Thursday, November 23, 2017

The one that falls on the best Thankful day of the year!!!! {Thankful Thursday #151}

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I always started Thankful Thursday because I knew Thanksgiving always fell on a Thursday...
& I love being thankful & intentional on finding the blessings in my life every day.

But I do love that so many people stop on Thanksgiving & really give notice to all the blessings in their life.
So today, I pray however you celebrate today, you do get that chance to reflect on the amazing things that you have in your life.  Even on the worst of days, thankfulness is there if you search for it.

Praying for a wonderful Thanksgiving for you & your families!!!!

This week I am Thankful For:
{The numbers go with my One Thousand Gifts Journal... just ignore}

764 / Social Security Card
I need my card to start my new job & I was like, POOP - I had no idea where it was at & thought I was going to have to run down to the government office to get another one.... when my awesome husband comes up with it from our safe. I had no idea it was there.  He's usually clueless on such things - but he was totally my hero for this!!!

765 / Hair appt day
I loved having fresh hair on my last week of work.  Dont know why it mattered, but it felt good.

768 / Bruno baths
They help my little guy sleep so well. Dont know if its because it eases his skin for awhile, or if it just wears him out fighting me on the baths.  Either way, i'm thankful for those restful nights of sleep for him.... & that in turn means me as well!

773 / Such sweet goodbyes
My last few days at work were filled with such kindness & sweet words from so many co-workers.  I got to go to lunch with a few & some of the emails truly choked me up & brought tears to my eyes.  It's hard leaving people you've spent so long with.

774 / Flowers
How beautiful are these? One of my coworkers that I worked with for 21 years picked these up for me.  I said they looked like they need to be in a home styled by Joanna Gaines.

776 / Goodbye gifts
Starbucks, Panera & Subway?... & a Beauty & the Beast necklace?  They get me.  ... Or I should say, they GOT me.... sniff sniff...

779 / Ambulance workers
So thankful for the people that were able to get mom off of the kitchen floor & safely to the hospital when they thought she broke so many things.

780 / Nothing Broken
Mom may have been in the hospital all week with other sickness but just glad that nothing in the fall caused anything to break.

781 / Breather
I felt like I hadn't stopped in a few days to just take a minute to read. I didnt get a lont time on Saturday, but it was nice to take about an hour to read a few chapters in my book & drink my coffee on the warmer Fall day.

782 / A day with my MSM girls.
I loved serving with them & helping our church pack up so many meals... & then getting to spend the evening with them going to see Wonder.  I just love the friendships that are getting stronger with each passing year.

783 / Mom's help.
I had so many girls end up going on Saturday, I wasn't sure how I was going to get the girls from one location to the other. I had 3 mom's step up & volunteer to carpool the girls. (Can you believe I needed THREE mom's - that's how many girls there were!) ... but I always say these girls are so amazing because of the women they are learning from - their mommas.

787 / Friendsgiving.
A complete success... so fun...

789 / Being off this week.
So needed.  It hasnt gone one bit planned like I wanted... but I know it was God's plan for me to be off to take care of everything else that needed to be handled.  Plus, as the saying goes - any bad day off work is still better than a good day at work ;)

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!
May you find Thankfulness in every moment of every day, all year long.

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  1. I love " Even on worse days. Thankfulness is there" So true and a great reminder. Hope you had a great day.

  2. It makes me smile so much to see your gratefulness; I'm amazed at how God gave you the faithfulness and diligence to be at that job for so long. It sounds like you were a really really loved part of the team there. I know you'll have such a wonderful new season now.

  3. Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving!!! Sending lots of prayers for your momma's health and your mental health! That's a lot to juggle! I'm so glad your departure from your job was smooth and (bitter)sweet and filled with people who genuinely care about you!

  4. I'm late getting to posts, but here I am. Loved reading your thankful posts!!

  5. What a sweet goodbye from your coworkers. I hope your new coworkers are just as wonderful! And prayers for your mom, hope she's feeling better soon! Your fam has had a rough time lately, hoping for a break soon for you guys!! :)

  6. That's so nice of your coworkers! It can be so tough to leave a job with good coworkers. I did that a few years ago. :( So glad that your mom didn't break anything! Hope you are enjoying The Heir. XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things


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