingovertheday1000times #didIgeteverythingdone #alltheupload

16.  Got home after work to a house with no electricity which gave me permission to do nothing but to read for a few hours. #illtakeit

17.  Took Bruno to the vet only to find out EVERYTHING they told me about his skin in June is totally opposite of what they are telling me now. #SOAGGRAVATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

18. Edit all night long, but had to stop to watch Riverdale before bed. #loveJugheadJones

19. My whole set of The Selection books came in the mail & I sat outside & read nearly half of the 3rd book as soon as I opened them.  #addictedtothesebooks

20.  I basically ran out of the office at the end of the day. #VACATION

21. Tried to go to an eye appointment but apparently they dont know the point of a scheduled appointment when there was 12 walk ins ahead of me. #Iwalkedout

22.  This was the Fall winning appointment for a photo session & so glad it went to this cute couple for their engagement pictures. #perfectweatherperfectleaves

23.  Got to hang out with 3 amazing high school girls that I get to lead with in MSM while they introduced me to their favorite coffee shop. #nowmyfavorite  #whitemochaROCKS

24.  Had our usual onion ring dinner for vacation. #atradition

25.  Got to go to a youth meeting at church to help discuss next semester's lesson plans & just loved hearing some amazing Christian leaders go through their thought process. #inspiringpeople

26.  We took advantage of the last pretty day of the week for a great date day that took up the entire day. #soakingupthesun

27. A huge meeting that I'm hoping works out. #Fingerscrossed

28.  22 years doing this dance together!!!! #happyanniversary

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing and wedding

29.  Our JOYSTER group finished up a 40 day of prayer & study that was the best!!! #redeemed

30.  Back to work after vacation is THE WORST!!!!!!!!! #surprisinglydecentlycaughtup

31.  Totally horrified for Halloween when I found out I lost my cross necklace that I've wore for 15 years. #Iamstillcrying

What was the best thing about your October?

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  1. oh the gray hairs....they do come SO fast these days. i find myself touching up every 3wks :(

  2. I'm going to check out the selection series...FINALLY! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Oh no, sorry about the necklace :( Hopefully it will turn up somewhere. I love that rose on the baby hat!

  4. I started reading the selection series and then forgot all about it. Thanks the reminder, it is a good series. Oh don't even get me started on the gray hairs. I have this one that refuses to take color, it drives me batty!! I should just cut it out. But I'm scared it will grow back worse.

  5. Ugh- so many ups and downs for you this month. I'm so sorry about the sour dr. visits for you AND Bruno. That's never ever ever fun. And bummer about the cross necklace!! :(
    I'm glad you had lots and lots of good, happy, celebratory moments to counter the bad ones!!

  6. oh yay for the selection series! are you finished yet? i really need to read the last one. sorry to hear about the vet, how freaking aggravating. um, your hair looks fabulous! i agree though, the grey hairs come back SO fast.

  7. Oh no! I'm so sorry about your cross necklace, I hope it shows up. October was pretty fun! I did 2 races, had great weather for all my runs, did an escape room for the first time, and hung out with friends! October was a #Success in my book this year and I am sad to see it be over. #OntoTheHolidays

  8. You look so cute in pink! Thank am so sorry about your necklace! xo

  9. oooh yay for the selection!! :) So sorry about the vet woes and your lost necklace! :( I hope November turns some of those things around and is a good month! Love that flashback wedding pic though. So cute. I just loved to see those on Instagram. :) XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  10. Happy mail indeed! Your hair looks so good! It sounds like you had a good month, minus the whole losing the necklace thing :( Maybe you will find it in your house??? I am not a big fan of mean Olivia either, but I suppose it makes for interesting TV.

  11. Whew!! Busy, busy month!! I love that you do this post at each month's end.

  12. I love that you did so much reading this month! I need to get back to that!

  13. Sweet friend, any chance your cross will turn up? Did it just become unfastened and slip off? Oh, I hope you find it.

    Love the wedding photo. How precious. How young. Congratulations on 22 years together.

    Appreciate the time you spend with your young women in Bible study. What a darling trio of cuties you met with at the coffee shop. We didn't drink coffee when I was a teen. But then again, Starbucks hadn't been launched!

    Yay for new books to read and the return of a favorite TV series. Just finished reading The Handmaid's Tale...strange book...and wondering whether to check out the TV series.

  14. I think we should all share our wedding pictures.... I love seeing yours! You make me remember that I want to read more.
    :) gwingal

  15. I love the crocheted rose!!! I'm a way better knitter than crocheter, but it's fun to try new things!!
    Happy anniversary---you haven't changed a bit---ha ha!!

  16. Sorry about your necklace. I've been wearing the same 18K gold cross necklace for 40 years. I put it on when my daughter was born. yes! 40 years ago! So, I feel your pain. Ugh!
    I love the rose bud you knitted. Well done.

  17. Have to check out that book series, although I have so many books I have bought, but never actually read...oops! You had a great month filled with lots of celebration.


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